Electricity and Gas Price Comparison

What are the Cheapest Options For Switching Both Gas and Electricity Providers in Ireland March 2017

Hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland have never switched energy providers. Recent figures show that 58% of electricity customers and  53% of gas customers have never switched supplier.
Doing an Electricity and Gas Price Comparison shows that for average households – switching energy suppliers could cut fuel bills by as much as €442 in just one year.

Question : How many hours would you have to work to earn  €442 in take home pay ? (About 39 hours for someone on €28k a year).

Note: The price comparisons below are based on what might be typical usage in a medium sized house, using gas for both heating and hot water. ( 11000 Kwh of  Gas and 4200 kwH of Electricity a year .)  We have assumed that the household is on the standard rate of Electricity with Electric Ireland and on the standard rate of gas with Bord Gais Energy. (The current charge for both would be €1702 a year in this scenario if paying bills as received not by direct debit).

Switching Dual Fuel – Same Supplier :

The best switching deal for a dual fuel bundle in this scenario is with  SSE Airtricity at €1403 in year one  – a saving of  €299 in year one. This is their 10% discount offer with €180 cashback. Available  via Switcher.ie

Switching to Separate Suppliers for Gas and Electricity  :

The best option,  if you are currently on Bord Gais standard rates ,   is to switch your gas over to  Electric Ireland . In the first year this would work out at €525  in year one (includes €175 cashback).  This is a saving of  €231 in year one compared to the €756 cost on Bord Gais Energy standard rates.

If you switch to Energia for electricity through the Switcher website you will get 33% off their standard rates. (Not available directly with Energia)  This would work out at €770 in the first year . A saving in year one of €177 compared to staying on Electric Ireland’s standard rates.

This combination of two separate energy providers will work out at a total of €1295 in year one. A saving of €407 in year one compared to staying on the standard rates with Electric Ireland and Bord Gais Energy.

Alternatives:  – If you are already with Energia for Electricity and Electric Ireland for Gas – then the cheapest option would be to switch your electricity to Electric Ireland (€733 inc €175 cashback) and your natural gas to SSE Airtricity (€562 including €120 cashback). This would work out in the first year at €1295 – a saving of €442 in year one compared to staying with current suppliers on €1737.

You can check other supplier prices and easily start the switching process on the useful  Switcher.ie website

 Note :To get these lower prices with any of the suppliers you will usually have to pay by direct debit and have online billing.

See our Electricity Price Comparison Here

The main message is – if you are have never switched and are still on the standard rates from Electric Ireland or Bord Gais Energy  – then switching provider can save you significant amounts of money.
You should try and treat energy supply like car insurance – shop around when the 1 year contract is over and get a better deal. It only takes a few minutes to fill a form in and it could save you a few hundred euros each year.

Switching supplier does not involve any wiring changes, pipe changes or disconnections. It just means that a different company is administering your bills. It is still the same electricity and gas coming into your house.

Figures  were calculated  to the nearest euro  March 22nd 2017   using published tariffs and standing charges on suppliers websites and including VAT, the PSO Levy on Electricity  and Carbon Tax on Gas. Cashback offers included in calculations.
The prices given are for new customers only .

How to Switch

When you  switch electricity suppliers you will need your  MPRN . This is an 11-digit number printied on your electricity bill. If you don’t have it, you can get it by calling ESB Networks on 1850 372 757.

If you’re switching gas suppliers they will need your GPRN . This is a 7-digit number printied on your gas bill. If you don’t have it, you can get it by calling Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 200 694.

You can make things easier by using an online energy switching site such as Switcher.ie to compare prices for your personal fuel usage . Sometimes they have exclusive offers that are even better than what you can get by going direct to the energy companies.

Important :  the comparison sites don’t include cashback offers in their calculations – but they do mention them. So make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals by manually adding any cashback offers onto the total savings to work out the cheapest deal  for you.

You could obviously save even more money on your electricity bills by just cutting your energy usage . For  example –  switching any halogen downlighters to Gu10 LED  Low Energy Bulbs (Savings as much as 90%  compared to Halogen 50 watt!)

Insulating your home can also cut your energy bills – see our article about grants for insulation.

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  1. Sound, clear advice,the best i’ve come across, thanks a mill

  2. Hi there, I done a switch electric provider and Panda Power, Energia then Bord Gais came up cheapest for electricity in that order but the above suggest Bord Gais… why is this? Thanks a mill Fiona

    • Most of the comparison sites don’t include cashback deals in the comparison – but we do.

