Bin Charges 2018 – What is Changing?

Pay by weight Bin Charges were  supposed to become compulsory in Ireland back in July 2016  – but those changes were suspended for a year after concerns about bin companies raising prices .  The government then agreed with the bin companies to suspend the introduction of pay by weight charging for 12 months until July 2017.

In July 2017 : The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment announced that they would not be enforcing a Pay by Weight system . Instead – they will just no longer allow flat rate bin charges  to be applied.

So – this means that for many people , bin charging methods probably won’t change much.   Waste collection companies will be free to use several options or combinations of charging methods such as :- standing charges, pay per-lift, pay per-kilogramme, pay by weight-bands, and weight allowance charges.   Standing charges are still going to be allowed but the bin companies will also have to incorporate a charge that relates to the amount of waste a household produces.

The new rules on no flat rate charges are supposed to be “phased in” over 15 months.   So new customers or renewing customers cannot be offered a flat rate fee for residual household waste from 30th September 2017.

The problem is however, that the weight limits applied by individual operators
may be so high as to not achieve the intended policy objective,which is to incentivise customers to reduce and sort their waste.

There was also a promise by the government of some help for people with long-term medical incontinence in the form of a subsidy towards bin charges  of €75 a year. This payment will be to help towards the extra cost of disposal of incontinence products. The details of  this support have yet to be confirmed.

Note: If you live in a town with a population of over 500 – your bin provider is obliged to give you a brown bin for food waste and other organic waste. This was supposed to have been the case for over a year now – but it seems some waste companies have not been providing them in some areas.

Food waste is typically the heaviest waste – so by putting all your food waste in the brown compost bin you will reduce any weight related charges on your general waste.

Update – March 2018

Charges for Green Bins
The majority of bin companies didn’t charge for green recycling bins – but that has now started to change because of the increased costs of recycling.

From April 19th 2018, Panda will charge 80 cents per lift of recycling bins and 4.5 cents per kg of waste in these bins.

City Bin are also adding €1.90 a month to their service charge to cover the cost of recycling from April 2018

Greyhound have said they will be making a charge for green recycling bins from June or July this year

Back in  July 2016 Minimum by weight charges were going to be set at the following rates :
11c/kg for(standard non recyclable) – usually Black Bins
6c/kg for organic/food  waste (usually a brown bin)
0c/kg for  recycling bins (Usually green)

There will now be no minimum or maximum charges  per kg.

Bin Charges Compared  – July 2016 (These are the rates some of the  bin companies were planning to charge before the suspension was announced )

(Green recycling bins were  all zero charge unless stated otherwise.)

Thorntons €104 annual service charge. 35c per kg black bin and 20c per kg for brown bin

Greyhound  €169 annual service charge   35c /kg for black bin ; 23c/kg brown bin. (They charge different prices for different areas)

Panda (Fingal)  €86 Annual Charge ; Black bin €3.20 per lift plus 27c per kg ; Brown Bin €2.56 per lift plus 16c per kg

City Bin  Dublin €155.48 service chg  20c/kg Black , 20c/Kg Brown

City Bin Athlone  €180 Annual Service chg ;  26c/kg Black   16c/kg Brown
OR €120 Ann an 35c per KG  20c/kg Brown

Barna – Galway  €144 annual charge  ; Black Bin 19c per kg; Green Bin 8c per kg; Brown bin €0.10 per kg.

Barna (Mayo)  Annual Charge €204 ; Black bin (General waste) 22c /kg  ; Brown Bin (compost) 12c/kg

Ray Whelan (Carlow)  Service Charge €168   ; Black bin  23c/kg ;Brown  16c/kg

Greenstar Cork – €234 annual service charge , Black Bin 18c /kg ; Brown bin   14c/kg
Greenstar Fingal €156 ann  33c/kg black bin , 20c/kg brown
Greenstar NW  €100 ann , 35c /kg black , 20c/kg Brown ;  5c/kg recycling (green)

AES – €180- ann chg , 25c/kg black , 15c/kg brown

McGraths (Co Mayo)  €352  annual  charge – which includes 300kg of residual waste (black bin)  After that they    at charge 22 cent per KG.