Interest Rates on Instant Access Savings

The best interest rates on Instant Savings Accounts in Ireland: 

Rates checked January 2nd 2020
We looked at accounts with less than 30 days notice)

  1. PTSB Bonus Booster – 0.21% (no more than 2 withdrawals a year)
  2. State Savings deposit account 0.15%
  3. KBC Smart Access  0.1%     Min €3000 Max €100k (0.20% is available on the 35-day notice account)

Some of the lowest interest rates include 0.01% at EBS and AIB and Ulster Bank  – that would earn you just €1 on €10,000 in a year before tax.
Even the best rate of 0.21% will only earn €21 on €10,000 in 12 months before tax.
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If you can put aside a regular amount each month – you might get slightly better interest rates on a regular saver account.  See here for the Best Rates on Regular Saver Accounts.

Usually, you will also get better interest  rates if you are willing to tie up your lump sum for a fixed term… see the

  Best 1 Year Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

and the Best Rates on Fixed Terms Up To Five Years

instant access interest rates ireland

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