Cheapest Electricity Prices in Ireland.

Electricity Prices in Ireland Compared : There are now ten different electricity suppliers for Irish households after Spanish company Iberdrola launched here in June. So there are plenty of options when trying to work out who has the Cheapest Electricity Prices in Ireland.

The figures shown in the electricity price comparison below are based on the usage of 4200  kwh per year. This amount of electricity usage would be typical of a household with average electricity usage – maybe a  3 or 4 bedroomed household with  3 or 4 occupants.

In the table below – annual electricity prices from all suppliers are compared to Electric Ireland’s standard kwh rates when paying bills as they arrive. We have compared the total cost over the first 12 months – showing the best deal from each supplier.

Prices as at November 11th 2019 and they include VAT and the reduced rate of PSO levy.

Cost in Year One
for 4200 KwH
Unit Rate
(Cent per KwH)
1st Year Savings
Electric Ireland €838€10416.55€197
SSE Airtricity€843€18114.85€192
Iberdrola €851€17415.20€174
Bord Gais Energy€854€17115.33€171
BE Energy €857€17715.29€177
Panda Power€929€17617.01€106
Electric Ireland
Standard Rates

Energia **  currently has the cheapest electricity deal for switchers. The figure of €829 for year one includes a 36% discount.  This deal is available on the Energia website with promocode CHEAPESTFUEL.
This is a saving of €206 in the first year compared to staying on Electric Ireland’s standard rates.

# If you are already with Energia and at the end of your contract  – then the best current deal for you is to switch your Electricity to Electric Ireland – €838

The supplier’s prices shown above are available to new customers only – paying by direct debit with paperless bills.

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If you are not an average user of electricity – see some more comparison figures for electricity providers  here.

Prepay Meters:  If you were to use a prepay meter with Prepay Power the average usage cost would be €1197 for the first year. With Pinergy  it would  be €1221

Note – This Electricity Price Comparison is based on the kWh rate for the Residential 24 Hour Urban Tariff. Prices have been rounded to nearest Euro and include  VAT, Standing Charges and PSO Levy and any cashback offers. Prices shown are for new customers only and may not be available to existing customers.

Even if you have switched electricity supplier more than a year ago – it is probably worth your while switching again.  You should treat energy supply like insurance and every year shop around and look for the cheapest deal.

The main energy price comparison sites are not allowed to include any cashback offers in their calculations – but our list above does include cashback offers.

The main message we want to get across is that if you have never switched electricity supplier – you could easily save around €200 over 12 months by changing provider.
Most suppliers sign you up for a 12 month contract  with an exit fee of around €50 if you leave early.
Our advice is to compare electricity prices again after the contract is up and switch again to the cheapest option. Sometimes paying the exit fee could be worth it if a new supplier is offering a good deal.

You could also save even  more money on your electricity bills by doing things like fully loading appliances and using them less , buying  AAA rated appliances when replacing them  and switching any halogen downlighters to  LED  Low Energy Bulbs (Savings as much as 90%  compared to Halogen 50 watt! ) More energy saving tips can be found here .

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