Gas Prices in Ireland Compared

Gas Prices in Ireland Compared  (For New customers only)
Checked March 1st 2018

Bord Gais Energy (who are owned by Centrica) now have 5 competitors for the supply of Natural Gas to households in Ireland – Flogas ,  SSE Airtricity , Electric Ireland , Energia , Just Energy – and the latest … Panda Power.

But which supplier has the cheapest gas prices in Ireland ?

Shown below is a gas price comparison based on an annual  gas usage of  11000 kwH per year .  This is typical usage for a medium sized household using gas for heating and hot water. We have worked out the savings that could be made in the first year for someone currently on Bord Gais Energy standard rates switching to another provider. We have shown the cheapest switching deals from each supplier over 12 months.

Figures include VAT ,  standing charges and carbon tax. Rounded to the nearest Euro.

Supplier First Year
in Year
Electric Ireland DD Ebills ** €527 €253 €92 5.13
€628 €152 €88 4.84
Just Energy (DD)*
€629 €151 €43 5.00
Panda Power
€682 €93 €96 4.937
SSE Airtricity
€682 €98 €96 4.903
€687 €93 €92 4.99
Bord Gais Std  Rate €780 0 €93 5.82

**  Electric Ireland price includes €175 cashback
* Just Energy’s rates are fixed for 12 months

As you can see from the comparison above –  a Bord Gais  customer on standard rates not paying by direct debit , using 11000 kwH of gas a year would save  €253 over the first  year on their gas bill by switching to Electric Ireland for gas(Price includes €175 cashback and it is a 12 month contract payable by direct debit)

If you are already getting your gas supplied by  Electric Ireland  – then the best deal  for you would be to switch to Flogas  –  which works out at €628 over 12 months. (A saving of  €152 in year one)

Be aware that comparison sites such as Switcher and Bonkers  don’t include any cashback offers when calculating the total  annual charges.  So – don’t always assume that the supplier they show at the top of their list will actually be the best deal for you. You need to add on any cashback offers to work out the total savings over 12 months. (We have done that for you in the table above)

Tip – 12 months after switching energy supplier you should always look at switching again to get the best deal . It only takes a few minutes .

All gas users also use electricity – so you might get a better overall deal if you get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier. See our page on Dual Fuel Prices Compared

See our page on Cheapest Electricity in Ireland here.

Some energy  providers often have discount or promotional codes – check our Discount Alert page for any currrent codes.

If you have an older gas boiler – you could cut your bills even  more by upgrading to a new efficient condensing boiler.

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23 thoughts on “Gas Prices in Ireland Compared

  1. Thanks for breaking it down like this. I had been struggling to get my head around the whole thing, with all the suppliers claiming their the cheapest.

  2. as a business customer, how do I find out who the cheapest supplier of gas and esb are. All comparison sites seem to be for home users.

    • Business charges for fuel will vary according to the size of teh business and it’s usage – and sometimes individual deals can be done. Contact the suppliers (there aren’t that many) – and get them to give you a quote for your annual charge based on your usage for last year. Make sure they include any standing charges etc. Then go for the cheapest.

  3. The Commission for Energy Regulation has in my view failed to make energy prices more transparent which should be a key objective whether given to that body or not. I am not happy with price comparison websites that also make the switch for you as there is the potential for a conflict of interests

    • the commissioner for energy regulation works in the interests of the companies only and not the general public . nowhere was this more evident than in the regulation of water charges which showed the authority to be totally incompetent and far from independent . jobs for the boys .
      i also contacted the regulator and the office of the director of consumer affairs asking that energy prices be given as a flat per kw rate with none of the gobbly gook ( different plans etc ) but was given the brush off. were it not for sites like this we would be ripped off even more than the regulator condones.

  4. As a new gas customer would I be right in saying that the bord gais offer of 8% off prices for the standard gas rate plus a free boiler service to the value of 99euro would then make it the best deal for 1 year:

    Std Rate: 5.889
    Discounted Rate: 5.418 (-8%)
    Standing Charge: 93.12
    Annual Bill (18000kWH): 1068.38
    Less Cost of Service (Valued at 99eur): 968.38

    Am I missing anything?

    • Hi Barry
      The cost of 18000kwh with B Gais would be €1120 not €1068. Even if you deduct the free boiler service it comes to €1021 – which is still slightly more expensive than the Flogas option. Also – people may be able to get gas boiler servicing for less than €99 from other providers.

