Cheapest Dublin Bin Collection Charges

There are several companies that are offering bin and refuse collections in Dublin. It’s not easy to find out which company has the lowest bin collection charges in Dublin  – because some of them don’t publish prices on their websites.

Some of the bin companies only serve certain areas of Dublin – so you might not actually have much choice in which company you select.

These are some of the prices we found when trying to do a comparison of bin charges in Dublin in  March 2018

Greyhound charge a €222 annual service charge. With this plan you are entitled to a monthly allowance of 42kg on your general waste bin, after which you will be charged 30c/kg   . No thresholds on green/brown bins.

Thorntons charge €210 annual fee in Dublin  for a bi-weekly collection of all 3 bins. Limited to 40kg per month in general waste bin – with a charge of 25c per kg if you exceed that .

City Bin charge €228 a year which includes 42kg of general waste per month and 50kg of organic waste (brown bin). Charges if you go over these limits are 30c/kg for black bin and 20c/kg for brown bin.


Most bin collection companies also offer pay as you go options which might work out cheaper for smaller households or those that recycle more.

According to a survey by the AA – the average bin charge nationwide in 2017 was €304 a year – with charges ranging from €206 to €387 a year in various parts of the country.

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  1. I found Access waste nis the cheapest in Dublin. €20 per year service charge and €8 per lift for a black bin. green bin is free.

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