Exchange Euro to Thai Bhat

The currency of Thailand is the Baht. (Code  THB)  . The Baht is the tenth most frequently used currency in the world and is one of the strongest currencies in Southeast Asia

If you are planning to transfer money between Ireland and a bank in Thailand  – the best way is to use a specialist currency exchange company instead of sending it from your bank.

If you need to transfer money from Ireland to a bank account in Thailand  you can use the online exchange service CurrencyFair . They are Dublin based and fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
You can pay in your Euros to Currency Fair by a bank transfer (free) or with a debit card (for an extra 0.25%) . Then you can simply convert the Euros to Thai Baht online when you are ready to do the transfer to the bank in Thailand. Of course – if you want to transfer money from Thailand to Ireland you can also do it with Currency Fair.

You can quickly check the EUR-THB exchange rate at Currency Fair below.

TransferMate. is a Dublin based foreign exchange company that is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. You can set up an online account and arrange currency transfers via their website or you can phone them in Dublin  01 6353776. They will not deal with cash nor usually with amounts under €2000.

Another alternative is  Fexco . Fexco was established in 1981 in County Kerry and now employs over 2,300 people in 29 countries. They are authorised as a payment services provider by the Central Bank of Ireland and are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the conduct of payment business in the UK.   You can get a quick quote online at the Fexco Website

FairFx is a London based foreign exchange specialist with an office in Dublin. They are fully regulated by both the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the UK HMRC.  They will arrange transfers in Thai Baht – or most other currencies. You can contact FairFx on their Irish number 01  5665546 or on their UK number (0044) 207 858 2001 .

Thai Baht CASH

If you are looking for Thai Baht in cash form to take with you on a holiday – you can usually get Baht currency at your local bank  or credit union .  There are a few other money exchange services where you can buy or reserve your currency in advance and either collect it from your chosen location or get it delivered to your door. ( Don’t get ripped off at the airport . ) For example you can order Thai Baht in Ireland, from No.1 Currency – and they deliver it to your home address too (fully insured) .

Spending on Debit Cards

The major Irish banks will add on foreign transaction fees when you spend in Thailand. These are typically around 3% . If youwant to avoid these currency charges you should get a card from N26 or Revolout or Bunq