Cheapest Prepay Mobile Bundles

Which mobile provider has the Cheapest Prepay Mobile Bundles in Ireland  ?
Updated October 2018.

About half of all mobile phone users in Ireland  still use Pre-Pay or “Pay as You Go” mobile plans  (PAYG)

It can be very easy to  lose track of just how much your prepaid phone usage is costing you. If you just keep getting  €10 or €20 Euro top ups on your phone or at a shop – those amounts can soon mount up. But – PAYG has it’s advantages because you don’t end up with unexpected bills at the end of the month.

In the first quarter of 2018 the average spend per mobile customer in Ireland was €25.53 a month or €306 a year . Pre-paid mobile phone customers in Ireland spent 60% less than bill pay customers  – with average monthly prepay charges of €14.42 compared to a €37.75 monthly average for bill pay mobile customers.

If you are regularly spending over €30 a month on your  mobile phone charges – you should be looking into changing your provider or your plan.


Summary of the Cheapest Prepay Mobile Bundles

These prices are for prepay “bundles” – they usually last for a month or 4 weeks than you have to top up again.

have a bundle for  €20 that gets you get “Unlimited” data (60Gb) , unlimited texts to any network and free calls just to phones on the Three network for 28 days You also get to keep the €20 credit –  but that will only get you about  50 minutes of calls to other mobiles or landlines – which isn’t much for a month but it might do some people who use things like WhatsApp instead.

At 48 Months  For just €10 you get 3Gb of data , 300 minutes of calls to Irish mobiles and unlimited texts to any network for a month. Plus 60 minutes of calls to Irish landlines.  It’s aimed at 18 to 22 year olds – but no formal checks are made.

Tesco Mobile have a €15 top up deal that gets you unlimited calls , 15Gb of data and  free texts to Tesco mobiles.

Eir :   For a €20 monthly top up you get 15Gb of 4G data  plus either unlimited texts or unlimited calls to all networks including landlines . (Fair usage 5000 mins and 5000 texts).  For  €30  a month top up  you get 15Gb of data  plus both unlimited texts and  unlimited calls to all networks . You need to opt in to these deals , they are not automatic.



Vodafone have a €30 bundle of unlimited calls and unlimited texts to any network  plus  just 8GB data .

Network Coverage and internet speed – can vary across different providers in different parts of the country. Rural areas usually have poorer coverage . You probably shouldn’t be relying on mobile phone internet in rural areas of Ireland  for heavy usage such as video or music streaming.

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Mobile Companies  Revenue : According to COMREG  – the combined retail revenue of the mobile phone companies  in Ireland was over €1.5 Billion Euro  in 2017.  That income was generated by about 4 billion text messages and over 12 billion voice minutes  plus over  340 Terabytes of data from  5.8 million mobile phones. (There are more mobile phones in Ireland than people!)

Figures and prices checked October 2018



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  1. I have a non-smart mobile phone, which I am perfectly happy with. At present, I buy credit in advance and put it on the phone. I probably spend less than €10 a year on calls; I do not use text messages or data. However, I have enough credit to enable me to make more calls should an emergency require that.

    Three are now insisting that I give them €20 every 28 days, about €260 a year, and it seems that they would help themselves to the unused portion of that, say €250 a year. How can I avoid paying a large amount to Three, or any other provider, for services I do not want?


  2. Hey

    Currently with three Network the 20 euro a month pre pay basically because of the 60gb unlimited data and free texts and they used to have free unlimited weekend calls but recently changed this so have no unlimited calls not in less the person I’m ringing is three which none close to me seem to be , which network would be best for me, willing to give approx 35 -40 euro region a month but must have unlimited internet near the 60gb or near and unlimited calls ?

  3. Great article. Thanks so much for the info. You saved me loads of time.

  4. Hi I has been with 3 for years and I was happy with their play as you go plane but unfortunately their reception is very bad in the new area where I live now. I am trying with post mobile but it isn’t working neither so I was thinking to move to Virgil mobile. I checked and their reception seem good where I live now. I don’t really know this company and because,apparently, you have only a contract option with them I am not sure what to do. Is the company reliable? Many tks

    • Virgin use the Three network – so it’s a surprise that coverage for you is better than with 3. PostMobile use Vodafone – which usually has the best coverage even in rural areas .
      Virgin have SIM only 30 day contracts – so you can leave after just 30 days if you are not happy. Might be worth trying. See here

  5. Thank you for your reply,I didn’t know they used 3 coverage,when I contact them they just asked for my address and told me that they covered it but when I was with 3 the connection was nearly inexistent. Vodafone works bad as well. My last chance may be eir but the reviews for the company are so bad and their customers service is appalling.

    • What part of the country are you in – do you know anyone that has good phone coverage that lives in the same area ? Just go with the same company as them. Maybe your phone is the problem?

  6. Do you have to get a bundle to get data in Ireland? Because your “lowest prepay call costs” linked above (on which comments are closed) only has call and text prices. I’m in the UK looking to move to Ireland but want to get an Irish sim before I’m fully there to set some things up. I won’t be using it much until we move, but will want to keep it active (not losing the number) at the lowest cost, and will be wanting data. Do I have to go for a bundle? €15 a month is quite a cost for minimal use, if I can’t get the 48 one, so just looking for any alternative.

  7. I switch from 3 to eir but signals are very bad .need advise what is the best and cheapest package and network for unlimited call and texts and internet but not looking for unlimited internet .

    • Coverage will depend where you are located – and also the type of phone you have. It can also be affected by the building you live in or work in (insulation etc).

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