Cheapest Electricity Prices

Cheapest Electricity Prices in Ireland
Figures Checked January 1st 2017

The figures shown below are based on  medium usage of  5300  kw/h per year .  This electricity usage would be typical of  many houses using oil , gas or solid fuel for heating and hot water.   ( If you have gas you should take a look at our Dual Fuel Comparison.)

The figures shown are  available to new customers only .In the example shown  – the difference between the dearest and the cheapest deal  is €223 in the first year . We have compared the cost over one year – and our advice is to check the prices again after the year is up and switch again to the cheapest option.

Supplier Cost in 1st Year for
5300 KwH
1st Year Saving
Energia ***
DD with ebills

€910 158 12.67 €226
Electric Ireland
ebill/ Direct Debit
€175 cashback

€911 146 16.23 €225
Bord Gais Energy
(24% discount
ebill , DD
and levelPay) **

€917 149 12.96 €219
SSE Airtricity
DD Ebill,
25% Discount

€938 151 13.32 €195
Bord Gais Energy
€100 cashback
DD Ebill,

€943 149 15.35 €193
Panda Power (ebill and
Direct Debit)

€1048 158 15.47 €88
Electric Ireland
Std Rates
€1136  146 17.17  0

+++ The Electric Ireland figure includes a €175 cashback offer

*** The Energia price (Clever Electricity)  is a 33% discount and is available online here  through the comparison site

** Bord Gais price includes €100 cashback.

Prepay Meters:  If you were to use a prepay meter with Prepay Power  the cost would be €1278 for the first  year. With Pinergy  it would be €1272  .

Note – Price Comparison is based on the Residential 24 Hour Urban Tariff. Prices have been rounded to nearest Euro. Prices shown are for new customers only and may not be available to existing customers.

See our – Dual Fuel Gas and Electricity Comparison.

Even if you have switched supplier more than a year ago – it is probably worth your while switching again.  You should treat energy supply like insurance and every year shop around and look for the best deal.

Don’t be fooled by percentages.  You will see adverts or hear sales people at your door telling you that you can save 10% or 15%  on Electricity or Gas  if you switch suppliers. They usually work out the percentage savings by comparing it to their own standard rate – which might be the most expensive in the country to begin with .  There is not one standard rate for all suppliers .  Also – suppliers often forget to mention up front that their standing charges might be higher than other suppliers.
Also – some of the price comparison sites are not allowed to show the prices with cashback included – but the list above does include those offers.
The main message we want to get across is that if you have never switched supplier – you could save around €200 over 12 months by changing.
You can do more detailed personlised energy price comparisons on the Switcher Ireland website

You could also save even  more money on your electricity bills by doing things like using  appliances less , get AAA rated appliances and switching any halogen downlighters to some  LED  Low Energy Bulbs (Savings as much as 90%  compared to Halogen 50 watt!

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