Energia Electricity and Gas Prices

Updated  December 2018

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Energia  launched their residential gas and electricity supply in Ireland back in January 2014. At the launch , Energia said they would be offering “significant” savings for customers. They were originally offering up to 16% off their standard unit rates for new customers who signed up for 12 months.

The latest dual fuel offer from Energia is 29% off electricty rates and 28% off gas  – plus €50 cashback. This discount and cashback offer is only available on the Energia Website.

This  Energia deal is currently the best dual fuel deal for average usage over the first 12 months .
See how good this offer is compared to other energy  providers here.

Energia is part of the Viridian Group which is owned by Isquared Capita. Before Energia  entered the residential market it already provided electricity and gas to over 65,000 business customers in Ireland.

Before you decide to change energy provider you should check out our pages on the current best deals on  Gas Prices and Electricity Prices

Our main message is – if you have never switched energy supplier and you are stuck on standard rates from Electric Ireland or Bord Gais Energy  – then you should look at switching . It could save you hundreds of euro a year.

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