Cheapest Prepay Mobile Charges Ireland

Which mobile provider has the Cheapest Prepay Mobile Charges in Ireland  ?
Updated December 2017

In 2016 the average spend per mobile customer in Ireland was €25.10 a month or  €301 a year . Pre-paid mobile phone customers in Ireland spent half as much as bill pay customers  – with average monthly prepay charges of €15.44 compared to a  €34.94 monthly average for bill pay mobile customers.

About half of all  mobile phone users in Ireland  use Pre-Pay or “Pay as You Go” mobile plans  (PAYG)

It can be very easy to  lose track of just how much your prepaid phone usage is costing you. If you just keep getting  €10 or €20 Euro top ups at the supermarket or garage  – those amounts can soon mount up.

If you are regularly spending over €30 a month on your billpay or prepay mobile phone charges – you should be looking into changing your provider or your plan. You can easily get a cheaper deal.

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Summary of the Cheapest Prepay Mobile Plans

These prices are for prepay “bundles” – they usually last for a month or 4 weeks than you have to top up again. (If you just want “pure pay as you go” – have a look at our page on the lowest pre-pay call costs )

Currently – one of the best value pre-pay bundles is from  Lycamobile : for just €15 a month you get a bundle that includes  15Gb Data , Unlimited  Texts and Unlimited calls to all mobiles and landlines in Ireland. (“Unlimited” is actually 8000 mins and 8000 texts a month – which should be more than enough.)  (Note – Internet is 3G but EU roaming is now allowed on bundles).

At 48 Months  For €20 you get 8Gb of data , 1000 minutes of calls to Irish mobiles  and unlimited  texts for  a month.  It’s aimed at 18 to 22 year olds – but no formal checks are made. You can Order a Free Sim here at the 48 Months Website

Tesco Mobile have a €15 top up deal that gets you unlimited calls  , 10Gb of data and you can keep the €15 credit to buy unlimited texts (€10) if you want. Opt in text required to get this offer. (Tesco use the old O2 network)


Eir    For a €20 monthly top up you get 15Gb of 4G data  plus either unlimited texts or unlimited calls to all networks including landlines . (Fair usage 5000 mins and 5000 texts).  For  €30  a month top up  you get 15Gb of data  plus both unlimited texts and  unlimited calls to all networks . You need to opt in to these deals , they are not automatic.

have a bundle for  €20 that gets you get “Unlimited” data (60Gb) , unlimited texts to any network and free calls just to phones on the Three network for 28 days You also get to keep the €20 credit –  but that will only get you about  50 minutes of calls to other mobiles or landlines – which isn’t much for a month but it might do some people who use things like WhatsApp instead.

The newest Irish mobile provider is Id Mobile from Carphone Warehouse.  They also use the Three network . Id have a prepay bundle costing €15 a month which gets you  30Gb of 4G data,  300 call minutes and you keep the credit to spend  on more calls or texts. (But – €15 would only get you 48 minutes of calls).

Vodafone have a €30 bundle of unlimited calls and unlimited texts to any network  plus  just 8GB data .

Network Coverage and internet speed – can vary across different providers in different parts of the country. Rural areas usually have poorer coverage . You probably shouldn’t be relying on mobile phone internet in rural areas of Ireland  for heavy usage such as video or music streaming.

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Mobile Companies  Revenue : According to COMREG  – the combined retail revenue of the mobile phone companies  in Ireland was over €1.5 Billion Euro  in 2015.  That income was generated by about 6 billion text messages and over 12 billion voice minutes from  5.8 million mobile phones. (There are more mobile phones in Ireland than people!)

Figures and prices checked Dec 3rd  2017

28 thoughts on “Cheapest Prepay Mobile Charges Ireland

  1. I have a non-smart mobile phone, which I am perfectly happy with. At present, I buy credit in advance and put it on the phone. I probably spend less than €10 a year on calls; I do not use text messages or data. However, I have enough credit to enable me to make more calls should an emergency require that.

    Three are now insisting that I give them €20 every 28 days, about €260 a year, and it seems that they would help themselves to the unused portion of that, say €250 a year. How can I avoid paying a large amount to Three, or any other provider, for services I do not want?


    • Hi bjg
      There are plenty of people like you who just use a mobile now and again – who don’t want regular top ups or bundles.
      You can buy top ups at Lycamobile – and they don’t expire. They have the lowest prices for calls – You can buy a top up online or in shops. See other options here >

      PS – are you sure Three are forcing you to buy €20 bundles each month? I don’t think they can do that.

      • In my case just this morning i topped up with 3 for pre-paid 10 euros credit instead of 20 as per usual as lately i’m using the phone very little…..Well i could not believe 2 minutes after receiving the text confirmation for the 10 euro….my credit vanished and went straigth to 0.00 without even open an internet page. I check with 3 customer care and they told me that with 10 euros top up the internet price is 1.1 euro per MB!!!!! So only the background application doing the updates will consume the 10 euros credit inn seconds…..It’s scandalous from a customer service perspective ( i have been with 3 for many years now) as the 10 euros top up actual price are not disclaimed or available in the Ireland 3 price list: . But I’m now glad because i found this page and I will switch straight away to Lycamobile…..Goob bye rip off 3 mobile NEVER AGAIN !!!!

