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cheapest gas irelandWhat are the Cheapest Options For Switching Both Gas and Electricity Providers in Ireland ?

Updated March 2nd 2019

Our latest Electricity and Gas Price comparison shows that, for average usage  households ,  switching energy supplier could save over €350 in just one year.
Hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland have never switched energy providers. Recent figures show that around  half of all electricity and gas customers  have never switched supplier.
Of those that have switched to get a cheaper deal  – 51% have just gone back on the default standard rates after the discounted rate ended.

Note: The price comparisons below are based on what might be typical usage in a medium sized house, using gas for both heating and hot water. ( 11000 Kwh of  Gas and 4200 kwH of Electricity a year .) The prices shown include any cashback offers.

We have assumed that the household is currently on the standard rate of Electricity with Electric Ireland and on the standard rates for gas with Bord Gais Energy. The total charge for both fuels for such a household would be €1823 over the next 12 months –  if they are paying bills as received ,not by direct debit.

Switching Dual Fuel – Same Supplier :

  1. The current best price for switching both fuels  to one supplier is available  on the Energia website using the promo code CHEAPESTDUAL .
    You will get €50 cashback and 35% off their standard electricity rates and 34% off their gas rates for a year. This deal will work out at €1470 in year one.(including the €50 cashback). (You won’t get this deal with Bonkers or Switcher.) This is also cheaper than going with two separate suppliers.

  2.  If you are already with Energia – then the best value switching deal for a dual fuel bundle is from  Electric Ireland . Their offer with the €200 cashback offer included  works out at  €1473 over the first year . It doesn’t show up as on of the cheapest on the comparison sites because they are not allowed to include cashback in the calculations. But drill down on the list for example on Switcher.ie
    (Electric Ireland are raising prices on April 1st by 4% – this should bring their total annual price to about €1540 . TIP: You can switch back to Energia as soon as you get the €200 cashback from Electric Ireland . You will need to pay a €100 exit fee – but you will still be €100 up.


 Switching to Separate Suppliers for Gas and Electricity  :

The current lowest priced option for switching your gas  is to move your gas over to  Electric Ireland . In the first year this would work out at €680 when you  include their €75 cashback offer).  This is a saving of  €137 in year one compared to the €817 cost on Bord Gais Energy standard rates.
Electric Ireland will raise prices by 4% on April 1st. This will bring the price to about €718

Other prices –   Flogas €683  ;  Just Energy €708 (Fixed rates for 1 year) ;  Panda €784


The  cheapest electricity switching deal in February 2019 for Electric Ireland customers is currently available from  Energia  at €801  in year one (40% off ).  Available only on the Energia website with promocode CHEAPESTELEC .

If you are already with Energia for Electricity – then switching to the “SuperSaver” offer  from Electric Ireland  will currently work out as the best deal for you at  €808 in year one. (NB – price increase  due April 1st which will raise the price to about €838 over the  first 12 months … which is still lower than all providers other than Energia)

 Note :To get these lower prices with any of the suppliers you will usually have to pay by direct debit and have online billing.

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The main message is ….  if you have never switched and are still on the standard rates from Electric Ireland or Bord Gais Energy  – then switching provider can save you significant amounts of money.
You should try and treat energy supply like car insurance – shop around when the one year contract is over and get a better deal. It only takes a few minutes to fill a form in and it could save you a few hundred euros each year.

Switching supplier does not involve any wiring changes, pipe changes or disconnections. It just means that a different company is administering your bills. It is still the same electricity and gas coming into your house.

Figures  were calculated to the nearest euro  March 2nd 2019  using published tariffs and standing charges on suppliers websites and including VAT, the PSO Levy on Electricity  and Carbon Tax on Gas. Cashback offers included in calculations.
The prices given are for new customers only .
Electric Ireland say that a new customer must not have been a customer within the last 12 months. Energia don’t seem to mind if you leave and return within a few months.


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How to Switch

When you  switch electricity suppliers you will need your  MPRN . This is an 11-digit number printed on your electricity bill. If you don’t have it, you can get it by calling ESB Networks on 1850 372 757.
If you’re switching gas suppliers they will need your GPRN . This is a 7-digit number printied on your gas bill. If you don’t have it, you can get it by calling Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 200 694.

Important :  the comparison sites don’t include cashback offers in their calculations – but they do mention them. So make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals by manually adding any cashback offers onto the total savings to work out the cheapest deal  for you.

You could obviously save even more money on your electricity bills by just cutting your energy usage . For  example –  switching any halogen downlighters to Gu10 LED  Low Energy Bulbs (Savings as much as 90%  compared to Halogen 50 watt!)

Insulating your home can also cut your energy bills – see our article about grants for insulation.

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  1. Sound, clear advice,the best i’ve come across, thanks a mill

  2. Prepaying is usually one of the most expensive ways of getting electricity. What made you move to them?
    Prepay power will have your mprn number – it must be on documentation from them. Failing tyr calling ESB Networks on 1850 372 757 to get the MPRN

  3. I’m moving into a new house for the first time. Do the switcher deals apply to those that will be opening gas/electricity accounts for the first time?

    • All the discount deals and cashback offers are for new customers – so you should be able to get any of them Ciaran.

  4. Hi. This is the just and only website with comparison you can trust. I have used it last year and now again. Won again. Just read and listen and do… guaranteed winner.
    I have worked out all calculations and it’s right. Moneyguideireland is the only one providing full info after discounts.
    Thank you very much.

  5. I’d like to switch to save as I am on standard now but I know I’ll be moving in 5 months. Will I be penalised when I move, since most deals are for a 1 year sign up. Or could I take the contract with me?

    • Suppliers should allow you to move your contract to a new property. We will double check this for you.

      • Energia say they would transfer the contract to the new house without any penalty. Is it Energia you are thinking of switching to?

  6. I am the new owner of a house that has a bulk LPG tank. The previous owner had a contract with Calor. Is it worth switching supplier from one LPG supplier to another, eg Flogas or Tervas?

    • Prices on LPG are not really publicised – each company will negotiate a price with homeowners for the tank and supply. So you will need to get in touch with all 3 and compare prices and contract details. Make sure you look closely at terms and conditions . Let us know what you decide – Thanks

  7. Just one small issue when switching providers, you may be ask to pay deposit of between 200 – 300 euro as new customer with no history.

  8. Thanks for your prompt reply, I’d use less than the national average as its a single household so is it still best to go with.

    • Yes – lower usage households will see the biggest savings by going for these cashback offers.

  9. What is the best deal for a first time connection to a new house?

    • The deals shown are all available for new customers – so a new connection should be able to get the same deals. Many people assume they have to go with Electric Ireland for electricity and BG for gas – but they don’t have to.

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