Discount Code for Pixmania Ireland

Pixmania Ireland sometimes have discount codes available . The latest one  will get you  5% off on selected TV  video and photo categories . Use  Code: STAR5IE
Expiry date: 1st of June 2015

Pixmania  sell anything from a Digital Camera to an Xbox, LCD TVs, Camcorders, Toys, MP3 Players, Juicers, Dysons, Laptops , Roombas etc.  all with delivery to Ireland. (Most items sold by Pixmania are delivered to Ireland for Free)

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Water Charge of €260 for non registration

The water charges that were agreed by the CER  in October were all revised by the Government on Nov 19th.
Bowing to public pressure they  made several changes – the main one being that there are now  just two levels of “assessed charges” – €160 for single adults and €260 for multiple adults.  Also – all  metered bills will  be capped at these levels until 2019. (Capped means will not exceed.)

See a summary of the Revised Water Charges Here

What happens if you don’t regster with Irish Water ?

Noon responding households will be charged a flat rate of €260 a year.    (Previously it was going to be €424) . This is the case for both metered and non metered homes.

Irish Water and the CER have agreed that anyone who registers before the end of 2015 will have their bills for the entire year adjusted to reflect their details. If there has been any overpayment – thie account will be credited with that anount.

That means those who register up until the end of 2015 will have all their bills to date adjusted to take into account any children’s’ allowances and the number of occupants, as well as their metered rate – and can avoid paying the maximum capped charge.

Those who wait until 2016 to register, however, will only have their bills adjusted for the billing period in which they register.

People who don’t respond will not have an Irish Water account or reference number and therefore , we are told , will not be eligible for the new “Water Conservation Grant” of €100 . More about the Grant here .