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What is the Cheapest Broadband Deal in Ireland ?

Broadband Price Comparison Prices checked Sept 12th 2019 There are substantial savings to be made by switching to a cheaper ...
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One Big Switch - A Review of their Dual Fuel Offer.

One Big Switch – A Review of their Dual Fuel Offer.

One Big Switch launched in Ireland in 2014. They work by getting large numbers of people 'onboard' and then use ...
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cheapest electricity prices in Ireland

Lowest Mortgage Rates in Ireland

We always try to keep potential homebuyers or mortgage switchers up to date on the lowest mortgage rates available in ...
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Joint Accounts and N26

N26 is the most popular fully digital bank in Ireland. They have over 3.5 million customers in Europe It is ...
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cheapest gas ireland

Gas Prices in Ireland Compared

Gas Prices in Ireland Compared  (For New customers only) Checked  September 9th 2019 Bord Gais Energy (who are owned by ...
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switching energy provider

Dual Fuel Price Comparison

What are the Cheapest Dual Fuel Deals For Switching Gas and Electricity Providers in Ireland ? Updated September 9th 2019 ...
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Claiming Fuel Allowance

The  Fuel Allowance is a payment to help with the cost of heating homes. It is paid to people who ...
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interest rates

Best Rates on Buy to Let Mortgages

Best Rates on Buy to Let Mortgages in Ireland Bank of Ireland -  Max LTV 75%  Variable Rate4.8% Under 50% ...
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Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate News

Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate News

Euro Pound Sterling Exchange Rate Today: September 14th 2019 08:00 1 GBP = 1.11209 EUR 1 EUR =  0.89208 GBP ...
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deal of theday

Discount Codes

Featured Discounts: Updated September 13th 2019 This page is updated regularly with selected online discount codes, promotional codes,  money off ...
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N26 Vs Revolut - A Comparison

N26 Vs Revolut – A Comparison

N26 Compared to Revolut A  few years ago - if someone mentioned "mobile banking" in Ireland they were probably talking ...
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buying a car in the uk

Buying a Car in the UK – Best Way to Pay

There can be some big savings to be made by buying a used car from Northern Ireland or Britain and ...
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amazon prime ireland

Amazon Prime in Ireland – now with Free Priority Delivery

Since July 2018 - Amazon Prime members get FREE priority (2 day) delivery to Ireland on all orders of Prime ...
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save money

Top Money Saving Tips 2019

Here at Money Guide Ireland, we have some useful tips on how to cut your bills and save money in ...
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vat rates

VAT Rates in Ireland 2019

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax charged on the sale of most goods and services in Ireland VAT is ...
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Bank Holidays in Ireland 2019

Bank Holidays in Ireland 2019

There are 9 public holidays in Ireland each year. Some people refer to them as Bank Holidays - but not ...
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pay packet

Minimum Wage in Ireland 2019

The Minimum Wage in Ireland was increased on January 1st 2019. It went up by 25 cents per hour, from ...
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amazon prime students

Six Months Free Amazon Prime in Ireland for Students

Third Level students in Ireland can get a six months FREE trial of Amazon Prime. This is a good time ...
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tranfermate currency exchange

Best Sterling to Euro Exchange Rates

Where to Get the Best Euro to Sterling Exchange Rates - : If you need to transfer large amounts of ...
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