Back to School Allowance 2019

Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance (BTSCFA)

The new school year for 2019- 2020 won’t start until the end of August 2019  – but  the  Back to School Allowance payments are due to be made during the week beginning 8th July 2019.

The BTSCFA amounts have increased in 2019 compared to 2018 – see below for rates.

The Department of Social Protection pays the Back to School Allowance  payment automatically to most families that qualify.
Anyone that does qualify automatically should get a letter during June 2019 stating when and how your Allowance will be paid.
If you don’t get a letter – you will need to apply .
( Applications details at the end).

Payments should go out by 14th July. But in 2018 there were delays in the processing of many claims and some payments didn’t go out until September. So apply early to avoid delays.

Back to School Allowance Applications

From 1st July 2019, you can apply online for the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance at  To apply online you must have a Public Services Card and a verified MyGovID account.  If you do not have a Public Services Card, you can make an appointment to get one at

Paper Application Forms for the Back to School allowance scheme should be avilable from the 24th June 2019.

If you need an application form, from 24th June you can text BSCFA  followed by your name and address to 51909   ; or you should be able to collect one at any Intreo or Social Welfare office.  When they are available you can download a form here. 

The official closing date for applications is 30 September 2019.

Any person whose circumstances have changed should contact the Department of Social Protection at 1890 66 22 44 or   Tel: (071) 919 3318 or email

How Much Is the Back to School Allowance   ?

The back to school allowance paid for each eligible child aged 4-11 on or before 30 September 2019 is :  €150

The allowance paid for each eligible child aged 12-22 on or before 30 September 2019 is :  €275.

(Children aged between 18 and 22 years must be in full-time second-level education in a recognised school or college.)

Note:  Prior to 2011 the Back to School Allowance was  €305 for children over 12 and €200 for children under 12.  (A Back to school allowance of €200 for two and three year olds was abolished  in 2012.)

In 2017, Back to School payments of €49 million were made to 151,000 families in respect of over 275,000 children.

Who Qualifies ?

To qualify for the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance  you need to fulfil one of the criteria below:

  • Be getting a social welfare payment (including Working Family Payment (was previously called FIS) and Back to Work Family Dividend) or a Health Service Executive payment, or
  • Be taking part in an approved employment scheme (back to work scheme) or
  • Be Taking part in a recognised education or training course, or
    Involved in an Area Partnership Scheme, or
  • Attending a FET (formerly Fás) or, Fáilte Ireland training course.

There is also a means test  Full rules here

217 thoughts on “Back to School Allowance 2019

  1. If you are still entitled to it – you do not need to apply again. You should get a letter next week if you are entitled to it.

      • Some people are reporting that their payment is already in the bank – showing as paid (dated Monday) – so if you get your welfare payments in the bank you will probably get the Back to School payment tomorrow .

    • I automatically got this payment last year no changes to my income but never received the payment into my bank account today, what do I do?

    • Hi my son is living with me with a year my sons mother got the back to school allowance last yeat but I didn’t get it but I supported him through school myself with no help from her just wondering if she would of got it again this year

      • Are you getting the Childrens Allowance paid to you ? Or is his mother getting it. ?
        If Back to School Allowance is paid – it should go to the parent getting the Child Allowance .

    • Just wondering how can i find out if step daughter got back to school allowance as my bf is being asked to pay half of all uniform shoes books etc when he already pays mainteance per week she is 6 y/o

    • Hi, I have been waiting patiently as I can appreciate the delay. But I got my letter back in June to say money would be paid into account. I haven’t received it as yet. Please advise.

  2. my partner is on minimum wage and family income supplement just wonder will we have to apply again if were entitled to it as last year he was just geting social welfare payment

  3. Hello how are you. . I was awarded the back to school allowance for my kids. I was wondering could you tell if this is right. I was awarded 375.00 for 3 kids aged 15 aged 11 and aged 5 years thanks in advace pps ……

    • Hi patrick its 250euro for children aged 12 to 22 & 125euro for children age 4 to 11 you been short of payment for one child give the social a ring as your youngest child may not be on the system hope this help 😊

    • About 6000 letters sent about the Back to School payment were incorrect and showed an amount less than the actual entitlement. The Department of Social protection say they are taking immediate measures to fix this problem and also say that customers will have correct payments made to them.

