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Property Tax Payments for 2015

With all the publicity and worry about the new Water Charges – many people may  have forgotten that they will soon have to start thinking about how and when  to pay the 2015 Property Tax.

The 2015 liability date for LPT is  November 1st 2014.  If you own  a residential property on that date – then you will be liable for the Property Tax for all of 2015.

Here are the Property Tax Charges for 2015

For all of the 623,000 or so owners that paid the 2014 LPT  by Direct Debit or by deduction at source - that method of payment will continue automatically for 2015. There will be no need for these people  to complete any forms etc. (Unless they want to change their  method of payment). If owners  were exempt in 2014 – and nothing has changed – then the exemption carries on through 2015.

But – if you are one of the majority of people  (Just over 1 million) who paid the 2014 LPT  in a lump sum from your bank account or by credit card or debit card , or by cheque or cash or by installments in the Post Office etc   – you will need to confirm your payment method again for 2015.

Revenue will be sending out  letters during October 2014 to these 1 Million or so people  to ask them to confirm their payment option for the 2015 LPT .

A payment instruction form (LPT1a) will only be included with the letter for about 160,000 people (i.e. those who filed by paper last year) . The rest of the owners will be expected to confirm payment methods for 2015 online. About 50,000 notifications will also  issue to Revenue Online mail boxes.

The deadline for  confirmation of the payment method is  the 25th of November 2014

The good news is  – that the original LPT  valuations that were  filed in  2013 are valid until 2016 – so you don’t have to go through the valuation process again. The LPT valuation band you selected for 2013 stays the same until 2016. (Unless you think it was wrong.)

Note that if you bought your home in 2013 you are exempt from the Property Tax until 2017 – see more about that here

Property Tax Lump Sum Payment Dates for 2015

Credit/Debit Card payments: (online only):  The full amount will be charged to your card on the day you select this payment method for paying your 2015 LPT liability.

7th  January 2015: If  you are paying your LPT in full by  cash, cheque, postal order, credit card or debit card. – payment must be made by the latest 7th January 2015

15th January 2015 - This is the date of the first LPT monthly direct debit.

21st March 2015:  Single Debit Authority payments will be deducted from bank accounts on or around  this date.

To avoid this hassle in 2015 and 2016 – and to spread the payments over the year we stongly suggest that you just pay by direct debit !

See the 2014 Property Tax Rates Here

Alternative Phone Numbers for Irish Water

We have written before about the potential high costs of ringing 1890 numbers – especially from mobile phones.  Waiting for half an hour on an 1890 line could cost an O2 prepay customer €10.50  See this link  Cost 0f 1890 Calls

We were hoping that the government departments and state owned companies such as Irish Water would stop using these 1890 numbers – but it doesn’t seem to have happened.

Irish Water have written to most of the country about registering for water charges -  so there will probably be tens of thousands of call to their cutomer services line. On the Irish Water application forms the main contact numbers are 1890 numbers.

Here are the alternative numbers you can use for calling Irish Water – which are normal Dublin landline numbers . If you have an inclusive calls bundle that includes some or all  calls to landlines – the call will be included in the bundle.

Irish Water Applications 1890 448 448

Alternative number   01 707 2824

Lines are open from 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week.

Irish Water – main Contact number  1890 278 278

Alternative   01 707 2828  (24 hours a day 7 days a week)

Email -:

DIRT Refunds for First Time Buyers – Budget 2015

In Budget 2015 a relief from DIRT for first time buyers was announced.
(Deposit Interest Retention Tax)
This applies to savings used by first time house buyers towards the deposit on a house. This is to apply to houses bought between 14th Oct 2014 and 31st December 2017.

The refund of DIRT will be for up to 4 years  prior to the purchase date – and will apply to the amount of DIRT charged on deposits up to the value of 20% of the purchase price.

So – if a house costs 200,000 Euro – a first time buyer will be able to claim a refund of DIRT paid on the first €40,000 that thay have had on deposit up to the date of purchase. The refund will be for up to 4 years of DIRT.
IE – a simplified example :  If  they had  €40,000 it in an account paying 3% interest – for the past 4 years if we say the average DIRT on that would have been 33% . That would mean DIRT of about €1600 over 4 years. Under this refund scheme – that €1600 would be refunded by Revenue.

Claims for the rebate will be made after the completion of purchase contracts by submitting a claim to the Revenue Commissioners. The Revenue Commissioners will shortly publish details of how such claims are to be made but this will include presenting evidence of the purchase of a house or apartment, the value of the purchase and evidence of DIRT payments from a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union.

This is some good news for first time buyers  – and if they use Bank of Ireland for their mortgage they can get 1% of their mortage back in cash too!.  See BOI Offer Here


Notes on DIRT Refunds

To get a refund  – the deposits  must be held in the name of a first – time purchaser, individually or jointly with another first – time purchaser.

For clarity – a first time buyer is  “a person, being an individual who, at the time of a relevant purchase, has not, either individually or jointly with any other person or persons, previously purchased or previously built directly or indirectly on his or her own behalf any other dwellinghouse or apartment