Cost of 1850 Numbers

In December 2019 Comreg made significant changes to the charges for Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN)  such as 1850 numbers . Full Details Here

Before Dec 1st 2019 –  the cost of an 1850 could not exceed the retail charge for a 5-minute call at the originator’s standard rate for calling geographic numbers.

Since 1st of December 2019, a call to any of  1850, 1890, 0818 or 076 (NGN) numbers  must cost no more than the cost of calling a landline number.

Also – if  landline calls are included in your bundle of call minutes then 1850 and other NGN calls will also be in the bundle. No separate charge will apply for any NGN call (unless you have used up your bundle of call minutes).

Whilst these changes are generally good news for all customers, calls to 1850 numbers may impact some users. The cost of a call to an 1850 number  will change from a flat charge to a per minute rate from the 1st of December 2019. If you do not have a call bundle you could end up paying more than you did before December 2019.

Cost of  Calls to 1850 Numbers (Flat Rate Charge) before Dec 2019

Eir Landline  6.7c
Sky 6.9c
Virgin Landline 7c
Vodafone Landlines 20c
Postmobile 20c
Vodafone Mobile 30c
Three 30.49c
Virgin Mobile 30c
Eir Mobile 30c
Tesco Mobile 35c


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