Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland

Price Comparison of  Broadband and phone deals in Ireland.
Updated  January 2017

The availability of  faster broadband in Ireland has increased in the past couple of years as Fibre broadband gradually spreads across the country.
Fibre can give broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps – compared to the maximum 24Mbps on copper phone lines (DSL) .   We have looked at some of the packages out there to try and help you find the Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland.  (Check if  you have access to  Fibre Broadband  check here -)

cheapest broadband ireland

These are the six lowest priced deals  for unlimited broadband data and unlimited phone calls to landlines .  (All speeds are “upto”  –  actual speed will depend on your phone line in most cases)  Jan 2017

1. Magnet have an  unlimited broadband package that costs €39.99 a month with a reduced price of €29.99 for the first 3 months. That works out at €449.88 in the first year. It comes with speeds of upto 24Mb and free calls to landlines . It is not available nationwide – but Magnet seems to be available in most cities and large towns. You can check availability of Magnet broadband in your area on the very useful site

2.  Pure Telecom  have a bundle costing €492 in year one.  The monthly charge is €45 , reduced to €29 for the first 3 months. They use the Eircom fibre network – so the availability and connection quality etc. should be the same as Eir .

3. Vodafone’s best  broadband deal :   with  speeds of upto 100Mb in most urban areas , unlimited downloads and free calls to landlines – costs €50 a month (reduced to €40 for first 6 months) . This works out at a total of €540 in year one. More details can be found at

4. Virgin Media  (only available in larger cities and towns  )  have a broadband and phone bundle with upto 240Mb speeds and anytime calls to Irish landlines for €55 a month (reduced to €35 for first 4 months) .
This would cost €580 in the first year. (12 month contract). Full Details and option to Sign Up Here

5. Sky : Sky have a Fibre Unlimited 12 month introductory offer  with  up to 100Mb speed , unlimited broadband plus free anytime calls to landlines in Ireland and NI plus 20 other countries for  €52.50. One year contract. (Increases to €62.50 per month in year two.) Total cost in year one will be  €630 More details and Sign up Here

6. Eir – the best fibre broadband deal from Eir is currently costing  €720 in year one.   With unlimited downloads and free anytime calls to Irish landlines and mobiles (€70 a month reduced to €30 for the first 3 months). It also includes free calls to UK landline  as well as Eir Sport.  You can see more details of  this bundle and compare it to others from Eir HERE

Broadband Price Comparison Summary (All listed bundles include free anytime calls to landlines)


Cost in 1st Year
Normal Monthly Charge Max
Data  Limit
€449.88 €39.99 24Mb Unlimited
Pure Telecom
€492 €45 100Mb Unlimited
Vodafone €540 €50 100Mb Unlimited
Virgin Media
€580 €55 240Mb Unlimited
Sky €630 €52.50 100Mb Unlimited
€720 €70 100Mb Unlimited

* Sky Anytime packages includes free anytime calls to landlines in these countries Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA (also includes calls to mobiles in Canada and USA) . This would be a big attraction for people with friends and family living overseas.


If you are not bothered about having a landline – take a look at our page on the Best Prices for Broadband Only Deals