  4. My partner started claiming BTWFD when he started work last August would we be automatically entitled to it?

    • Hi
      I get domacillary care for my daughter do I but my husband works just wondering if we qualify for back to school allowance

      • Domicillary Care is not one of the qualifying incomes .If you get carers benefit you may be eligible but it also depends on your total household income.
        Domicaillary Care allowance is not used in assessing your total income .
        Assessed household income has to be under €600.70 a week for a couple with one child or €637.70 with 2 children (add on 37.70 per child)
        see here for how Social Welfare assess inceom—Means-Assessment.aspx

  5. Hi, just wondering do anyone have landline number for the bscfa section, I have tried the one online and also 0719193318 which was on letter but keep getting call failed. I have spend 30 Euro trying to get through on the lo-call number.

  6. I am €7 over the limit not including the €20 standard travel allowance, which would take me €13 under the limit. I received the payment automatically last year but have not gotten any letter to say I will this year. My one payment family payment ceases in September so surely if I am not entitled to the payment now I will be in September! Any comments?

  7. I am on Disability and my husband is my carer. For the last 4 years we got a letter and back to school allowance. This year I received no letter and when I rang them today I was told they did not know why I didn’t get a letter but to fill out an application form and send it back to them. My husband had to do this today as I am not very mobile and in a lot of pain. Could you tell me if I sent it in today the 29th June how long will I be waiting for payment we are well under the limit of means test and will not be able to get anything for school without it as we get so little as I am unable to work anymore and my husband had to stop working to care for me

  8. Same for me too. Been getting it for years and never received a letter either. Also rang them and they told me I have to re apply even though none of my details have changed. Now is when the shops have special offered and when other school goers are selling off their old books. Which means we will lose out on them and have to pay full prices in the shops. Doesn’t make any sense!

  9. Just posted my application form for the back to school allowance how long will I be waiting to get it I am doing a c .e scheme this year .

  10. Hi I have no received a letter about the back to school allowance. I claim family income supplement I have received payment for last few years. Should I ring them or will I get payment automatic

  11. I am in the same situation as others here,no letter,no change in status and got automatically paid btscfa for the last two years.

  12. Hello, I sent in my Application for the back to school payment and today I just got my to payslip back in the post with no litter saying if I got it or not?
    Christina Hogan

    • Same I sent mine off too and got payslips back on Monday but nothing to say if I’d get it have you heard anything back from them since recieving your payslips

      • Hi I got a text today to say my file is on system. They will contact in due course if successful or not x

      • O really Lisa maybe I will hear something this week then I got text the week after you so fingers crossed I get a letter too this week 😀

    • Have you heard anything back from them yet we got the text to say they received application but nothing since

      • The Dept said today (26th Jul) that applications received in the week ending 6 July are being processed. Customers who have submitted applications in the last 2 weeks will shortly receive a text notification to confirm receipt of their application and where eligible, will receive their payment shortly thereafter, with payments being made to customers on a weekly basis.

      • I got a text on the 19th to say application received and have heard nothing further – no letter and no documents returned – anyone else have the same?

      • Hi Roisin, I got the txt on 20th of July that my application has been received but have heard nothing since. I tried to ring them but never get an answer.

  13. Hi . I’ve got letter that I will get payment 250 for my son .My daughter will be 18 in august , but she still in secondary school start 5 th grade in September. Do I have to apply for her? Thanks

    • You will have to get a letter from the school to say your daughter is still attending then send that with the form

    • If she is 18 and in secondary school you need a letter from the school to say she attends school full time and apply for her as soon as you get the letter

  14. Hi I did not receive a letter for back to school Allowance but getting it for years and nothing has changed so do I need to Apply again ???

