Can You Use American Debit Cards at ATMs in Ireland

We get several people a day from the US finding this site because they are searching on Google for some of the following things:

Can a USA Debit card be used at ATMs in Ireland”
“What are the charges for using an ATM in Ireland”
“Exchanging Dollars for Euro in Ireland”

  • All US  Visa Debit cards and Mastercard Debit cards should work in ATMs in Ireland .
  • AMEX and Discover are not as widely accepted.

There are ATMs on the main streets of every town and city in Ireland, some outside banks and some inside (during opening hours). In Ireland, they are also called “Cashpoints” .

The Dollar/Euro exchange rate used at an ATM will be determined by the card provider (Visa/Mastercard) – and will usually be pretty close to the interbank rate.
If you have an ATM card – you will not need to go looking for a Currency Exchange kiosk.

Your bank in the USA may charge you transaction fees – sometimes as much as $5 plus 3% of the transaction.

For example :
Chase Bank will charge $5 for a foreign ATM transaction plus 3% of the value of the withdrawal.
Bank of America will also charge $5 and 3% for getting out Euros from an Irish ATM
Capital One Bank has an account called 360 – which does not charge any fees on foreign ATM withdrawals.

When outside the USA you should try to withdraw larger amounts instead of several small amounts – to avoid paying the $5 fee every time.

The ATMs at Irish banks will not charge you any fee for using your US debit card – but some of the ATMs inside shops and hotels may charge you a fee – usually in the region of €2. The ATM will display a message if there is going to be a fee. (This fee is for everyone not just foreign cards.)

Spending with your US Debit Card.

The vast majority of Irish retailers , hotels and restaurants will accept Visa and Mastercard debit cards from the USA.
Your US bank will typically charge you a foreign transaction fee between 1% and 3% . The exchange rate should be the same as that you would get at an ATM . So it will usually be more cost-effective to use your US card for spending instead of withdrawing cash.

Tip:  When paying by US card – if the hotel or retailer asks you if you want to pay in US Dollars or Euros … you should always choose Euros.
If you choose to pay in US Dollars – the retailer/hotel will apply their own conversion rate which will usually be a lot worse than the rate used by your card provider.

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