Best Sterling to Euro Exchange Rates

Where to Get the Best Euro to Sterling Exchange Rates – : If you need to transfer large amounts of money from one country to another  – the worst exchange rates are usually given by the main banks. You will usually get the best currency exchange rates from a specialist currency broker or an online […]
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April 2016 saw the launch in Ireland,  and several other European countries , of – which describes itself as an online deposit marketplace. It is early days – but in short it allows Irish savers to get better interest rates on their savings from banks in the EU instead of accepting lower rates here […]
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Importing a Car from the UK into Ireland

The threat of Brexit has resulted in a substantial drop in the value of Sterling Vs the Euro – and in recent months this has helped to make importing a car from the UK into Ireland more affordable. The UK has a bigger choice of used cars than here in Ireland –  usually with better […]
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Irish Banks Charging Online Shoppers €62 Million a Year

Online shopping continues to grow at a fast rate in Ireland . According to recent UCD research – the total retail online spend by Irish shoppers was €5 billion in 2018 – with 60% (€3 billion) of that spent outside Ireland . So – What is the cheapest way to pay online ?The banks are […]
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Travel Insurance Price Comparison

It’s getting close to summer holiday time again – and one thing people often forget or neglect to buy is travel insurance.  Travel insurance usually covers other things such as medical expenses ,personal accidents, delays, cancellations, baggage loss etc. We have done a quick  travel insurance price comparison from insurers  in Ireland.  It is well […]
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How Much is the Average Electricity Bill in Ireland ?

When householders start looking into the high cost of their electricity bills – it can be useful to know how their actual electricity usage compares to others. But – just how much is an average electricity bill in Ireland? We all use electricity in our homes – and electricity bills can make up a big […]
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