    • Yes – as it says in the article – anyone who didn’t get a letter in June will need to apply.

  15. Hello I was just wondering if you can collect the back to school allowance on Monday or do I collect it with my one parent family On thursday

    • Automatic payments will be made by the same method of payment as your normal welfare weekly payment

      • Meaning that you have to collect it on the day that you collect your normal weekly payment on a Thursday not collect it on the Monday ..

      • Correct – but people getting paid ibto bank accounts might get their’s on Monday..

  16. why have we to re apply again when some others don’t no change in circumstances but it looks like only certain people where made to re apply why??????????

  17. Hi is any one has twins how is payments for them because child benefit is like for 3 kid’s so and back to school be the same or as for two?Thanks

  18. Hi always got my bk to school allowance change ‘s in payment never revived this yr why

  19. I got my back to school grant last year and didn’t receive a letter , so i phoned them today and my circumstances hasn’t changed from last year so why do i have to apply again? And why don’t they send you a letter to say you have to reaply?

    • I am in the same always got back to school allowance but didn’t this year when I rang told we need to reapply you,d think they wouldn’t do this seeing the can see on there records whose entitled to it

  20. I had to apply last year for my six children do I have to apply again this year.. I automatically received it previous years but it was suspended last year. I received it after I ré applied. Wondering what the situation this year

    • If you didn’t get a confirmation letter sent to u=yoi in June – then you will need to reapply.

  21. Hi I applied for the back to school yesterday does anyone know how long it takes thanks

    • I applied for it at the start of july I emailed yesterday to see was there any update been told I’m not even on the system yet hasnt been scanned .

    • Have u got a message from them, I think it’s gonna go into September at this stage I applied on July 3rd and haven’t received any

      • I’m the same hun , I got a message a few days after I applied to say they received my application, but nothing since ? It’s a disgrace at this rate … it looks like it will be September before we get it . It’s so unfair

  22. Hi always get this every year. for our three children.Circumstances have not changed, but never got any letter

  23. Is it essential that I must have a social welfare payment.. I’m a single mum with just one living with me now, just turned 16. I work part time but don’t get any welfare pay? I used to get this payment when all kids were younger and living with me. Thanks in advance

  24. Did anyone get a letter but no payment? Only received letter yesterday dated 22 June but no payment today.

  25. I haven’t recieved this payment today and my circumstances remain the same. I recieve this payment automatically each year and always recieve a confirmation letter in june.
    Now I never recieved the confirmation letter in June but this only dawned on me when payment wasn’t in today with my welfare payment. Have tried getting through to there office all day today but to no avail so I just got a form filled it out and sent it off.

  26. We get last year around 10.07 shoud we need aplly again or no and when we can expect this year thx

  27. Ok I’ve been in touch with social welfare in Sligo.
    Due to a glitch some payments that were due this week but were not paid due to the glitch will go through with your normal payment next week.
    So for anyone who was due to receive it this week but hasn’t will get it next week.

    • I have still not received it and my local office said I have to contact sligo but after 40 mins on hold still haven’t spoke to someone.
      Has anyone else received approval letter but no payment

  28. Hi. Has anyone got this problem I’ve nearly wasted 30 euro on phone calls to the back to school contact number can’t ever get through and just left waiting for ages. I’ve applied for the back to school allowance going on 3 weeks now got payslip and letters back and text to say that they have received my application but no confirmation whether or not I’m entitled to it this year. I really would appreciate the payment as I’m only working part time getting social welfare and the rent of
    my house is expensive. This payment would help me a lot as I have a 13 and 16 year old going to the secondary school and it is expensive and a worry at this stage

    • I’m getting it with 13 years and every single year I have to re apply I never got it automatically it’s so annoying

  29. Hi, I send off the completed form by registered post on 25th June. I have got it automatically for the last 3 years,no changes in circumstances. No text or acknowledgement yet. This should be paid with child benefit or in a more streamlined way.

    • The Dept has issued a warning about delays . See the updated article above for details.