  2. Hey

    Currently with three Network the 20 euro a month pre pay basically because of the 60gb unlimited data and free texts and they used to have free unlimited weekend calls but recently changed this so have no unlimited calls not in less the person I’m ringing is three which none close to me seem to be , which network would be best for me, willing to give approx 35 -40 euro region a month but must have unlimited internet near the 60gb or near and unlimited calls ?

  3. Hey, is there any reason that the Internet speed is so different on 48, tescomobile and Lycamobile? I have been with each of these networks which run on the old O2 network but with tesco I cannot even get 1mbps, with Lycamobile can only get upto 3mbps and with 48 I could get upto 5/6mbps. What’s up with that? I have done several speed tests in the same area.

  4. Great article. Thanks so much for the info. You saved me loads of time.

  5. Hi , with ID mobile ireland pulling out of the market as announced today , what would be the best deal for me , I need roaming data for the odd trip, plus I like 4g plus making calls , not bothered about texts, at the minute spending about 15 per month , with about €10 of credit left each month , thanks

    • Hi Barry – Id Mobile will be put up for sale – so if you are happy with their service and prices maybe you should wait until it is sold and see what the new owner does. There is a chance that Sky might buy it and they might introduce some better deals to attract customers. Otherwise just look again at our list of the best deals. If 4G data is vital to you , then your options will be limited.

  6. We live in Australia my wife is coming to N Ireland can she buy a sim card there for her phone to phone home our phone company here wants a heap of money for roaming and how much.
    Regards Chris Cummins Have a good day.

  7. How did Post Mobile get left off this review? They have a 20 euro bundle of 250 min., 250 texts, 5GB data.

  8. My daughter is travelling from Australia to Ireland to study and live for 4 months. She also intends to spend about a month in England and another month travelling around the Continent. She doesn’t make many phone calls, mostly texts, iMessage and internet.
    Is there a single SIM that will cover all bases, or at least one she can use in Ireland and also England – or will be roaming charges between the three? Is she better off buying a prepaid SIM in Dublin and another in London? Many thanks

    • For a short visit you will probably be wanting good coverage and speeds – you won’t be too bothered about an extra €10 Euro charge. So Vodafone Pre Pay is probably going to work the best – they do a €30 bundle of unlimited calls and unlimited texts to any network plus 5GB data for 1 month . Free roaming in UK and EU included
      If 5Gb data isn’t enough – next best option would probably be Three’s €20 bundle that gets you get Unlimited data (60Gb) , unlimited texts to any network and free calls just to phones on the Three network for 28 days . You also get to keep the €20 credit

  9. Sadly, Lyca is cutting its data bundles by half :

    From 18/10/2017 the data allowance included in the “Ireland Plus” bundle will be 15GB.

    From 18/10/2017 the data allowance included in the Data bundles will change as below:

    • Data XS: 3GB
    • Data S: 5 GB
    • Data M: 10GB
    • Data L: 20GB

    • Yes, I’m mad about this. I switched to them because of the 30GB data, but also because they have calls to South Africa for only 3c per minute. And you had to put up with their slow 3G internet speeads! Oh well, will be switching again, just don’t know who at this stage!

  10. Hi, I see from your comments that Lyca will be cutting bundles n half by 18/10/17 so you will be down to 15 GB instead of the 30GB. If you take the €15 bundle now, can you continue with it indefinitely as you have already started it or will all customers on this bundles be affected no matter when you signed up.

    • A bundle has a 30 day life – so all new bundles will be with the new data limits from Oct 18. (I assume)
      They originally had 15Gb data back at the start of the year but they doubled it as a temporary promotion that seem sto have ended now. They might bring it back again or they might introduce another one.

  11. Hi, we heading to Ireland from Oz in Nov, which provider would be best as we will be traveling north and south. We will need calls Text and Data

    • Hi Marge, just back from trip to Oz, in Melbourne and Sydney. 03 prepay phone did not work AT ALL even though I put 30 euro on it the day before I went. When I tried to manually select the network the phone could only find a vodafone network.Lucky I had brought a laptop with me so I could email home.the phone is an old nokia, but it works fine as a phone here in Ireland- and the battery lasts a week!

  12. Hi there I live in Toronto Canada but my mother lives in Kalarney County Kerry in Ireland. Currently she is very ill and I will be going there for a month possibly two to be with her at the end of her life. My carrier over here offers no deals. I was wondering if I could bring a Phone over there Which is unlocked and set it up to use while in Ireland. I would need a lot of data To talk on WhatsApp and other Internet guided applications. I would probably also be texting a couple of her friends in Ireland as well. Please advise as I leave on Wednesday. Thank you

    • Hi Christine
      Your best bet would be to get a SIM when you arrive in Ireland – Three seem to allow you to order and collect in store and they have a shop in Killarney
      €20 euro will get you 28 days of “unlimited” data (60gb) within ROI, unlimited any network texts ROI & EU, unlimited Three to Three calls and you can use the €20 credit on other calls.

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