  3. We are not on mains gas. What is the best combined option for Gas & Electricity or do we have to do individual, if so who are the non mains gas suppliers. We’re in Co. Wexford. Thanks 🙂

    • If you don’t have mains gas – then the main suppliers of bulk LPG are Caloe and Flogas. Prices and contracts vary – so you will need to compare locally.

  4. Just moved into a new place and I don’t know the energy usage but have been told that it has a very high energy rating. Does this information still apply to low usage gas and electricity?

  5. There’s too much emphasis on the first year, and on switching bonuses. This is a trick all the suppliers use to entice you in. It takes a lot of organisation to switch supplier every year, exactly when the 1 year contract ends, to keep getting these deals. If you don’t, the prices go up. I’d like to be able to find a good supplier I could stay with, even if the prices the first year were not the very lowest.

    Credit to SSE Airtricity for being up front: After the first year, the electricity price per unit goes up by 25% and gas 11%.

    As far as I can see, the figures for Energia are Electricity +19% and gas +15%

    Electric Ireland seem to promise a “loyalty” discount after the first year, if you sign up for another year, which makes the increase there much smaller. But their terms and conditions are so long I lost concentration before I had it figured out.

  6. I checked Bord Gais, Airtricity, Energia and Electric Ireland for my actual usage over the last year. I figured Bord Gais is the cheapest long term (by about €20 / year). I’m already with them, but I’ll save about €320 for the first year if I switch to any of the others.

    So it seems not to matter which supplier you pick, as long as you’re sure to switch every year.

  7. This website is super, thanks a mill.
    Question: I am currently with pre-pay power for my electricity and find it is costing me a small fortune. I am with them over 12 months now and want to change. Thinking of Energia as they seem to be the cheapest. How can I move from Pre-Pay power, as I dont get a bill so where do I get the number to give to Energia?

    • Prepaying is usually one of the most expensive ways of getting electricity. What made you move to them?
      Prepay power will have your mprn number – it must be on documentation from them. Failing tyr calling ESB Networks on 1850 372 757 to get the MPRN

  8. You mention “average” above. What is the average based on? Is there a website or reference source which lets you see how your usage compares toa verage for a similar aged house and number of residents?


    • The average figures for Ireland are those supplied by the SEAI – which are probably based on power companies figures. They are just an average figure for the whole customer base – so single person households will use a lot less than the average and larger homes will use more. Homes with gas will use less electricity than those without gas .
      Some UK websites give estimates of usage based on fuel type and household sizes – see: http://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/guides/gas-and-electricity-user-groups/

  9. Great site, so little personal finance info out there that is Ireland-specific. On Energia for dual fuel now but with them for a year and a half. Would we get new customer discount if we swtiched to my wife’s name as account is under mine now?

    • Hi James , you would probably have to leave Energia and then come back to them to get the maximum discount. Try calling them and say you are thinking of switching , they might give you soem sort of discount to keep you. Let us know how you get on.

  10. Hi,

    how does the new one big switch campaign stack up against the engerica dual fuel saver deal? is energica still the cheapest?


    • Based on the averge usage figures – the One Big Switch deal with Bord Gais Energy including €140 cashback would work out at €1779 in year one. THis is just €2 less than Energia – but you might have to put up with a lot of marketing texts and emails from OBS – they make it hard to opt out the hassle might not be worth the €2.

      • great thanks very much for the quick reply! good to get some straight advice/information, I think with all of the sites its quite difficult to see what your actually saving.

        great site, thanks

  11. Using the rates on energia website I dont come to the the figures you have I come to 1922 pre cashback, is the save me 356 doing something here not published in the rates, like an additional cashback on top of the 50? The Electric Ireland tallies to 1838, post cashback.

  12. I don’t want to keep switching supplier.
    Is there a table of prices (anywhere) which gives the rates AFTER the initial ‘switcher’ offers?

  13. With SSEAirtricity on Budget Plan. Usage 3500kWh Elect. and 11000Gas-
    who is my best company to change to?
    Brian. Leixlip.

    • Sorry for the late reply Brian
      By my calculations your best option would be to go with Bord Gais for Electricity and Electric Ireland for your Gas – both have cashback deals.
      (It sounds like an old Fr Ted sketch – where the boring priest tells how he runs the gas off the electricity and the electricity off the gas !)
      If you want one supplier for both then Energia will be the cheapest dual fuel with promotion code SAVEME392 – see here http://www.moneyguideireland.com/electricity-and-gas-cheapest-combined-prices.html

      Note: This reply is for guidance only and is based on information available from suppliers at the current time. You should verify the prices yourself before making any decision.

