Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate News

Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate Today: August 19th 2019 14.45 1 GBP = 1.0927 EUR 1 EUR =  0.9149 GBP Before last week – Sterling had fallen for 14 consecutive weeks against the Euro, but last week it rose by 2% .The Pound-to-Euro exchange rate went to a 10-day high at 1.098 on Friday after […]
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Best Place to Buy US Dollars in Ireland

Best Place to Buy US Dollars in Ireland  The Euro to US Dollar exchange rate changes every day – but by comparing the exchange rates offered on a specific day we can get a pretty accurate indicator of where is probably the best place to buy your US Dollars currency in Ireland before you travel […]
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Best Sterling to Euro Exchange Rates

Where to Get the Best Euro to Sterling Exchange Rates – : If you need to transfer large amounts of money from one country to another –  you will usually get the best currency exchange rates from a specialist currency broker or an online currency exchange service. See our list below for some examples. The […]
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Best Place to Buy Sterling in Ireland

If you are travelling to the UK you might want to bring some cash with you. But you might want to compare the various Euro Sterling exchange rates on offer first to find the best place to buy Sterling in Ireland. Don’t assume that somewhere offering “commission-free” currency will give you the best deal. An […]
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What is the Best Way to Transfer Money Between UK and Ireland?

If you need to transfer money between banks in Ireland and the UK   – it might seem like less hassle to just let your bank take care of it. But you could possibly lose out on hundreds of Euros or Pounds by doing that. If you need to transfer large amounts of Sterling to an […]
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April 2016 saw the launch in Ireland,  and several other European countries , of – which describes itself as an online deposit marketplace. It is early days – but in short it allows Irish savers to get better interest rates on their savings from banks in the EU instead of accepting lower rates here […]
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Open a UK Sterling Bank Account From Ireland

Thousands of people have family, work or property interests in both Ireland and the UK.  Many hundreds of people live in Ireland but work in Northern Ireland – and will be dealing with payments in both Sterling and Euros on a regular basis. The ability to have a Sterling Current Account allows Irish Residents to […]
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