Christmas 2018 Social Welfare and Pensions Payment Arrangements

Welfare and Pensions Payment Arrangements  for Christmas 2018 – including Child Benefit.

 All of the Department of Social Protection’s offices will be closed on Tuesday 25th December, Wednesday 26th December 2018 and Tuesday 1st January 2019.

All the Banks in Ireland will close on Monday 24th December 2018 and will not re-open until  Friday 28th December 2018 .
Post Offices will close at 1pm on Dec 24th and will not reopen until Friday 28th December.
Post Offices and Banks will also be closed on 1st January 2019
There will be no mail delivery or collection on December 25th ,26th or 27th 2018.

Social Welfare Payment Arrangements for Christmas 2018

    • 1. Payments for People who are paid weekly and collect their payments at Post Offices.

      • All people who are paid weekly and collect their payments at Post Offices or are paid by cheque – will receive their normal payment in the week commencing December 17th –  plus an advance/”double” payment for the following week.
      • There will be no “regular” weekly payments during the week beginning Monday 24th December 2018 .
      • Any weekly payments due for collection on 31st Dec will be available on 31st Dec. (No change)
      • Any weekly payments due for collection on Tuesday 1st January 2019 will be available for collection on Monday 31st December 2018.

  • 2. Benefits Paid Monthly for Collection at Post Office

    • Payments due for collection on 25th or 26th  December will be available on 21st December
    • Payments due for collection on 27th Dec will be available on 24th Dec
    • Payments due on 28th and 31st Dec will be available on 28th Dec.
    • Payments due 1st Jan 2019 will be available on 31st Dec
    • Child Benefit payments due for collection on Tuesday 1 January 2019 may be collected on 31st December 2018.

  • 3 . Payments for People who get Weekly Payments Direct to Bank Accounts.
    • During the week commencing 17th Dec 2018  – all people who are paid weekly into bank accounts – will receive their normal payment plus an advance payment for the following week.  Payments will be made on the usual day. (See item 6 below for info about casual jobseekers)
    • There will be no weekly payments in the week commencing 24th Dec.
    • The following exceptions apply...
      • Maternity Benefit , Paternity Benefit and Health & Safety Benefit will all get their advance payment on Friday 21st December.
      • See item (6) below for information about casual Jobseeker claimants.
    •  Any  Weekly Payments due in accounts  on Mon 31st Dec will instead be in bank accounts on Fri 28th Dec
    • All Weekly payments due on in accounts on Tuesday 1st January 2019 will be credited to accounts on Mon  31st December 2018.
    • Normal payment arrangements  will resume from Wed 2nd January 2019.

4. People who get Monthly Payments into Banks :

  • Monthly  Payments due in accounts on 25th or 26th  December will be there on 21st December
  • Monthly Payments due in accounts on 27th Dec will be there on 24th Dec.
  • Monthly Payments due in accounts on 28th and 31st Dec will be there on 28th Dec.
  • Monthly Payments due  in accounts on 1st Jan 2019 will be there on 31st Dec (Includes Child Benefit)

5. Child Benefit will be in bank accounts by 31st Dec

6. Casual Jobseekers

If you claim Jobseeker’s Allowance or Benefit on a casual basis, you will need to return your dockets for the signing weeks ending 10/11 December, 18/19 December, and 25/26 December to your local Intreo Centre or Branch Office on or before 10 December 2018.

Where dockets are provided by this date, two payments covering the signing weeks ending 18 and 25 December or 19 and 26 December will be paid into accounts on Friday, 21 December.

Normal payment arrangements for casual jobseekers will resume from Tuesday, 8th January 2019.


Fuel Allowance – no changes to payment arrangements.  If you have opted for 2 lump sums  – the second lump sum is expected to be €292.50 and will be paid in the second week of January 2019.

Note: All these dates have been  confirmed by the Department .

 Information about the Christmas Bonus 2018

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109 thoughts on “Christmas 2018 Social Welfare and Pensions Payment Arrangements

  1. For weekly payments due on Wednesday 2nd January. Will it be paid that day? The 2nd payment of the fuel allowance is due the first week in January also. Will it be paid that day too?

  2. I am don’t sure I understand I get pay for Tuesday in to the bank will I get pay 28 or 31 of December I try ringing the social Welfare office but they are don’t answering can u help I would be much greatful thanks

    • As it says in the article ..
      “Weekly payments due on in bank accounts on Tuesday 1st January 2019 will be credited to accounts on Mon 31st December 2018.”
      There will be no payment on Tue 25th Dec – but the payment on tue 18th will be doubled.