  14. Have a house that I am going to rent out.. what is the best way to organise electricity for tenants so that I am not left with a big bill in my name.. was thinking of changing to prepay but open to suggestions… want a system that works if tenancy changes.

  15. I am just moving into a second hand house which has mains gas I haven’t had gas before but was with ESB what would be the best option for me for electricity and gas

    • Hi Mira
      As mentioned in the article – the best price for new customers for dual fuel from a single supplier is currently available from Energia . When you use their online only promotion code (“SAVEME392”)

      If you want to get your gas and electricity from separate providers – the best overall deal is available by switching to Flogas for gas and to Energia for your Electricity using promo code SAVEME260

  16. I bought a house 8 months ago and had to quickly get gas and electricity so I rang Energia – (couldn’t easily see how to join as a new customer on their website since I wasn’t switching) I ended up on Smartchoice gas and Smartchoice electricity. I cannot see now from the Energia website how to join Smartchoice dual fuel and get the relevant discounts. Am I confined to this Smartchoice package for a year? Thanks

    • Hi Pat
      Energia might let you move over to the dual fuel tariff – but you could switch to another supplier to get a better price . You are not tied to Energia for a year. If you don’t mind getting your gas and electricity from separate providers – the best overall switching deal for average usage is available by switching to Flogas for gas and to Electric Ireland for your Electricity .

  17. Got my renewal email from Energia offering 16% and 13% discounts for Electricity and Gas. Decided to give them a ring to see if they could better it as I had been on 20% and 17% discounts respecitvely from when I signed up last year. Loyalty team instantly offered the same rates again as I was a ‘valued customer’ – I decided to chance asking for the current new sign up offer of 23% and 20% and within a minute or two, the lovely loyalty team guy had checked with his boss and they decided to give it to me. Absolutely Delighted! Energia Customer Care and Loyalty Team are absolutely brilliant. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

  18. I just moving to new house, I have electricity in Electric Ireland and I will have gas in the house now (2 years ago I had account in bord gais) What will be the best deal for me now?

  19. Hiya… Im in tramore, co. Waterford & Iv esb with electric ireland. Can u recommend me what company to move or to to stay with eir (I dont have gas)

    • Deirdre – you will probably get the best del from SSE . They are paying €120 cashback plus a 10% discount for a year.

  20. I’m moving into a new house for the first time. Do the switcher deals apply to those that will be opening gas/electricity accounts for the first time?

    • All the discount deals and cashback offers are for new customers – so you should be able to get any of them Ciaran.

  21. Can you advise the best provider(s) for me to switch to? I am currently with Electric Ireland, for both electricity and gas, on ‘Standard domestic Value Reward’ tariff, paying by DD. I’ve reviewed my bills for the past 12 months ; Electricity units total 2646 (currently charged at 0.1513, standing charge 0.3514/day, with 8% discount – recently reduced from 15%) and Gas units 15,065 (currently charged at 0.0535, standing charge 0.2214/day, again with 8% discount, recently reduced from 11%).

    Also, I’ve had recent doorstep call from Energia, but wonder are offers for them, or any provider, better if sourced online (as discount codes etc often seem applicable and presumably the sales guy takes a commission, which isn’t a factor online). Thanks for your help….

    • Hi John – sorry for the delay.
      Going by those figures – the best dual fuel deal for you would currently be from SSE Airtricity – in the first year you would be €293 better off total cost €1390 (this includes their €150 cashback offer)
      Switching just Electricity to SSE and gas to Flogas would work out slightly better – at €1368 in year one. This includes a €120 cashback from SSE.
      Hope this helps.

  22. I am with Airtricity for both electricity and gas but want to move. Who would be the best to go with?

    • Hi Sandra – as mentioned in the Article – Electric Ireland is currently the second best dual fuel for switchers (after Airtricity) So if you are able to switch from Airtricity without penalty , Electric Ireland are doing the best offer for the fuel usage mentioned. On lower fuel usage , Electric Ireland’s offer is still good because of the €150 cashback offer.