  30. I got a text message on Friday saying received application god only knows how long we will be waiting

  31. does anyone have a clue whats going on in bscfa dept its madness the kids will be gone back to school by the time they get it together

  32. I got the automatic approval letter in June saying I’d be paid the week ending 13th July…still no payment..

  33. i got back to school money for my little boy last year it automatically came true, but this year got nothing, sent a letter away as the woman told me in social welfare office.. does anyone know how long it takes to recieve money into bank account, i applied for it Wednesday 14th July.. has anyone got there’s yet?

    • As it says in the article above ” ON July 17th : There are currently delays in processing the Back to School Allowance . The Dept of Social Protection have said that applications received in the week ending 29th June are currently being processed. Those customers will shortly receive a text notification to confirm receipt of their application and where eligible, they will receive their payment soon afterwards. They also say that anyone who has submitted a BSCFA Application after 29th June , should receive confirmation of the receipt of this application within the coming two to three weeks and, where eligible, will receive payment “as soon as possible thereafter”.

      So it could be 3 to 4 weeks at least gong by that if you only applied on July 14.

  34. when i will know do i will get back to school payment? do i have feel every year aplication if my son have ASD?

    • Yes ..this year everyone applied again ..ymight need the letter from school ..just befor

  35. Quick update… Rang social welfare this morning, sent form off end of June got text message 13th July saying received form, as of today application is pending! Anyone any idea roughly how long it takes them to reach a decision? Surely to god they know by now circumstances haven’t changed since last year….

    • As it says in the article above – The Dept of Social Protection said last week that
      “applications received in the week ending 29th June are currently being processed. Those customers will shortly receive a text notification to confirm receipt of their application and where eligible, they will receive their payment soon afterwards.
      Also – anyone who has submitted a BSCFA Application after 29th June , should receive confirmation of the receipt of this application within the coming two to three weeks and, where eligible, will receive payment “as soon as possible thereafter”.

    • Hi got my letter today to confirm I’ll be getting it this week. I also sent forms off end of June. So hopefully you’ll hear back soon

  36. Hi everyone,
    Just wondering if anyone got the payment yet (today 24 July ) ..myself I receive last year on 10 July 2017 and I applied again at the end of June to be sure I’ll get them..but no any sign on the week ending 13 July any letter , no any txt message yet ..

    Now ..I just found now an article posted yesterday 23 July ( link removed) and they are some changes regarding the amount in staid of €125 is €200 and in staid of €250 is now €305 !?!? Is that real ?

    I hope someone will reply if they get the payment just to know and hopefully I’ll find the uniform sizes I need for my kids before the school starts 🙂

    Thank you

    • Hi Paula , That article you found on another site was 6 years old . Those higher figures are what used to be paid (as mentioned in the articlle here on

    • Money was in my account last night… I applied end of June got text message the 13th July saying they received form… On Tuesday application was pending! Checked online banking and it was there… Fingers crossed you hear news soon

    • I was checking my online banking everyday and it wasn’t there with our weekly payment it came through that night 😊

  37. I received my letter for back to school I was due to get it the week of July 15th and still I haven’t received it I get it every year and I’ve been told that I just have to wait

  38. I received the automatic letter and never received the payment. My local office keep fobbing me off, on hold to Sligo for nearly an hour each time I ring. I sent an email about it to which I got a reply to say it had been approved and paid Friday 20th July which it hadn’t. I emailed them back and told them I hadn’t received any payment and not a word since. Hopefully someone sorts it this week for me, anyone else in a similar situation with the automatic approval?

    • Have u tried bank and post office, I applied for mine 3rd of July and got a text july 26th to say they received my application. Haven’t heard a thing since

  39. Hi I received a text on Friday saying they got my form I used to qualify automatically as I’m on disability how long does it take to get the payment

  40. Hi, we submitted our application on the week ending June 29th 2018, received a text 14th July to say they had received our application and then nothing since spent hours trying to get through to Sligo on the phone and still no answer. I know they are saying they are limiting phone lines but does anybody know when they will actually taking calls. My son starts 1st year in 3 weeks???

