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Many thousands of people in Ireland have never switched electricity provider  – (about 36% of households) . By switching to the cheapest electricty provider, these households could save ,on average ,€220  in just 12 months on electricity bills.

Electric Ireland  (formerly ESB)  used to be the only domestic Electricity Provider  in Ireland – but since deregulation in 2011 , thousands of households have switched to other suppliers such as  SSE Airtricity , Energia or Bord Gais Energy  in order to get cheaper electricity prices.

The electricity switching market is very competitive,  with companies regularly doing special offers, discount codes or other promotions such as cashback.

Who has the Best Electricity Deal in Ireland in February 2019 ?

We carried out a comparison of Electricity prices in Ireland for new customers in February 2019 and this is what we found:

For Higher Usage:
Electricity usage will be higher in larger homes with 4 or more occupants –  and also in smaller households that use only electricity for heating and hot water.  Electricity consumption figures of 6000 kwH per year would be possible for higher usage households .

The  best best switching deal for higher usage homes is with Energia . The have a special offer only available through the Energia website. You need to enter the promo code CHEAPESTFUEL and this will get you 35% off their standard electricity rates for 12 months and  €50 cashback .
This will work out at €1063 in the first year. (Paying by Direct Debit).  This is a saving of €227 compared to Electric Ireland’s standard rates .

The next best deal for usage of 6000KwH works out at €1092 in year one. It is available from Electric Ireland (SuperSaver offer) . (But they are expected to be increasing prices from March or April.)

Medium Usage
For medium sized homes that use gas , oil  or solid fuel to provide heating and hot water ,  an annual electricity usage  of about 4200 Kwh a year would be typical. (This is the average national usage.)
The best deal currently would be to switch your electricity to Energia  . This offer works out at €798 ( with a  34% discount and €50 cashback) and is only available  online with Promo code CHEAPESTFUEL at the Energia Website.

This is a saving of €198 on Electric Ireland’s standard rates.

If you are currently with Energia for your Electricity supply – then the best deal for medium usage households is to switch back to Electric Ireland  with a year one price of €808 on their SuperSaver offer  . (But be aware they are expected to increase prices after February 2019 .)

Best for Lower Usage :
Smaller households will use less electricity. Typical usage for a 1 or 2 person household that doesn’t use electricity for heating might be 3000kwh per year.
If you are not currently with Electric Ireland for your Electricity supply – then the best deal for lower usage households would be to use to switch to Electric Ireland and go for their €150 cashback offer . This will work out as a year one price of €596 for 3000kwh.  (but they are expected to increase prices sometime after February .)

The next best deal is to switch to Energia .  This will work out at €621 (including €50 cashback). (This Offer of  35% discount and €50 cashback is only available  online with Promo code CHEAPESTFUEL .  This special offer is only available online through the Energia Website.

In all cases – after the first 12 months , households should look into switching again to obtain the best deal.

See a Summary of the cheapest Electricity  prices here

If you also have gas – take a look at  our  Dual Fuel Price Comparison 


Cashback offers are not included in comparison sites calculations – but we include them. So don’t assume the cheapest deal shown on the comparison sites are actually the best available. Cashback offers can often make a very big difference to the overall cost- especially for lower usage households.

You should really think about switching your energy supplier every 12 months to take advantage of all these special offers – otherwise most providers will just put you back on their standard rates after the first year.
It only takes a few minutes – and as we have shown it can easily save you in the region of €200 just on electricty bills over a year.

Figures correct 2nd February 2019

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61 thoughts on “Cheapest Electricity Provider

  1. Hi

    Which provider of electricity only offers the better rate if you use 5000 kw per year?

    • Currently – for that exact amount , over one year , the best deal is if you switch to Bord Gais Energy (€175 cashback) But it is only €7 dearer than the Energia deal mentioned above. If you go over 5250 – then Energia will work out cheaper because of the lower rates.

  2. Does the Bord Gais 24% discount Online option work out better for someone on low usage as oppose the 10% with €175 back?

    • Pre pay power and Pinergy will work out as the most expensive electricity over 1 year ( or more)
      All the others are cheaper than them. If you really want a prepay option – then go with Electric Ireland – they give you €175 credit on the meter and they are slightly cheaper than prepay power even without that €175 credit.

  3. Hi I have a business. I’m currently with Bord Gais. I’m up for renewal now. Who should I change to.
    Many thanks

    • Energy companies don’t publish their charges for business customers – it seems you will have to get a quote off some or all of them and see who is the cheapest.

  4. I am a Single Parent living in a rural area. Only need Electricity. I have just moved into the house. They Landlord is with Electric Ireland. I was with Energia in my last house. The bill being in my name.

    I’m interested in the Greenest Electricity and the cheapest.

