Cost of 1850 Numbers

The majority of companies and state bodies don’t tend to use Free Phone numbers any more – instead they  use so called  “Lo Call”  or “Call Save” numbers prefixed with  1890 or 1850.

We have written already about the potentially high charges when ringing an 1890 number – but now we are looking at 1850 numbers and how much you will be charged when calling such numbers from your landline or mobile phone.
ComReg has specified that the cost of an 1850 call to the shall not exceed the retail charge for a 5-minute call at the originator’s standard rate for calling geographic numbers.

The thing that gets many people angry is that even when their phone plan or bundle includes unlimited calls to landlines – they still get charged for 1850 and 1890 numbers. These numbers are excluded by the majority of Irish mobile providers from the “inclusive” minutes.
1850 numbers are charged at a flat rate per call – regardless of how long you stay on the line. So for long calls (which many of them are these days) using 1850 is usually better for customers  than an 1890 number.

Update:  Sept 2017 – Comreg is now looking into changing the way we are charged for 1850 calls – more details here.

Cost of  Calls to 1850 Numbers (Flat Rate Charge)

Eir Landline  6.7c
Sky 6.9c
Virgin 7c
Lycamobile  14c
Vodafone Landlines 20c
Postfone 25c
Vodafone Mobile 30c
Meteor  30c
Three 30.49c
Eir Mobile 30.5c
Id  35c
Tesco Mobile 35c

Prices checked  May 2017

If you have inclusive minutes to landlines on your phone plan or contract – you can try and find a “normal” landline number instead of the 1850 number and this could be cheaper for you.
For example the Electric Ireland alternative number is 01  8529534
The Bord Gais Energy alternative number is 01 233 5101

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