  41. Hi, Just wandering did anyone get a text that applied on the 1st of July to say that they have received the application

    • I sent my application in the first week of July I got a message on the 19th to say they received my application and I got confirmation yesterday to say that they are dealing with application received the week commencing 2nd July and that my application was received on 9th July

  42. Hi girls I got my pay slip in the post today !! There was nothing else in envelope, did you girls get payment long after they sent pay slip back???i got no txt yet.. x

  43. It’s a bloody joke still waiting and everyone will miss all the offers on
    Uniforms it would do your head in no one to take calls the stress this has put people through

  44. Hi did anyone receive anything yet? i sent letter in and got a text saying id get a call, waiting around and got nothing the said there deciding on my claim, emailed them and there no help at all, wondering did anyone else send there forms in 14th of July and get anything yet?

  45. Hiya guys
    I got back to school allowance automatically last year
    This year i filled up a form and sent it off the 13th of July because wasn’t told until then, got a text message saying we are working on a decision on your claim and said they’d ring but never got a call or heard no more, i’ve emailed them and they said there working on the application that came in on the 2nd of July, with all the complains and forms sent it, will we even get it in time before the head back to school, i’m really depending on it or else i’m screwed..

  46. Is it like this every year. This is our first year to get it. if we ever get it!! If this is the norm I will at least know not to depend on getting it early next year and budget accordingly !!!!!

  47. This is beyond a joke,how difficult could it be to draft in extra staff and deal with the backlog? They know that people applying for btscfa really need it and some schools return in 3 weeks.

  48. What I dont understand is the people who are automatically getting the payment havnt got it. surely there is no paperwork there!!

  49. Our application was received in July 5th I contacted them on Twitter they asked for my husbands phone number and they rang him almost straight back we just wanted to know if it was approved so we knew were we stood lady said it was approved an money was on the way to bank that was yesterday (fri 3rd) presume with it being a bank holiday we should have it on Tuesday please god so if you can’t get thru contact them on twitter have to say they were very helpful

  50. I been getting the school allowance for 2 years have not gotten anything yet this year

  51. Hi, my 4 weeks challenge of waiting was over on Friday 3rd of August. I’m still waiting!!! I miss all the offers that was around,I’m missing now the chance to get uniform in the uk because im in Belfast till tomorrow day time and they will better transfer the payment by tomorrow morning! I rang them 3 time before and ask them to speed up a little bit with the time because none in the shops holding the offers…They said max 4weeks we can’t help with your request! So again my 4 weeks is over! Secondary schools started 5 days earlier then the primary schools!

  52. Rang up, they received my form on 10th July…. I was told they will have a decision in two weeks time from today 07/08/18… My child is back in two weeks!!!!

  53. Got a text saying that they recieved my form on the 19th of july my son is still 17 but never asked for a letter from the school will they he still be entitled to pay for him if his still under 18 years of age

    • my application was received the 6th july but we got no text or any information yet god help anyone who send it in august they might get it this side of xmas

    • I’m in the same boat here I posted mine on the 5th July and hear noting back and my son start school yesaday

  54. My application was received on 3 rd of July.Have no payment yet.I emailed them yesterday about an update but had no reply.

  55. Just got off phone they are currently working on applicationsome received 5th July. They received my application 6th but due to high volume of applications I am unlikely to have a response until middle next week.

  56. got off the phone with them this morning I applied 6th july they said it is still waiting but it could be next week

  57. Just rang them there,And they said they are currently working on 5th 6th July,Mine was in there system on the 9th,She said prob be 2 week’s

  58. Does anyone know the length you have to wait between getting a text and receiving the money I got a txt on the 26th kids are back in two weeks

  59. Just rang them they said they received mine on the 16 July and they are still working on the 4th July’s, she said it will be 4 weeks nearer to 5… I got letter saying it be in post office as every year and payment wasn’t there when I rang was told to apply again…hope it’s here before then I’ve a 1st year and 2nd year starting 24 August..

