Avoid Bank fees with the New PTSB Current Account

Update – See latest figures on Current Account Fees Here

Over the past year or two , whilst  Ulster Bank have kept their currrent account free from daily transaction fees , all the other banks  have gradually been making it harder to avoid fees .
PTSB launched a new current account in April 2013 which will not charge any day to day transaction fees as long as customers lodge €1500 into the account each month. (It doesn’t matter if that €1500 is taken out the next day)
An added bonus is that they will pay 1% interest on balances upto €1500.

If you don’t lodge €1,500 every month, you’ll have to pay €12 fees a quarter regardless of how many transactions you do.

Many BOI and AIB customers will see quarterly account charges hitting balances this month – and will be looking for ways to avoid paying over  €100 a year in fees in some cases.
Ulster Bank are introducing a flat rate maintenance fee from July 1st of €4 a month . Ulster bank customers who lodge €3000 a month or who keep their balance over €3000 will avoid the fee.

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