Debit Card Limits in Ireland

Most of the banks and card providers in Ireland set daily limits on how much can be spent on debit cards. There are also daily ATM cash withdrawal limits on most debit cards.

Debit Card Limits on Daily Spending :-

  • EBS: €2,000 ;
  • PTSB: €2,500 ;
  • KBC: €2,500 ;
  • N26: €5000 ;
  • Revolut max of £5,000 or equivalent spend in a 96 hour period.
  • AIB: €7,100 ( €5,000 max per transaction) .
  • Bunq  €50,000
  • Bank of Ireland has no daily limit.

Debit Card ATM Daily Cash Withdrawal Limits

  • Bunq €500
  • EBS  €600
  • AIB  €600
  • KBC  €700
  • Bank of Ireland  €700
  • PTSB €700
  • Ulster  €750
  • N26  €2500
  • Revolut  €5000

Some banks might allow you to increase the daily withdrawal amount. For example, BOI can increase it to €1300 on request.

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All figures checked January 2020