Dual Fuel Offer From One Big Switch.

One Big Switch has a great new Dual Fuel energy switching offer running at the moment (June 2020) .

The dual-fuel discounted offer from OneBigSwitch is with Energia and it also includes a free Netamo Smart Thermostat (Including installation)
You can still get the discount without the Netamo installation.

This offer currently works out €25 dearer than Energia’s best deal of €1339 in year one . But the offer direct from Energia does not include the free Netamo. (Energia would normally charges €329 to supply and fit one.)

This One Big Switch offer gets you 40% off Energia’s electricity rates and 39% off gas. This deal works out, for average energy usage, at €1364 in year one .

(All figures based on average energy usage over 12 months)

You can see the full offer terms and conditions if you register with One Big Switch with no obligation to buy anything – on the One Big switch website.

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Netamo Thermostat

There are a few eligibility conditions for getting the free Netamo thermostat installed. For example : Your home must have been built prior to 2006 and your current heating system must be a Single Zone heating system.

You can view the full terms on the One Big switch website. You just have to register with your email address and county to enable you to see the full details of this offer and apply for it if you want to.

The Netamo Smart Thermostat allows you to remotely control your heating through an app on your phone. You can set up a 7-day minute by minute schedule on your phone for when you want your heating to go on and off.
The Smart Thermostat’s Auto-Adapt function uses your home’s insulation and the outdoor temperature to programme when your heat should switch on. So you can have the temperature you want at just the right time, for example when you come home from work. As it is a thermostat, it will automatically turn off your heating once the desired temperature has been reached in your home meaning you can save energy by not having your heating on more than necessary.

You can compare this offer with other supplier’s prices on our page about the Best Dual Fuel Deals in Ireland