  3. Just like to thank all the staff who work in all areas of social welfare. Let it bein payments section or any section. I personally want to thank you all and wish you all a happy, fun filled and safe Xmas 2018. Thank you for all your hard work throughout the year. Kind regards. Edwin mc dyer

  4. Do I have to collect my disability allowance on the 21st of December or can I collect at a later date??

  5. Does anyone know if your on casual jobseekers were they entitled to the Xmas bonus ?

    • Yes if you have been on a qualified payment for 15 months, my partner is on casual JS 5 months but had 18 months on jobseekers before that so he got the bonus.

      • Did he get it on the week of the 11th dec by any chance my hubby got a double week on the 11th of dec and he’s not sure if that was his bonus of a week he was owed for because he put in a late work docket then he got one single week on Saturday (which is unusual as his pay day is Tuesdays) now he’s worriedly that it wasn’t the bonus and that was his double week if not should he still get his double week this week hope that al makes sense

  6. I’m due my fortnightly state pension on thursday 27th December. When will this payment be paid into my bank account

    • State pensions are not paid fortnightly in Ireland (as far as we are aware). It is either weekly or monthly .
      Any monthly payment due on 27th Dec will be paid on the 24th instead.

  7. hello i am due second half of fuel allowance in Jan 2019 could you please tell me how much it will be thank you, Pamela Egan,

    • Dept of Social Welfare site says that the second lump sum is expected to be €292.50 and will be paid in the second week of January 2019.

  8. Hi I normally collect my weekly payment on a Tuesday but with the double pay will I be able to collect today on the 17th or wait as normal till tomorrow.

  9. Hi,

    I get jobseekers benefit and was due a double week today 17/12 but I only got a single week can’t there be any reason for this.


  10. I am on x’s and o’s. As in I work but not fulltime so I could work 5days one week and two the next. So I claim social for the days I don’t work. I get a check sent out to me every Friday and I receive it every Tuesday morning. What way will I receive my payments over the Xmas please? Today is the 17th and I would normally be due a single payment in the morning.

    • Please read section 6 again – it’s all there.
      (Obviously there may be delays with the post)
      (Why don’t you get it paid automatically to your bank account instead of a cheque?)

  11. So far my double week has not gone into my acc and left all dockets in will it go in today

    • If you are part time worker on Jobseekers – as it states in the article – If dockets are provided by 10th Dec , two payments covering the signing weeks ending 18 and 25 December or 19 and 26 December will be paid into accounts on Friday, 21 December.

    • All weekly payments get double this week and nothing next week – as it says in the article.

  12. So if I get part time dole my money for the week 18th and week 25th will be paid into my bank this Friday the 21st am I correct in saying that

  13. Hi i gett my money on thursday will i get my double week as well this thursdat the 20th december or is it in earlier. Just wondering

  14. Hi I’m on casual dockets jobseekers allowance I only got a single payment today when will the second payment go in to bank thanks

    • I’m the same first year on it they dont tell us anything in at a loss taught we’d get double Tuesday but only single cheque came

    • you should get next weeks payment on 21st Dec . This weeks payment should arrive as normal.

      • I usually get my maternity benefit Friday night/sat morning but I only recieved the advanced payment yesterday and the one as normal still hasn’t come yet..

      • Same story, i got only advanced one on friday and nothing came on friday night..hopefully it will be on the account on friday 28th..

  15. I receive Illness benefit on Wednesday last week but I haven’t got nothing this week, and I have sent all forms on time??

  16. My partner is on a CE scheme will he get our double payment on Thursday 19th or just 1 payment then a payment next week?

  17. Does anyone know if u get paid on a Thursday do u go in a day earlier or is it paid in the Thursday?

  18. Hi. I’m on rent allowance that gets paid last Thursday of every month. So it should be due next Thurs the 27th. Am I right in reading above that it will be paid into my account on Monday the 24th? If so happy days as I could get rent paid off before Xmas and not be worrying about keeping money.
    Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.x

  19. I only received a single payment on 17th by cheque. Will I receive my double money by cheque tomorrow? All my dockets where left in on time, thank you.

  20. I’m doing a full time vtos course I get paid in to the bank on a Thursday I only got one week this week is that right. Thanks for reading

  21. can child benefit comes out before xmas at post office, i have nothing, no hrs at work this week, i have nothing and next week, im not under social welfare, im now depending on child benefit for xmas

  22. I receive Jobseeker’s Allowance as obliged to retire from public sector job 31st August 2018 and will not receive state pension until my 66th birthday next June 2019. Would this be viewed as Jobseeker’s Allowance (transition) or Pretirement Allowance which are listed as qualifying for bonus which I did not receive.