    • They received mine the same day. 5 weeks??? It will be middle- end of September by then… Don’t they realise how worrying this is for those who need the allowance..

      • Hi yes up to 5 weeks she said after holding on the phone for ages €23 credit on phone😡it’s crazy, mine are back to school on the 23rd 8 days away and they are starting 1st year and 2nd so it so expensive!!! I think there’s only 1 or 2 people working in there!! I won’t get it before they go back, I get it every year and this year got letter !!! But payment not in postoffice that’s why I had to reply…did you hear anything

    • No didn’t hear anything yet. They are working on the applications received 13th & 16th at the moment so hopefully we’ll hear from them soon… What a mess. My kids are going back this week, had to borrow money to get the books and uniforms.

      • Hi any luck?? I still have nothing!!!! Did you get payment yet?? My lad back tomorrow other 2 back next week.. I’m robbing peter to pay paul🐦, and poor Peter is f—— now!!!😀x

    • No, nothing yet. My kids are going back tmow. Had to borrow money from family for books and uniform. What a joke…they had all summer to sort this out and not even half way through the applications

  60. Hello, I just received a text message on the 25th, but at the moment I didn’t receive any payment, children are going to start soon!!!

  61. Very unfair the way some receive this payment automatically and others are made apply and wait this long.

  62. Hi I sent letter for back to school allowance few weeks back and still haven’t heard if my application is been processed or any text

  63. Had to reapply for back to school allowance this yr an I’m getting fis.they received my application got text on 17th July saying they let me no if getting it or not . Still no word my son going back on 29th August how long does it take for a response knowing that u have got it

  64. Still waiting to see if I’m getting it or not got text on 17th July saying that they received my application for btscfa just wondering how long does it take for respond of back to school allowance my son going back on 29th August

  65. Is this not ridiculous children are going back to school next week and no sign of the money yet. Very sad

  66. This incompetency is absolutely ridiculous! I just phoned today, they are working on applications received on 9th of July. Considering you cannot apply untill 22nd of June that means that they have only processed 11 working days of applications (22/06 to 09/07)!!
    The excuse is “due to the large volume of applications received!!” Has it come as a shock to the department that everyone will apply at this time of year??? Bad management again….

    • Exactly!!! As if they didn’t know all these forms will be sent after the 22nd June…What an absolute joke…

  67. Can anyonr help me regarding the income limits? I have 2 children 4 and 6 going to school. They have refused me on the basis the limit is 619. Is the limit increased by 31.80 per child??

  68. My information was received in the 19th and I received a text on that day to confirm. Havnt had any word since as of yet. Still waiting to know if I qualify! The government should do better than this.

  69. I sent my form of 8 weeks ago and I received a text 7 weeks ago and still nothing my children are back in school next week what are we surpossed to do with no uniforms

  70. Can anyone tell me how is payment received is it same way as child benefit and i sent my forms in 5th july and still haven’t heard back from them

  71. Got txt to say my application was received 20th July no letter confirming I would be receiving payment, money in my bank account last night.


    All applications received up until the 13 August have been acknowledged and customers will have received a text to let them know that their application is pending.
    Applications received on 13 and 16 July are currently being processed and these customers will shortly receive confirmation of the outcome in writing, with payments issuing to eligible customers on a daily basis.

  73. I applied in the 19th July. Recieved a text to say application received. Received a letter today saying it was me who qualifies not my husband who receives WFP in his name. That is 5 weeks later to let me know I need to apply again. To say I am absolutely livid is an understatement. My older son starts school this Friday.