  23. Looking for the best rate for gas and electricity. I have recently installed a stove and offer with Electric Ireland of €132 credit back if we are a customer of theirs. Currently with energia but out of contract. When I phoned they can offer me 23% off electricity and 20% off gas and € 50 credit if we remain customers. Just wondering is there anything better than what Energia have to offer

    • Hi Sheena , thanks for getting in touch.
      As mentioned in the article – Electric Ireland have good deal at the moment with €150 cashback that would just beat that Energia offer you have by a few euro over the first year (based on average usage). Not a lot in it. If you are a lower than average user – the Electric Ireland offer works out even better because of the bigger cashback.

  24. Current suppliers are energia and electric ireland for gas and electricity respectively. No obligations at present just looking to get the best savings. I am not particular about who supplies what, dual or otherwise just the best cost saver. Thanks.

    • Based on the usage mentioned in teh article (typical for mediom usage with gas heating) – it looks like BordGaisEnergy for Electricity and Electric Ireland for gas would be the best options. Their cashback offers make them the cheapest over 12 months. Review again after a year.

  25. I was with electric Ireland for electricity. I have just moved house and there is gas at this address. What is the best deal for gas & electricity? Is it best to get a dual offer or separate supplier?

    • Hi , The cheapest deal is to go with separate suppliers – as mentioned in the article , gas with Elec Ireland and Electricity with Energia is currently the best for the usage mentioned.

  26. Can you please advise on the best gas and electricity supplier? I have just bought a 2 bedroom apartment, just myself living there and I’m out approx 11 hours a day for work so would be a low user. Is it best to go for a bundle or separate suppliers? Previous owner was with Electric Ireland and they offered a bundle deal of 8% discount of and €150 cash back.

    Thanks very much

      • Heat is run on gas. Hot water can be run off gas boiler or there is an immersion.

      • The Electric Ireland offer (I assume it’s 8.5% off both gas and elec) plus 150 cashback is a good deal for a low usage home – it’s what they are giving switchers and is currently slightly better than any other dual fuel offer . You could do a bit better by moving Elec to Energia and Gas to Flogas. (Energia Promo code Clever260 gets you 150 cashback)
        Based on typical usage of 12000kwh Gas and 2500 Elec – that combination would be about €25 cheaper over theh first year – maybe not worth the hassle? All links here

        Note: This reply is for guidance only and is based on information available from suppliers at the current time. You should verify the prices yourself before making any decision.

      • Looking to switch providers for electricity but so confused. Used 4,600 kph approx, last year on prepay meter. Heating is bulk gas so I’m switching provider d y for that

  27. Hi all,

    Hows this deal from Energia I got today 14th Oct’ Rang Retention team.

    Gas 17% 0.0487 discount, Standing €158.06
    Elec’18% 0.1549 discount, Standing €91.80
    Plus €50 gift card

    Hows that compare ?

    • Rory – that offer would beat the SSE offer mentioned in the article for the usage shown – by about €20 to €30 in year one. (Estimated figure)

  28. Follow up, rang back Energia,

    New offer to me

    Gas 20% 0.469
    Elec’ 23% 0.1455 Plus €50 gift card.

    • Any advice on deals for v low consumption – we are currently using c. €10 (or less) of actual electricity per 2 months on a light & gate in a common area, but paying up to€70/80 by the time standing charges are added??


      • If you can switch to one of the cashback deals (most providers are doing them) – you would make a saving.
        If you are currently with Electric Ireland – they charge a higher standing charge on properties that use less than 122kwh per two months. Other providers don’t do this.

  29. I’m just about to move into an apartment with gas heating. I will only be living there about 6 months then my house should be ready ( oil heating) I have no account with any suppliers at the moment, what are my best options as I take it the deals are on 12 month contracts. I would be a low usage person

    • Hi – The Electric Ireland €150 cashback offer might be good for you. There is a penalty of €50 if you leave before 12 months – but that still leaves you with €100 cashback. If you transfer the account to your new house they will probably treat it as a continuous account. See http://www.moneyguideireland.com/go/ElectricIE-Dual/

  30. Hi,
    I was approached by Panda Power yesterday and they want to renew the contract. My average gas bill is €100, and electricity is €200. Heating in the house run by gas and I used a lots cos having two kids in the house. Can anyone suggest which company will suit me best?
    Thanks in advance

    • You didn’t say who you get your gas from (Panda don’t do gas) . Assuming it is not Electric Ireland – then your best deal for gas would be to switch to Electric Ireland. They give €150 cashback. For Electricity – your best deal would currently be with Energia who will also give €150 cashback with promo code CLEVER260. Remember – after 12 months shop around again for better deals.