  5. my elderly relative has never moved supplier becsuse they are receiving free units under t he household package. I suspect they could benefit from better prices if they moved but dont know what to advise them on how they transfer their free units

    • Your relative will stil be entitled the €35 allowance whatever supplier they are with. Electric Ireland knock it of the bill – but if your relative moves supplier they will get the allowance paid to their bank account every month instead . (Or it can be collected at Post Office if preferred) . The other suppliers are not happy that Electric Ireland get this favourable treatment by the Dept of Social Welfare.

  6. Help I joined sse electicty in june my duel bill was high for electric for a summer bill .board gais came to my door and told me that I wl get huge bills from sse. Is this true another thing I cant view my bill with sse on line it just showes the total amount .shold I leave them what will I do.

    • You probably signed up for a 1 year contract (do you know?) . Did you go for their €135 cashback offer ? If so – did you get it yet?
      There will be a €50 penalty if you leave them before June 2019.
      You could move to Electric Ireland and get their €150 cashback . For average usage this would work out €100 cheaper compared to staying with SSE – but you would have to pay €50 to leave SSE. (Still a saving of about €50) . Don’t leave if you signed up for cashback until you get it of SSE.

      Bord Gais Energy are currently

  7. Hello ,
    My contract with energia is due to end on 26th sept , i was getting 33% discount which will no longer apply after contract expires .I have been paying this direct debit for the year , my bi-mthly bills would be average 90 euro which is including my discount , who am i best off switching to ? also do most insist on a deposit ? as i said i have paid direct debit always and my credit rating should be good . Thanks .

    • Hi Stephen, as it says in the article – for lower usage households such as yours – the best deal, if you are not with Electric Ireland, is to switch electricity to Electric Ireland . Their €150 cashback offer will bring your total cost in year one to about €445 (average €65 bi monthly).

  8. Currently with Energia 33% discount expired end of August, unsure of who to switch to at the moment. Bi-monthly bills in region of €140, probably in the medium usage category. Who is offering best deal? Thanks

    • If you are not currently with Electric Ireland for your Electricity supply – then the best deal for medium ussage households is to switch back to Electric Ireland and get €150 cashback which brings the year one price to €869 )

  9. Sse airtricity say on their website that if you cancel direct debit they will charge you €300. I called them up and this is true. Been with them since Aug 2012. Theyll give the €300 back after a year once theyve established a regular and satisfactory payment history they said. They said all suppliers do this. True or not?

  10. We are on pre-pay Gas and electricity would it work out chesper going back to bill pay. Our rate for electricity from 01/10/18 will be
    Unit rate €0.1917
    Annual standing charge €170.05
    Annual PSO levy €47.34
    Estimated annual bill Inc Vat €1022.60

    I have to check our Gas rates.
    Thank you

  11. Hi I am paying €100-€120 per two months with electric Ireland. Can you advise if there are any better offers out there?

  12. Hi, i’m about to move into a 4-bed BER A3 rated with air-to-water heating so expect
    low-ish usage – is there one provider more suited to this? I’m thinking of going with Energia as that was what came out cheap(est) on a price comparison website?
    Anybody got similar experience?

    • Hi Pat – the option for low usage households are given in the article. The comparison sites don’t include cashback – so the supplier at the top of their list may not work out as the best deal .

      Our example of low usage (3000kwh per year) . If you are not with them already – then the best deal for lower usage households is to go with Electric Ireland and get €150 cashback which brings the year one price to €596.
      Next best is SSE Airtricity (€622 including €135 cashback).

  13. We are with electric Ireland we put in 30e a week ,prepaypower will give us 75e credit if we move to them ,I suppose what I’m asking is will we end up putting more than 30e credit a week into their meter . Thanks for any help you can give .

    • If yoo go on prepaypower’s standard rate (currentlly 18.95c per unit + 187 standing chareg and 137 service charge) you will pay approximately €30 more over 12 months with prepaypower than with electric ireland .
      (Based on €120 a month of usage with electric Ireland) . So if prepaypower are offering €75 credit – you will be a bit better off going woth them for a year – but maybe switch again after the year is up if you can. You will get even better prices by going off the prepay meter if that is possible.

  14. Hi I am currently with Electric Ireland but switching to Pre Pay Power. Currently just started the 14 day cooling off period. We are a high usage household. We were told that switching to Pre Pay Power, would greatly reduce our bills. We were told that, by the nice lady at our door. Would this be a true statement?

  15. Hi I rent a small one room studio by myself my my prepay electricity with electric Ireland is around 6-10euro per day I’m only there in the morning time and late evening. I don’t even use the cooker I didn’t realize prepay was so expensive. I’m paying around 200euro per month. My landlord has offered to get me on a bill plan with electric Ireland will this make a difference.

  16. Hi , we are currently with electric Ireland and a high usage house . We are also out of contact. Who would give us the best deal on electricity prices .

    • As it says in the article – Energia is currently the best deal for higher usage. They have a special offer only available through the Energia website. You need to enter the promo code CHEAPELEC and this will get you 29% off their standard electricity rates for 12 months and €50 cashback .

