Bunq Travel Card Review

Bunq is another of the new digital banking apps available in Ireland that comes with a payment card. We have already written about similar digital banking apps such as Revolut and N26.

Bunq has a “premium” account that comes with a monthly fee – but here we are looking at the Bunq Travel Card which has no monthly fees.

How does the Bunq Travel Card work?

The Bunq Travel Card is a prepaid Mastercard credit card but it works just like a debit card. Every payment will be immediately deducted from your Travel Card balance. This means it will be accepted like a credit card for car hire and hotel reservations, unlike many debit cards. (as long as you have enough money loaded on it) . No credit checks are required.

Under 18’s can apply for a Bunq Travel Card – they just need permission form a parent or guardian.

Spending : The Bunq travel card has a massive €50,000 daily spending limit. The default is €1000 per day but you can reduce or raise this at any time in the app. This would be ideal for large non-euro purchases. See this article for information about paying for a car in the UK
The bunq Travel card uses the Mastercard Exchange Rate with no foreign exchange fees.
There is a one-off fee of €9.99 to order the bunq travel card.

bunq is a fully licenced EU bank (unlike Revolut) – so your money is protected by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Dutch National Bank (DNB) up to €100,000

The Bunq Travel Card can be used with Apple Pay and Google Pay by customers in Ireland .

ATM withdrawals cost €0.99c each – and there is a €500 daily limit on how much you can withdraw at an ATM . (Bunq use the Mastercard Exchange Rate)

Topping up the bunq travel card…

  • is free if you do it by bank transfer .
  • Top ups by an EU debit or credit card will incur a 0.5% fee
  • Top ups with a non-EU card will incur a 2.5% fee

Top up daily limits: There is no limit on the amount you can top up your Euro bunq account by bank transfer. But when topping up by debit card – €2000 a day is the maximum load.

Bunq is a fully licenced EU bank (unlikeRevolut) – so your money is protected by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Dutch National Bank (DNB) up to €100,000

You can sign up for a Bunq Travel Card Here

Bunq Travel Card compared to Revolut

A Bunq premium account costs €7.99 a month – and comes with the following extra features:
Three Cards
25 sub-accounts with unique IBANs possible
First €500 top up by debit card fee-free. (0.5% after that)
Joint Account Option (extra €2 per month)
10 Free ATM withdrawals a month.

You can try it for free for a month with no strings attached.