Best Deposit Rates in Irish Banks

Interest rates on Deposit Accounts  in Ireland have been dropping over the past year or two   –

On our page of  the Best  Savings  Rates in Ireland   – you will see that the best available instant access interest rate in the banks  is now just 2% – this is available at PTSB and KBC .

If you are willing to lock your money away for five years you can get slightly better rates in some state savings products.
The 5.5  year savings certificate pays 1.75% Tax Free (A normal deposit account would need to be paying about 2.97%  to match this) .
Or you could go for the 10 year Solidarity Bond which pays 2.66% after taxes – which is the equivalent of  about 4.2% before DIRT. But you have to keep the money locked away for 10 years to get that rate.

If you are lucky enough to have some savings – then you should check if you are getting the best interest rate. Some deposit accounts pay as little as 0.1% a year !  If you had €1000 and moved it to an account paying 2% – you could get about €110  extra interest in a year  after the 41% DIRT.

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Best Savings Interest Rates