Best Savings Rates in Irish Banks

Interest rates on Savings Accounts  in Ireland have been slowly dropping over the past couple of years.

On our page of  the Best  Savings  Rates in Ireland   – you will see that the best available easy  access interest rate on deposits in the banks  is now just  0.21% .  (May 2019) This is a pretty poor rate of interest . (0.65% was available last year)

If you are willing to lock your money away for five years you can get slightly better rates in some state savings products.
The 5  year National Savings certificate pays 0.98% Tax Free
Or you could go for the 10 year Solidarity Bond which pays 1.5% after taxes .

If you save smaller amounts regularly – you can get interest rates of 2.1% – see details here.

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Best Savings Interest Rates