Cost of Using a Tumble Dryer

Most people are probably aware that using a tumble dryer can increase electricity bills by quite a lot – but just how much is the cost of using a tumble dryer to dry a average load of clothes ?

Well –  it depends on the type of tumble dryer you have and what energy rating it has. We looked at a selection of currently available tumble dryers and compared their electricity usage . ( If you have a tumble dryer older than 5 years it is very likely to be using even more electricity than the examples given below.)

We calculated the electricity costs using the current standard electricity unit rate charged by Electric Ireland of 17.17c per kWh inclusive of VAT. Lower unit rates may be available from other suppliers. (See Comparison of Electricity Providers ).

The tumble dryer with the most expensive running cost in our survey uses more than 3 times electricity per year than the cheapest one. The best performing tumble dryers will usually cost more to buy than the poorer performing ones – but over the lifetime of the dryer you can sometimes recoup the extra costs with the savings in electricity bills.

Tumble Dryer Running Costs Compared

Tumble Dryer
Cost per
Beko DC7112W  72c €91.48 B €250
Hotpoint TVM570P 68.16c €86.47 B €230
Bosch WTH83000GB 38.1.6c €42.31 A+ €500
Samsung DV80M50101W 30c €38.10 A++ €790
Samsung DV90M8204AX 27.98c €31.06 A+++ €1200

For example – comparing costs over just 5 years : If you bought the  cheaper Tumble Dryer – the Beko at €250 with a B rating – your total cost including electricity over 5 years would be around €707
Buying the  A+ rated Bosch model for €500 would end up costing round  €711  over 5 years  – so no  overall saving .  The savings will work out as more over a longer period of time and will be bigger as electricity rates increase. You can click on the links to see current prices and find out more about each tumble dryer in our small survey.

If you have an older tumble dryer with an energy rating as bad as  E or F  – then your running costs will be even higher than any of the the figures shown above and you should be looking at replacing it as soon as possible.

** Annual electricity cost based on  888kg of drying a year and calculated using the manufacturers specification and energy usage figures. Manufacturers figures usually assume that washing has gone through a 1400rpm spin before being put in the dryer .
The electricity usage figures shown above will be what to expect in optimal conditions.  If you don’t clean filters or don’t fully spin the washing then the drying costs will be more than shown in the table above.