    • Only people on Jobseekeds for 15 months or more get the bonus. It says that in the article.

  23. If you’re on a VTos course and getting a training allowance every Friday do we get the double ?

  24. I shall get paid into my bank every Friday at 12-12:10 am but haven’t received anything yet is there a delay for double weeks payment so you know?

    • Me either just the advanced payment but not the normal one that comes during the night last night …grrrrr was counting on that

  25. I receive maternity benefit in my account every Monday and today I received my week payment for week starting 24th. I’m just enquiring what day does it go in for week starting 24th ? Thanking you

  26. Hi there, I’m on casual jobseekers but nothing has gone in yet, was meant to be in bank account yesterday. Have others gone in?

  27. Does anyone know if I get money tomorrow in social I got double on the 18 Dec not sure if money there tomorrow

    • no weekly payments at all this week . That is why everyone got double last week !

      • I’m on ce..and according to you guys and all other sources i should have gotten a double last wk.. it didn’t happen.. i’m hoping you were equally wrong when you said there are no regular payments this week.. totally messed up my xmas. !! Hooing there’s cash in the bank tomorrow..i get paid into the bank weekly.

  28. When do you get your welfare check in December cause I usually get paid at the end of each month but do they give it to you early for Christmas? My step dad got his early but I didn’t get mine yet.

  29. Hi we are getting a payment from our community welfare office weekly i only recieved a single payment on 18th dec i didnt recieve a double and my next payment is dew the 1st january

  30. Will i have my payment this friday the 28th as I will be visiting family in Mayo for a New Years Eve Party and need to know If i will have enough finances to travel

  31. When is our next payment (social welfare disability) after the Christmas, or children allowance, I’m just so confused so could someone please let me no thank you

  32. What date exactly do we get the fuel allowance I opted in for lump sums as from my knowledge its meant to be between the 2nd and the 8th but I’m was told twice that first the 3rd and then the 10th but the 10th isn’t between the 2nd and 8th

  33. Hi my disability usually goes into bank after midnight on Tuesday ,this week Tuesday will be new year’s Day , will it be paid into the bank earlier ? Thank you

  34. What day can I pick my money up I get paid on a Tuesday and nt sure what day I can get it my payment is the first of January so what day can I get it coz the post office nt open new years day

    • Is this a wind up?
      Does no one read anything anymore?
      Just read the article again (or for the first time) – your question is answered there very clearly.

  35. Hi. I usually collect my social welfare on a Monday. Can I collect it this Saturday the 29th or collect it the Monday 31st?

  36. Hi I get child benefit paid into credit union does anyone know if it will be there Monday or woukd it be Wednesday

  37. I’m due next payment on Thursday 3rd of January will this be in any earlier than Thursday or will it be in as normal on Thursday morning?

  38. Anyone know when the next docket is to be lodged if your on casual jobseekers next one I have is 26/12 to 01 jan is that to be lodged this week to get payment on the 8th cause the next docketafter that one is for upto the 9th so confusing 😂

    • Yeah Karen drop it in this week I sent mine in before they closed for Christmas.😊

  39. If casual workers last got paid on the 21st of Dec for the weekk ending the 18/19 and week ending the 24/25 those payments were for the wk before Xmas and Xmas week. Why are we exspected to wait a fornight for our nect weekly payment on the 8th? Why is there no payment for the week 2nd to 6th of jan. The payment paid on 31st dec due for 2nd Jan should not count as this is a childrens allowance payment?

    • i am a part time teacher and have gratefully received payment up to dec 25 2018.
      but having to wait until 8th of jan for the next payment means hunger and hardship. we seems to of been skipped a week its very stressful trying to feed a family with no cash,

  40. Karen rush I left that docket in the week of 26th December to 1st January before they closed at christmas😊leave it in tomorrow to get payment for 8th January.

  41. I received a payment of double my weekly State pension into my bank on 21st. Dec. 18.
    The next payment was 4th. Jan. 2018.
    Seems to me that either I did not receive my 100% Christmas Bonus, or that there is a weekly payment missing.
    Please respond to this soonest.

    • Hello William
      The Bonus was paid to weekly recipients in the first week of December. If you didn’t get it you need to contact the Dept of Social Protection.

  42. I haven’t received any disability benefits (normally paid directly into my bank) since Dec 14th, although all certs are in…tried ringing several times but no one answers. Is there some sort of holdup? Any suggestions?

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