Cheapest Prepay Mobile Charges Ireland

Who has the Cheapest Prepay Mobile Charges in Ireland  ?
Updated December 2016

In early 2016 the average spend per mobile customer in Ireland was €25.10 a month or  €301 a year . Pre-paid mobile phone customers in Ireland spent half as much as bill pay customers  – with average monthly prepay charges of €15.44 compared to a  €34.94 monthly average for bill pay mobile customers.

About half (51%)  of all  mobile phone users in Ireland  use Pre-Pay or “Pay as You Go” phones  (PAYG)

It can be very easy to  lose track of just how much your prepaid phone usage is costing you. If you just keep getting  €10 or €20 Euro top ups at the supermarket or garage those amounts can soon mount up.

With the increased use of smartphones – data is now  a very important part of  phone deals.

If you are regularly spending over €30 a month on your billpay or prepay mobile phone charges – you should be looking into changing your provider or your plan. You can get a cheaper deal.

Summary of the Cheapest Prepay Mobile Plans

Currently – one of the best value pre-pay options is from  Lycamobile : for  €15 a month you get  30Gb Data , Unlimited  Texts and Unlimited calls to all mobiles and landlines in Ireland. (Unlimited is actually 8000 mins and 8000 texts a month – which is more than enough.)  The 30Gb is a special offer – the normal data is 10Gb. (Note – Internet is not 4G)
It also includes free roaming in 18 countries including USA , UK and Australia. (Calls and texts only).
Lycamobile  use the Three network – (the same as Tesco and 48 Months and Id) which is reported to have patchy coverage  in some rural areas .
You can Order a free SIM here at the Lycamobile site

Tesco Mobile have a €15 top up deal that gets you unlimited calls  , 10Gb of data and you can use the €15 credit to buy unlimited texts (€10). Opt in text required to get this offer. (Tesco use the Three network)

Another good pre-pay deal is from  48 Months. They also use the Three network and for  €20 a month “membership” you get unlimited texts , 1000 minutes of calls to any Irish mobile network , 60 minutes to landlines and  8Gb of data
For just €10 a month you will get 1Gb plus 300 mins of mobile calls , 60 mins to landlines  and unlimited texts. 48Months is aimed at the 18 to 22 age group – but as far as we can see there is no request for ID or  proof of age.  You can order a Free Sim online here at the 48Months website

Meteor  also have a some pretty good Pay as You Go deals at the moment .  For a €20 monthly top up you get 15Gb of data  plus either unlimited texts or unlimited calls to all networks including landlines . (Fair usage 5000 mins and 5000 texts).  For  €30  a month top up  you get 15Gb of data  plus both unlimited texts and  unlimited calls to all networks . You need to opt in to these deals , they are not automatic.

The newest Irish mobile provider is Id Mobile from Carphone Warehouse.  They also use the Three network (same as 48months and Tesco and Lyca).They have a prepay bundle costing €15 a month which gets you  30Gb of data,  300 call minutes and you can spend the €15 on more calls or texts. (But – €15 would only get you 48 minutes of calls).
In our view – the Lycamobile  €15 bundle is better value with more calls and texts and free roaming in 18 countries.

Vodafone have a €20 bundle of unlimited calls and texts plus 1GB data

Coverage – especially for internet – can vary across different providers in different parts of the country. Rural areas usually have poorer coverage . You probably shouldn’t be relying on mobile phone internet in rural areas of Ireland  for heavy usage such as video or music streaming.

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Mobile Companies  Revenue : According to COMREG  – the combined retail revenue of the mobile phone companies  in Ireland was over €1.5 Billion Euro  in 2015.  That income was generated by about 6 billion text messages and over 12 billion voice minutes from  5.8 million mobile phones. (There are more mobile phones in Ireland than people!)

Figures and prices checked Dec 2016

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  1. Hey Money Guide Ireland

    Just wanna say THANKS for the best site since i moved to this wonderful country , because of this site i’ve allready changed my bank and made much more better financial decisions


  2. Hi
    I was thinking of getting the lycamobile ireland plus package.What does lycamobile unlimited national text and national calls mean. Can you ring or text free to any mobile or landlines in ireland and does it use 3g or 4g

    • “unlimited national text and national calls ” means all irish landline and mobiles.
      For data – it is currently 3G.


