Water Charge Refunds

Refunds of Water Charges

It was announced in early September 2017 that most householders could expect a Water Charge refund from Irish Water before Christmas 2017.  Refund cheques only started going out on November 20th because of delays in passing the legislation – so whoever made that statement might have been wrong.

All Irish Water account holders (not businesses) will be automatically sent a full refund by a cheque. There will be no need to apply for a refund.
If you received the Water Conservation Grant – that will not affect the refund , you will still get a full repayment of all the money you paid to Irish Water.

There will be almost one million payments to be refunded – and this is expected to take “a number of months“.  A cheque, attached to a letter , will be sent to the Irish Water account holder at their registered address with Irish Water.

If you paid water charges to a landlord – than you will have to take the matter of refund up with them. Only the account holder can claim the refund.

Around 1 million customers will be refunded all the water charges they have paid – which will be a national total of around €173m .

Change of Address

Important : You will need to update your correspondence address with Irish Water if you have changed address since you last paid them  – so that the cheque will be sent to the correct address .
You can do this online if you have an IrishWater account (here) .

The Irish Water website says that you can also contact them by phone on 01 707 2824 or  1850 448 448 (9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.)

Also be aware that calling that 1850 number could cost you more than ringing the 01 number if you have landline calls included in your phone plan – :    See more about 1850 call costs

Some people have reported long waits on the phone.

water charge refunds

Irish Water have also said that the extra cost of refunding customers will be approximately €5m  – to cover the cost of letters, cheques, a public information campaign and additional staffing.

More here about Water Charges from 2018 Onwards


Fuel Allowance can be paid as a Lump Sum

Anyone getting the Winter Fuel Allowance  this year has the option to receive the payment in two lump sum payments . THis change was announced in th eAutumn of 2017.The lum sum option , if chosen , will result in a payment of €292.50 in early October 2017 and another €315 in January 2018.

Previously , the Fuel Allowance has always been paid on a weekly basis  – the current rate is €22.50 per week  for 26 weeks.

It is hoped that lum sums will be more useful to allow people to get cheaper fuel by buying in bulk where possible. Oil , coal and peat are usually cheaper when bought in larger amounts.
For the 2017-2018 Fuel Allowance season, you now have the option of getting your total allowance paid in 2 lump sums.

To get the first lump sum in October 2017, you needed to have submitted your completed application form before 15th  September 2017.

If you missed the the first application date (15th September)  it is stil possible to get the second lump sum in January 2018  if you apply by 1st December 2017 .

To get your Fuel Allowance in 2 lump sums you must fill in a form FA CPF 1 . This form is also available from your local post office, Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Branch Office.
Or you can also get the form by  texting the words FORM FUELCHANGE followed by your name and address to 51909. (Some people have reported problems with doing this.)

More information and application forms are available from local Intreo Centres, Social Protection Offices or online at: http://www.welfare.ie/fuel

This option is not available to people getting payments under the Rural Social Scheme, Tús, Gateway, Community Employment and Supplementary Welfare Allowance

Total expenditure on the Fuel Allowance for 2016/2017 is estimated  to be  €229 million, benefiting about. 376,000 households.

More about Winter Fuel Allowance and who is eligible here.

Some households could also  save hundreds of Euro by switching energy provider. Find out which provider has the best deals here


Promotional Code for BooHoo

boohoo promo code

BooHoo is one of the most popular online clothes stores in the UK and Ireland. They are best known for womens clothes and fashion , but  Boohoo also cater for men and kids now.
Promotional codes are a great way of getting a discount or free delivery – and many onlne shops use  promo codes to encourage shoppers to buy from them or to spend a bit more to get a discount.

We are always on the lookout for any promotional code for Boohoo. The latest codes are listed below – but if these have expired, check back soon because we will be updating this page as often as we can. Sometimes Boohoo show the codes on the home page of the  BooHoo Website

Bohoo Delivery to Ireland – starts at €4 but sometimes they run special offers with orders of  €40 or more  qualifying for free delivery.

Latest Boohoo Promotional Codes

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Smyths Toys Discount Codes

Smyths is a great Irish success story – starting with one shop in County Mayo and growing to take on the likes of Toys R Us in the UK .  They sell loads of toys online and often have online promo codes for discounts.

The latest Smyths dscount codes can be used online  – but you have to order by click and collect , which means you will have to visit a Smyths shop to pick up your order. Not sure why Smyths are doing this – it is obviously to get people into their shops .

Get the latest Smyths Toys  Discount codes here
Code for €6 off when you spend €50 or more is BF6
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Many more discounts  and offers can be found on our Bargain Alerts Page


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