      • I rang Energia today, the €150 cash back offer is finish. But they are offering SmartChoice Dual Fuel, which get 16% off Electricity and 15% off Gas, plus €150 cash back at the moment.

  31. Hi there,

    I am currently with Bord Gais for electricity account. Heating is oil fired so no gas. Bills are average cost. Would it worth switching to Electric Ireland? Have just received my recent bill from Bord Gais and I would pay it off before I switched over.

  32. Hi we’ve just moved into a 3 bed duplex apartment & looking to switch providers for gas & electricity. Only 2 persons, working full time & rarely here daytime at weekends, so medium to low usage I reckon? Whats the best deal for duel fuel, both are currently with electric ireland.
    Its all very confusing!

    • The best deals are given in the article which we update all the time with any changes. If you are with Electric Ireland already – then you could try asking them for an incentive to stay.

  33. Question – Hi, I am opening a new electricity account after moving home to Ireland. all the offers online are for people switching. Are there any offers for those looking to open up a new account? Thanks

    • All the best deals are for NEW customers – it should not matter that you are not already with someone- they should be offering you teh same deals as switchers.

  34. Hi I am currently with airtricity for electricity and bord gais for gas both are prepaid meters. I top up my gas on average 60euro per month and my electricity 50euro per month 110-120euro in total per month for both. Is there a better deal out there at the moment for me either on prepaid or billing-I’d rather pay cash/ online- no direct debits

    • You will nearly always get cheaper prices by avoiding pre-paid meters. Assuming you will not be charged for removal of the prepay meters and that you do not owe any arrears to the energy companies – you would get a better deal by switching gas to Flogas and your electricity to Bord gais. The best offers are for those who pay by direct debit – so you will miss out on further savings of up to €190 in 12 months if you are determined not to go on direct debit.

  35. Hi I am just after completing 12 months discount offer with bord gais which included 100euro cashback offer. I dont have gas. Could you please advise what exactly is the cheapest electricity only offer for me if i switch to a new supplier? I average about 5000kwh and am also on a rural tariff. Its very difficult looking at comparisons to see which is the best offer. I am just after the cheapest overall deal.
    Chers, Fred

  36. I am new in Ireland. I rent new house with 3 bed rooms. I have 2 kids and my wife, they will be home whole day. I have zero knowledge about the system here. What is the best option for me? And how I can contact them?

    • Waseem , welcome to Ireland. As the example given in the article shows that Electric Ireland has the best deal for Electricity and Gas. You can sign up online here

  37. Hi,can you please help me?I’m with energia fir tge gas& electricity at the moment and I want to switch. Which company is the best at the moment?thank you

  38. Hello Patrick here , i am currently moving to my new house . I talked to Energia today they seem quite good for a dual package Gas and ESB , 14 centfor ESB and 4,39 cent for Gas , 150 cash back for new customer any advice thanks

  39. We are currently with Electric Ireland for both gas and electricity. Could you tell me what is the best deal for us? Am happy to change both or one, whatever is the best deal. Many thanks for your time.

  40. Hi,
    I’m moving into an apartment at the moment and am researching best value options for dual fuel.
    The above article states Electric Ireland offers the best deal at the moment (1550); how is this calculated? When I check other comparison sites Energia’s Clever dual fuel is coming in cheapest ( including cash back offers).

    • The main energy comparison sites don’t include cashback in their calculations of annual costs. Our figures include cashback where it is offered – and for the usage we have shown, Electric Ireland is cheaper ovr the 1st 12 months than any Energia curent offer. For the same usage – Energia would cost €1587.

  41. Hi .Does the rate change to more expensive when using the €5 IOU on prepay power ? I changed from ESB to prepay as I was threatened with disconnection by ESB and prepay offered me a recoup deal of €1 per €10 credit . Direct debits don’t work for me .That’s why I changed. Bord Gais also installed a gas pre pay metre but it seems extremely expensive. €10 only lasts for 6 hours. Can I change supplier if in a recoup deal with prepay ?

  42. Hi,
    In your electricity price comparison you say electric Ireland is the cheapest, but their unit price appears to be the highest, confused!

    • As stated in the article- the comparison is based on the total cost over the first 12 months. Electric Ireland give €175 cashback ahich makes their price the lowest over 1 year. Their unit rates are not the lowest – but our advice is always to look to switch every 12 months and take advantage of any special offers that are around at the time.

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