    • Read reviews about lycamobile first!!! They don’t sound good. I was about to move but change my mind 🙂

      • You will find bad reviews about all the providers if you look. There have been several recent good mentions of them on . Maybe get a SIM and load it with just €5 to give it a try. (Don’t swap your number over at this stage) .


    • Hi Christopher
      The Lycamobile €15 Bundle includes unlimited (8000 mins) calls to all mobile networks and landlines in Ireland.
      I can see why you might be confused – because their website also mentions “Unlimited Lyca to Lyca calls” – . Not sure why they mention this separately if all calls are unlimited. But you can be assured that our research is not “sloppy” and all calls to all networks are included in the Lycamobile “Ireland Plus ” bundle which is currently €15 for 30 days.

  4. Hello, is it possible to make a lycamobile sim in a store or only order by internet?

  5. Moneyguideireland says one of the best value prepay options is from Lycamobile package for €15
    And lists unlimited calls to all networks and landlines
    When I went to the Lycamobile link provided it states free national calls and free texts but no mention of free mobile to mobile calls other than Lyca to Lyca
    Can anyone clear this up?

    • “free national calls” means free calls to all mobile networks and landlines.
      They specify free calls to Lyca too – which I agree is confusing because they would be already included in “unlimited national calls”.

    • Hi – As part of the Tesco Simply prepay plan, is the unlimited texts to all mobile networks or to the Tesco mobile network only?

      • The Tesco Simply prepay does not include any texts. You can buy an add on of unlimited texts which are to any network for €10

  6. Hi,

    Can you recommend the best bill pay deal with a phone on a reliable network. Looking to spend around 40 euro a month.


  7. Can you let me know if other companies do the same as Three does with their customers by not alerting when your top ups and ad-ons is about to finish or just finished and. without noticing, they start to take money from your account? That has been making me spend as much extra money as I do for my monthly pre paid plan. Thanks.

  8. Hi I am 68 years old and am a bit confused in general about the use of mobiles (other than straight forward use of texting and making phone calls) and SIMS. I have a HUAWEI mobile phone which is prepay of €20 on the same date every month.and have a monthly contract I understand they have recently changed to charging per minute for phone calls. I would like to know a) can I use the same phone with a Lycamobile Sim, b) is it topped up on the same day every month and c) is there a site where I can increase my knowledge of mobile phones in general.

    • Hi Sinead
      You can use the same phone with Lycamobile. You can also keep your number – but it won’t be automatically done – you will have to request it (probably online). The €15 bundle you get with Lycamobile will expire after 30 days – so it will need to be bought again every 30 days if you want it to be continuous.

    • Hi Peadar- sorry for the late reply. You can port you existing mobile number to Lycamobile. In fact they give €10 free credit if you do that.

  9. I’m thinking of changing from 3 because their coverage is so bad at the moment. Looks like a lot of other companies use their network, so no point in changing to any of them. It’s beginning to look like a monopoly.

    • Tesco and Lyca are on the old O2 network (owned and operated by Three but separate masts etc and no 4G).

      ID are on the Three network. (Coverage is the same as Three.)

  10. I joined lycomobile a week ago and have no service of any kind today – beware

  11. Hello Money Guide Ireland,
    Great article 🙂
    I just wanted to inquire if there was a company who provided Mobile data where , for example, you pay 10 euro and get 5gb of data which Doesnt expire after a month. So you wouldnt have to pay the 10 euro each month. Feel free to email me: if you have any details 🙂
    Thanks for the help!

    • Hi Aidan – it looks like they all do “bundles” that expire. If you just want data irregularly – you might be best going for Tesco payg They charge 2c per MB – so that works out at about €20 for a GB . But you just pay for what you use as you use it. It could work out cheaper if you are not a heavy use of data. No need to make regular top ups.

  12. I don’t understand the Meteor Pay as you go offer you mention (15GB with unlimited texts and calls). Does that mean that if you switch your data usage you can use your phone for calls and texts for free?

    • The Meteor bundle includes free calls and texts and also 15Gb of data per month. I don’t understand your question.

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