Best Savings Interest Rates – 12 Month Fixed

The  best interest rates available to Irish residents on 12-month fixed-rate savings accounts :

Updated November 21st  2019

  • Banca Farmafactoring via Raisin Bank 0.7%  (Min €5000) #
  • PTSB  0.35% Min €10k
  • KBC 0.35% (Min €3k) (0.6% available with an “Extra current account”)
  • EBS 0.2% (current account needed)

 A €10,000 deposit at 0.5% for 12 months would earn €50 interest before DIRT (Tax)

# Raisin – DIRT not deducted at source. Spanish withholding tax is zero per cent. Gross deposit interest will need to be declared, to the Revenue. More details at

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