Get Free Insulation for Your Home

Free Insulation : Under the Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme- certain home owners in Ireland can get energy saving work done on their houses for FREE.
You will be eligible to apply if you are a homeowner and your home was built before 2006 and you are getting one or more of the following benefits:

a)  Fuel Allowance as part of the National Fuel Scheme ** (More about Qualifying for Fuel Allowance here)

b)  Family Income Supplement

c) Jobseeker’s Allowance for over 6 months with at least 1 child  aged under 7

d) One Parent Family Payment

** Pensioners can get the fuel allowance if their weekly  income is below €330.30 (single) or €536.60 (couple)

The energy saving measures currently available for free under this scheme are:

Free Attic insulation ;  Free Cavity wall insulation;  Free Draught proofing ; Free Hot Water tank Lagging jackets  and Free Low energy light bulbs.

In 2016   €17m was spent in grant funding on this  Better Energy Homes Scheme which resulted in over 15,000 homeowners being helped with energy efficiency works to their homes.

This scheme has been allocated  funding  for 2017 and in March 2017 it was announced that a limited amount of deep retrofits will be available to those people who are eligible for the scheme and living in the poorest quality homes.  It is expected these upgrades should be  available from this summer. The government also announced that people who previously received attic or loft insulation under the scheme but did not have their cavity walls treated can be revisited to now receive cavity wall insulation.
At present average waiting times are in the region of six to nine months.!

Landlords can’t  get funding under this scheme – but if they have tenants that are in energy poverty (or at risk of it) landlords can apply for other grants under the Better Energy Scheme

The services are provided by a panel of non-profit local community-based organisations and a panel of private contractors. Both panels are appointed by SEAI.  The initial process begins with a surveyor calling  to your home to confirm that you are eligible and assess the amount of work needed. The work is then done by an installer, if budget is available. Inspections are carried out on a sample of homes after works have been completed to ensure that standards are maintained.

You can call  this freephone number to apply : 1800 250 204.

Form available online here :
Postal Address:
Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
PO BOX 119
Co. Kerry

Or e-mail

If you don’t qualify for this scheme – you could qualify for grants towards the cost of a new boiler or home insulations.  Take a look at this grant scheme for home insulation and boiler upgrades

Note:  to be eligible for the Better Energy Warmer Home scheme, your home must have been built and occupied before 2006. That means that the electricity meter must have been installed by the end of 2005 .

You can buy Low Energy LED Light Bulbs online here

19 thoughts on “Get Free Insulation for Your Home

  1. Hi, i am inquiring about the free insulation home deal,if you could let me know how i apply for it i would be very grateful.
    thank you

    • No Karen – it is for homeowners only. If you are a council tenant – they should fit insulation for you if it is needed.

  2. Can you apply for this if you are on carers and are means tested income well under 25000 per year with partners income

    • You need to be getting the Fuel Allowance

      Carer’s Allowance is not a qualifying payment for Fuel Allowance. However you may qualify for Fuel Allowance if you are getting half-rate Carer’s Allowance and another qualifying social welfare payment:

      If you are getting a non-contributory social welfare payment and a half-rate Carer’s Allowance then Fuel Allowance is payable (if you meet all the criteria).
      If you are getting a contributory social welfare payment and a half-rate Carer’s Allowance then the value of the half-rate Carer’s Allowance will be assessed in the means test for Fuel Allowance

  3. My mam had her attic insulated a couple of years ago can she apply to have this done now

    • Probably best to just apply – the worse that can happen is they say no.

  4. Hi I am just wondering would you get this if you are on deserted wife’s?

  5. My sister had Copd and works in a “full time”cashiers job which most weeks are part time hours would she be eligible

    • The list of qualifying conditions id in the article. Unless she is claiming on of those benefits it is not likely she will quailify.

  6. Can you tell me if my daughter who is on a ce scheme as a lone parent she lives with me can I get it. I’m in full time employment on low income and I’m a lone parent

  7. the esb turned on the electricity in 14 6 2006 will i qualify to have my house done

    • The rules state that “to be eligible for the Better Energy Warmer Home scheme, your home must have been built and occupied before 2006. That means that the electricity meter must have been installed by the end of 2005. Homes built from 2006 onwards should have been constructed to the 2003 Building Regulations and should not require significant insulation or heating system upgrades.”

      So it looks like you will not be eligible.

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