Regular Savings Accounts

Regular Savings Accounts in Ireland – The best rates available.
Updated November 24th 2017

  1. EBS Family Saver 3% (fixed – 1st year only) Min opening deposit €1 maximum €1,000. . Monthly direct debit of between €100 and €1,000 required. Max Bal 12k. Two withdrawals a year allowed.
  2. KBC  Extra Regular Saver  2.5 %  Min €100 Max €1000 per month .   (You also have to have a KBC Extra Current Account to get this rate – otherwise it’s 0.5%)
  3. AIB  Regular Saver  1.5%Min 10 euro per month, max 1000 euro per month.   (Rate is For 1st Year Only)
  4. BOI 1.35% – Goalsaver Acc . Max 15000 (BOI current acount required)


If you were to put €1000 a month into the EBS regular saver account you would earn interest (before DIRT) of €167 in a year.

For comparison – If you put €12,000 straight into the best lump sum instant access account you would earn interest of just €61 before DIRT. (PTSB  @ 0.51%)

Putting €12000 into the best  1 year fixed rate account at 0.75% (KBC)  would earn you €90 in interest before DIRT.

The best option is to drip feed an EBS regular savings account from another instant access savings account.

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