  74. HI EVERYONE HAVE USE ALL GOTTEN A PAYMENT Isent my letter in on the first wk of july it took them till the 30th of july to open it got txt on 30th to say they will contact me when they have made a decision on my claim still notting since its now the 22nd n my 3 kids all bk to school nxt wk now I know a lot of ppl get this payment but its a once a yr payment so they have all year to get ready for these payments n still cant handle it properly my circumstances have not changed still on disability still only 3 kids my eldest is 17 yrs n going into 5th yr I get childrens allowance for her so I don’t think her been 17 is keeping it from been made as once u receive childrens allowance u are entitled to this payment anyone else still waiting on a payment

    • Yea still waiting. Iv 4 kids. 2 of school age 9 and 5.. got it every year automatically since eldest child didn’t even have to apply last year 2nd child went thru automaticallyand this tyear got nothing reapplied and still waiting. . So un fair especially for us all that really need it ..

    • Hi did you get payment yet?? There is no hope for me!!! I only got txt on the 1st August say they had it , I rang and they said they received mine on the 18th July ,

  75. Hi does anyone no if getting paid in postoffice will it only go in on your normal payday ?? Because I get payed on a Thursday and surprise it not there!!! My boy starting 1 st year in the morning my other 2 are not back till next Thursday..did anyone get it in postoffice on another day apart from their payday? They said my form was received on the 18th July , thanks

    • Hi Jane, update on the website as of today says working on applications received 19th July. I’ve opted for the post office too and they wud have had mine on 13th July. I’m still waiting on notification if approved or not.

      • Hi aisling it’s a joke my lad starts tomorrow 1st year so I sorted him!!! but my older boy going in to 2nd year and sister goin to 6th both back next week, I always get it I even got letter in June saying ide get it then no payment!!! Hope we all get it soon ..

    • hi jane we applied the 6th july got no notice of anything we got paid last Monday 20th august just keep checking the post office not or normal pay day it was approved the 16th august

  76. I am still waiting to receive my back to school grant kids back to school next week5 weeks ago had to reply has anyone else still not received here as it wast time ring the 071 number as that don’t answer left wait 30:33

  77. I sent mine in first week of July. I didn’t get a text until the 3rd of August I emailed them and they finally replied saying they didn’t receive mine until 3rd of August even tho i sent it 4 weeks previously!!! They said they are doing them in order of being received and they are currently working on the 19th of July so it will prob be middle of Sept before I hear anything back. This is an absolute joke

    • Hi Jane, mine was received on the 17th of July and I got the payment Saturday, the 25th in my bank account. Try ringing them. Yours should be sorted by now.

  78. Hi,
    I received my letter in June to say I have been approved. I still have not received my payment.

  79. Hi received letter to say I qualified for back to school payment and my normal payday is Thursday can any one tell me how long it takes to go to post office

  80. I’m still waiting…7 weeks now..first application came back after 5 weeks saying I had to apply in my own name..second application has been in two weeks..I’ve wrote to them..I’ve emailed them..I Even got a local TD to contact them..still no payment or’s a disgrace

  81. Does anyone have a proper phone number that will answer about uniform money still didn’t get mine and I got message on the 24of july of them

  82. Same as that posted it on 11th July received text on 25th to say they had received it. Heard nothing since. Disgrace

  83. I received text saying got my application on the 1st August even do I sent it July 16 got no contact of them kept ringing no answer i emailed I got reply by the end of the week saying they sent me out a letter on the 28th of August which I never got I guess it’s to tell me I didn’t get caz checking my post office and bank every week it’s a joke I have two special needs kids they are sending me out the letter that apparently they sent me again so I will see what it says on the letter

  84. Hi
    We moved from Co. Monaghan to Co. Kerry.
    My daughter goes to the local school.
    No letter came to the old address.
    What should I do?
    Regards Wieslaw

    • Yes – As it states in the article The allowance paid for each eligible child aged 12-22 on or before 30 September 2019 is :  €275.

    • If your circumstances have changed you might not get it automatically. You should get a letter before 24th June to let you know. If you don’t get a letter you will need to apply – see article above for details of how and when.

  85. Hello l never got my payment last year but did year before l was on a scheme I’d apaplied last year im on job seekers allowance, I’m hoping I’ll get it this year as hopefully wasn’t a mistake last year

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