Best Place to Buy Sterling in Ireland

If you are travelling outside the Eurozone it can be wise to bring some cash with you in the currency of the country you are visiting. There are a few places in Ireland where you can carry out currency exchange .  (These are sometimes called bureau de change.)

Of course –  the currency exchange rates  change every day  and there has been a lot of volatility with exchange rates since the UK/EU  referendum vote. We carried out a quick comparison of the main currency exchange companies on the same day to find out the  Best Place to Buy Sterling in Ireland .

We checked out how much it would cost in Euros to buy £700 GBP Sterling cash . We compared the figures from  the currency companies websites at roughly the same time on 21st February 2017. All the exchange companies we used in the comparison say they do not charge commission .

Best Deal
At the No1 Currency Website it would have cost you €843.37 for £700 GBP – and you can order and pay for it online and get it delivered to your door for free. The delivery is by An Post registered post and is fully insured . (Orders under €750 cost €6 for delivery) .  Minimum order is €400. The price shown is for payment by debit card, a credit card incurs 2% fee. Popular currencies such as Sterling and US Dollars should be delivered next day if ordered before noon. Other currencies will take 2 to 3 days. You can check their current exchange rates on the No1 Currency Website

2:  At they were quoting a price of €846.02 for £700 Sterling. You can reserve your currency online for collection and pay for it when you pick up. They only have 2 locations in central Dublin .

3:  An Post were quoting a price of €849.41 for buying £700 Pounds.
They don’t allow online ordering, you have to go to a Post Office branch that does currency exchange . This service  is only available in larger towns and cities – see here.An Post only sell Sterling and US Dollars.

4:  At ICE ( International Currency Exchange) – it would have cost you €861.75 for £700 Sterling. You can reserve your currency online and then collect it and pay for it at one of their Dublin Airport kiosks.

There is always the option of using an ATM abroad – see here for  details of ATM Charges Abroad .

We also did a recent comparison on the cost of buying US Dollars in Ireland

If you are looking for information about transferring larger amounts of money abroad in different currencies – you should read our article on some other currency transfer options


3 thoughts on “Best Place to Buy Sterling in Ireland

  1. Hi, slightly off topic. Can you tell me how do I lodge a cheque for US Dollars into my bank account or credit union? Is either of these options possible?

    Cheers, Fred

    • Fred, most Credit Union’s offer a foreign exchange service, to which they will buy your cheque from you and credit you account upon cheque clearance.
      Cheers, C

    • PTSB will charge around €75 to lodge a USD cheque This is because they send the cheque back to the originating bank to get the funds sent. This is the safest option for the bank. Other banks may also charge this much – but for well known / trusted customers and well known cheque sources (big companies) – they can choose to lodge it for free or a small fee.

      Some banks may want to charge for “collection” where they want to ensure the cheque is “good” before paying out.

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