ATM Charges For Non Euro Cash Withdrawals

If you are travelling to the UK or any country that doesn’t use the EURO as it’s currency  – it is very easy to use your  debit card at an ATM to withdraw Sterling or other currencies.  But – how much will you be charged by your bank?

The foreign  (Non Euro) ATM cash withdrawal charges for the main Irish banks are listed below. (Fees for withdrawals of  Euro abroad should always be the same as if you were in Ireland)

Ulster Bank 2% (min €3, max €12), plus foreign exchange fee of 1.5%
(Tip:  If you use an ATM in the UK  owned by Ulster Bank, Easy Cash,Royal Bank of Scotland or NatWest , you will not be charged the 2% fee))

AIB – Currency conversion fee of 2.5% (no cap)  plus commission of 1% (min €2, max €6)

BOI 3.5% (min €3.17, max €11.43)

PTSB 3.5% (min €3.17, max €11.43)

So – a withdrawal of £200 (Approx €240 Euro) at at ATM in the UK will typically cost you about €8.40  with debit cards from BOI, Ulster and PTSB .  With an AIB debit card it would cost you about €10.80.

Making a smaller withdrawal of £50 will cost you  €3.17 with BOI and PTSB cards,  €3.50 with AIB and €3.90 with Ulster Bank.
With all the cards you should avoid making lots of small withdrawals – as this will end up costing you much more in the long run .

A £10 ATM withdrawal would cost you €2.30 with an AIB card , €3.18 with Ulster and €3.17 with BOI or PTSB.
Five withdrawals of £10 would end up costing as much as €15.85 – but one £50 withdrawal would cost at most €3.50

There will be a much smaller fee with an Ulster card at certain UK  banks (see above)

Compare these ATM charges with Debit and Credit Card Charges when spending in non Euro currencies.

Figures checked Feb 2014

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