Are Norwegian Flights to New York much Cheaper than Aer Lingus ?

There was a recent launch of cheap flights to the USA from Dublin by the airline Norwegian.  With headlines such as  ” €99 flights”  – we wondered if there was a catch,  so we took a closer look at their prices and the cost of any extras and compared them to similar flights from Aer Lingus.

Firstly – the flights from Norwegian land at an airport called New York – Newburgh- Stewart . While it does have the words “NEW YORK” in it’s name , Newburgh Stewart airport it is about 60 miles north of Manhattan . There is a bus available to the New York City Port Authority bus terminal which costs $40 dollars for a return ticket when booked online. The bus journey is expected to take 1 hour 20 minutes.
For comparison – getting from JFK airport to Manhattan by cab costs  about $70 one way  , going by bus from JFK would be $34  return to Manhattan with one airport bus company and takes about 90 minutes. Subway to Manhattan is even cheaper.

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Norwegian Flight Prices:  When we searched on Skyscanner back in June for flights from Dublin to Newburgh Stewart we found quite a few seats available for €99 and  some at €92.30 one way .  When searching again on July 3rd – the cheapest flight out of Dublin was €129  and  the lowest priced flight back was €103.30 . So it was possible to get a return flight for €231.30 in October 2017 flying out on 23rd and back on Sun 29th. (Searched July 3rd 2017)

Baggage – the Norwegian basic ticket price only  includes hand luggage of up to 10kg . If you want to bring a suitcase of up to 20kg too –  it will cost €50 each leg of the trip – a total of €100.  Many people have become used to travelling with just hand luggage – so paying €100 to bring some extra clothes can probably be easily avoided. (Coats can be worn and carried on the plane.)

Meals : No meals are included on the cheapest priced seats.  That might suit a lot of people because to be honest,  those airline meals are usually not very good.  You can always eat a good meal  before you fly or just buy a sandwich before you board.

If you want to include a suitcase and a meal and a reserved seat , the all in return price with Norwegian rises to €361.30 . (€130 more)

Timing – sometimes cheaper flights can mean departure or arrival times at inconvenient hours of the day – but the Norwegian flights  leave Dublin at 2.3opm and arrive in the USA at 5.50pm local time. Add on the bus transfer – and you should be in Manhattan for cocktails by 8pm. Not too bad at all.

Prices Compared to Aer Lingus – the lowest price we found for Aer Lingus flights from Dublin to New York JFK  in  October was €407 . This price includes one suitcase of up to 20kg and a meal. This works out at €176 more expensive than Norwegian’s cheapest deal .

Overall Verdict:
If you like the idea of half price flights to New York – then we think Norwegian looks good. As long as you can manage with hand luggage only. For short trips less than a week , hand luggage is probably fine for some people.  If we did  want to bring a suitcase – the price only worked out at €45 cheaper with Norwegian . The 60 mile transfer distance from Stewart Airport to Manhattan might put some people off  – but at $40 dollars return on a bus and taking 1hr 20 – it isnt’ a very big difference compared to the journey from JFK. On busy days – it could even be quicker !

Compare Flight Prices yourself on Skyscanner

Tips for budget New York Hotels :
 If you want to also save money on New York hotels – the Jane Hotel is cheap and cheerful , with bunk beds and shared bathrooms. They have  rooms for 2 people at €100 a night . Probably not good for romantic break – but for friends or family trips it should be fine.

Another NYC  hotel  , not so cheap – but less pricey than most, is the Heritage Hotel in the Flatiron district , not far from the Empire State building . Breakfast included.

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  1. You don’t mention the easiest and cheapest way from JFK into Manhattan: the subway! $8 each way in about 50 mins, and impervious to traffic. And just for the record, the best way to hit the city is to further take another subway to the stop closest to the Empire State building and then straight up to the main viewing platform with all that money you’ve just saved, as tickets for it are about $55 per person. Just before dusk is best, for the best view of the city by a mile. Jus’ sayin’.

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