  17. Hi I’m currently with panda power and my latest bill was €176 bi monthly which is quite high, that is with a 20% discount. Each bill seems to more expensive. Would energia or EI be cheaper

  18. Hi
    I’ve just inherited an old farmhouse. Which would be the best option for electricity, given usage would be extremely low (some overnight heating in winter and occasional weekends)? Is the best option to just go for the cheapest standing charge? Thanks

  19. Hi, I’m due to move into my new home next week, just myself and 3 year old. We are out of home from 8 until after 6 in the evening weekdays. Heating is from oil and fire so our unit count would be quite low. Can you please advise the best deal for us? This will be the first electric bill in my name so will not be moving from a previous provider.

    • As it says in the article – If you are not currently with Electric Ireland for your Electricity supply – then the best deal for lower usage households would be to switch to Electric Ireland

  20. Hi I’m currently with Panda power 18%discount moderate usage.
    Due for renewal next week-being offered the same deal.
    Should I change provider and to who.thanks

    • The recommendstions are listed in the article. Panda Power with 18% discount will not be cheaper than the options listed above.

  21. What i the cheapest company to go with just so that you can get a new connection done and will have a reasonable yearly rate as this house wont be lived in for a while

  22. I am moving house and would like to get a smart thermostat install (not the climote). Is it worth going with a smart bundle like with Electric Ireland and get the nest, or better just going cheap bundle and get the nest myself

    • Electric Ireland charge €130 for the Nest inc installation . You can get one for about €200 on Amazon . (Prime members price – – but you can do a free 30 day trial of Prime. You will need to pay someone to install it though (electrician) – and that could be another €80 to €100. But then you can take advantage of Electric Ireland’s cashback offer (€200 if you have gas) .

      Then you can switch again in a year to whoever is the cheapest.

      If you do go with Electric Ireland’s Hive offer – check that you can keep if if you switch from them after 12 months.

  23. Hi
    I’d like to know – do the prices of electricy units (per Kwh) on the comparison table include VAT?

  24. Hi. I’m with panda power electricity only. They are saying I agreed to a 12 month contract last September. I agreed to a fixed price per unit of electricity, not a variable rate. My electricity rate has jumped from .1363 roughly to .1464 roughly to .1638 since i think. Pretty sure figures right. I rang them and asked for proof of this contract agreement. ie phonecall. They said they don’t have it as they just started recording phonecalls last oct. So i presume im not in contract but they are saying i am. My most recent bill is 873e!!!!!!!!!! Seems HUGE for average size house considering no one here during the day. Should i just leave and join energia?

    • Panda have never done fixed rate electricity. Most providers do a 12 month contract . You should have been sent a copy of the contract at least by email. They will charge you €50 to leave before Sept 2019.
      Thay are currently €177 more expensive than Energia over the first year for average usage (including the €50 energia cashback) . So you would be better off paying the penalty and leaving.

  25. I am enquiring on behalf of a senior citizen. She is with Electric Ireland and gets the household package. However due to ill health, she is now on oxygen practically 24 hours a day. Her only energy means is electricity which has to cover lighting, heating etc. Her nurse has told her the oxygen machine which runs on electricity is going to add approximately €80 monthly to her electricity costs. Do any of the electricity providers have a special rate for someone in this lady’s position and how do I access help for her with this extra cost of living?

  26. BEWARE ELECTRIC IRELAND RE DEPOSITS. Deposit paid in May 2017 was due to be refunded on Jan 29th 2019. I have ‘phoned several times and got different responses . Despite, eventually, being promised that 280 euro of the original 300 would be refunded it still hasn’t arrived. Reason for 20 discrepancy ” that is the amount owing on bill”

  27. Hi I am applying for a new connection for a small low usage farm can I avail of any deals and who is best value to go with. First time customer

  28. Hi I have a new connection for a small low usage f arm who is best supplier to go with. Can I avail of any deals?

    • Hi Denise
      The energy companies don’t seem to publish their charges for business customers. It looks like you will have to get in touch with them for prices. (8 of them) Electric Ireland, Bord Gáis Energy, Energia, SSE Airtricity, Vayu, Flogas.
      To make it easier to compare offers – get them all to tell you the overall cost of electricity including all standing charges vat etc for 12 months for a specific usage.
      A survey in 2018 found that the average SME unit rate was 0.16c/kwh with the highest being 0.21c/c.kWh.
      The average standing charge was €1.105 per day.
      Let us know how you get on .


  29. Hi there Money Guide staff,

    I am moving at the end of this month, I am currently with Energie for electricity and Calor ( LPG’s) The new house will have natural gas. As Energie are the best for joint deals, will they treat meas an existing customer or a new Customer. Also I plan to add solar PV panels and have a fully electric Car, Should I be looking for night time rate for electricity? Thanks, wonderful website.


    • Hello Paul
      Energia might not give you the switching offer because you are a customer already.
      Why not go with Electric Ireland , get the €200 cashback after a couple of months and then switc back to Energia. Electric Ireland will charge you €100 exit fee – but you will have had €200 credit on your bill by then.

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