  5. HEADLINE: Wholesale per-kWt gas prices down 50% but retail gas prices drop only 14% !! Please explain!
    EU Natural Gas Import Price peaked at 12.88 USD/MMBtu at April 30 2013 and has fallen by 58.5% ever since to 5.35 USD/MMBtu at Jan 30, 2016. Allowing for the strengthening of USD versus the euro during this period (from 1.31 USD/€ to 1.09 USD/€) the import price, in euros, to the EU has dropped 50% exactly. However, over the SAME period, my supplier (which has been the same throughout) has reduced his per kWh price by just 14%, from 5.4815 to 4.707 (VAT incl). I should add that I have, throughout, availed of the lowest price offered by the company.
    NB: I can supply official references to ALL the above figures.
    Can you, or anyone, explain why the 50% reduction is not passed on to consumers?
    I also note that, over the same period (34 months), the standing charge increased by 20% from €90 to €108. By end of April 2013 my annual bill (all charges) was €872 for 14,000 kWh. I am now (end Jan 2016) paying €808 p.a. for the same 14,000 kWh usage – a cost reduction of only 7.4%.
    You have to wonder if there is real competition between the existing 4 suppliers or is there a de facto cartel in operation.
    I would greatly appreciate answers and comments please.

  6. Hi MGI

    I used about 6800KwH GAS with Energia in 2016

    I’m liking Just energy’s standing charge at half the cost of the others and then switch the Elec’ to Electric Ireland and get the cash credit of 175, or go with SSE(€100 credit) for Elec’ and Electric Ireland(€175 credit) for gas, Which do you think is the best option ? with Energia now.



    • The Just Energy fixed price Rate Saver for gas would work out at €608 over a year – and they guarantee the unit rate or standing charge will not rise (or fall) . Electric Ireland would be €627 with the cashback.
      If you are average usage electricity 4200kwh (or lower) – then the Electric Ireland cashback offer will work out as the cheapest for your year 1.
      When the year is up – switch again.

  7. Hi MG,

    Just energy’s discount online = €60 and if you don’t use alot of gas then having the standing charge @ €44 a year would be better plus with gas prices inceasing 4%-6% soon..

    • The prices we show include the €60 discount .
      Good point about the low standing charge.
      THanks Rory

  8. Hi again MG
    I entered 11000 kwH of gas a year in two compare sites using Bord Gais standard rates

    And there is a 24% difference between the two compare sites on all the results on gas.

    Two different compare site two different results.

    Flogas saving €183.32 or €159.24 (no online discount)

    Just Energy saving €171.52 or €147.44 (online discount €60) = €231.52 or €207.44 (standing charge €44)

    Electric Ireland saving €77.05 or €52.97 (€175 cashback) = €252 or €227.97 (Gas prices going up)

  9. Because I’m a pay-as-you-go customer with Bord Gais. Im not entitled to any discounts. Am i paying much more than other customers using tgis method of payment? Thanks.
    Also, if I want to switch I have to pay €200 to have the meter removed. As it belongs to the Gas Networks. Bord Gais don’t tell you this when you opt for pay as you go method. Very deceptive!

    • Hi Caroline – yes by using a prepay meter – you will be paying a bit more than people with normal meters. The main thing is that it is costly to switch supplier – as you have found out . You should have been told about teh €200 removal fee when you signed up for prepay (it i sprobably in the small print somewhere) . A gas user using just 8000 kwh a year could cut gas bills by over 230 in one year by moving to Electric Ireland’s gas plan (not payg) – they would give you €175 cashback which is included in this figure. Worth looking into . Why did you go for prepay in the first place?

  10. Amazing website. Thank you for your service.

    If someone is on dual Energia model – would it be best to go for combination of Electric Ireland (Gas) and Bord Gais (Electricity) €175 cashback models?


    • Yes Dennis – that is currently the cheapest switching option for average usage – whoever your current supplier is. Figures are based on the first 12 months. After that look again and switch to the best deal again.

  11. Do the rates shown for Flogas in your chart above relate to natural gas or imported LPG.
    If not LPG what would average annual charge be based on average usage of 11000KwH in the case of LPG?

  12. I have just moved from dual electric Ireland to dual just energy fixed rate for one year. My electricity bill for past 4 months was quite high..approx 280 for 60 + days with electric Ireland. Was this a good move?

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