Energia Promotional Code

Energia promotional codes are sometimes available  that enable new customers to get extra discounts on their  gas and electricity rates when signing up online.

energia promotional codes

The latest Energia Promotional code (October 2017)  for Dual fuel is –  CHEAPDUAL . Using this code online will get you  29% off their electricty rates and 28% off gas PLUS a €50 credit to your account.

We estimate that a medium sized urban household with  gas for both heating and hot water would use about 11000 KwH of gas a year. Electricity usage in such a home would typically be about  4200 Kwh a year.

If this type of household has never switched,  and are still paying energy bills by cheque or cash ,their annual fuel bill would be a total of €1725 a year.

Switching to Energia  direct on the Energia website and using the Promo Code CHEAPDUAL would end up costing that household  €1378  in the first year. (Paying by Direct Debit).
This is saving of €348 and works out as  the cheapest dual fuel deal in Ireland over one year  for average usage at the time of writing.

The next best dual fuel bundle deal would be if this household switched both fuels online to  SSE Airtricity  –  the cost would work out at €1408 in year one when their €200 cashback offer is included.

See  our Dual Fuel Price Comparison for some more figures.

The current Energia promotional code (October  2017)  for Electricity is CHEAPELEC .
If you enter that code on the Energia Ireland Website you will get 29%  off their standard electricity rate for 12 months  – PLUS €50 cashback.
This works out as thebest deal for Electri Ireland customers on the standard rates with  average usage. It would work out at €773 – which is  €197 cheaper over 12 months compared to staying on Electric Ireland’s standard rates.

Figures checked October 1st 2017

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Energia only began offering gas and electricity to residential customers in Ireland in January 2014 and they already supply electricity to about 65,000 customers and gas to around 35,000 .

The main thing to realise is – that if you are stuck on old ESB/Bord Gais standard rates you can save significant amounts by changing your supplier or even just by switching to paying by Direct Debit and getting eBills.