Transfer Money Outside Ireland

Transferring Money Outside Ireland

If you have amounts of more than €3000 to exchange and transfer to an overseas bank  – you will usually get better rates from using specialised currency brokers instead of your own bank.

If you are planning on making a large transfer of currency  – this is probably one of the cheapest way of converting your Euros to Pounds or US Dollars or other currencies.
Even an exchange rate difference of just 0.001 on a 100,000 Euro transaction would save you £1000 Euro

Currency Solutions are specialised currency brokers who are registered with the UK Revenue and Customs as an authorised Money Service Business.
They will carry out transfers to  Sterling , UD Dollars, Australian Dollars, Thai Baht  – as well as most major currencies. You can make a no obligation enquiry about your currency requirement. All you need is a bank account to transfer the money from and another one to pay it into.
You can call Currency Solutions on their Irish number which is   01 431 1344 or on their UK number 0044 207 740 0000 . Ask ask for the Money Guide Ireland  contact  – Ernie Enver. He should be able to give you a quick response to any queries. You can also get a quote on their website.

Transfermate is a Dublin based  currency exchange company that anyone can use to send or receive international payments.  Transfermate is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and also registered with UK HM Customs & Excise as well as being regulated across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australasia. You can set up an online account and arrange currency transfers via their website or phone them in Dublin  01 6353776

Fexco is another Irish company that can exchange your money and transfer the funds to your chosen bank account overseas. Fexco was established in 1981 in County Kerry and now now employs over 2,300 people in 29 countries. They are authorised as a payment services provider by the Central Bank of Ireland, and are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the conduct of payment business in the UK.   You can get a quick quote online at the Fexco Website

For smaller transfers, you could try   CurrencyFair .
They operate  “peer to peer”  currency exchange – cutting out the banks and for a small fee allow you to get exchange rates that are pretty close to the  interbank rates. These are good for sending smaller payments to  family abroad or for purchases in foreign currencies . They have no minumum transfer amount and they accept payments by Irish debit card.