Banks Christmas Opening Hours 2018

Banks Christmas Opening Hours 2018 in Ireland

Forfor those of you who might need to get to a bank or Post Office in Ireland  around Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019- here are  details of when the banks are closed over the Christmas 2018  and New year  2019 period .

  • Banks in Ireland will be
    • Open on Monday 24th December 2018(most will shut early)
    • Closed on Tue Dec 25th 2018
    • Closed on Wed Dec 26th 2018
    • Closed on Thur Dec 27th 2018
    • Open on  Friday 28th December 2018 .
  • Post Offices will close at 1pm on Dec 24th and will not reopen until Friday 28th December.
  • Post Offices and Banks will also be closed on 1st January 2019
  • There will be no mail delivery or collection on December 25th ,26th or 27th 2018 or Jan 1st 2019.

Credits due into bank accounts from other Banks between the 25th December and 27th December may not be credited to your account until the 28th December 2018.

Banks in England , Scotland and Wales will be open on December 27th 2018.

Banks in Northern Ireland will be closed on Dec 27th 



Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland

Broadband Price Comparison
Updated  December 7th  2018

A survey of fixed broadband usage in Ireland by COMREG last year, found that the average spend on a landline and broadband bundle was €59 a month ( €708 a year) .
Comreg also found that over 26% of households were spending more than €71 a month on phone and broadband bundles. (That is €852 a year)  .

There are substantial savings to be made by switching to a cheaper broadband provider.

  • Someone paying the average price of €708 a year could save as much as €288 in 12 months by switching their broadband and landline to the cheapest provider.
  • The 26% of people in Ireland who are paying at least €852 a year could save  €432 in 12 months by switching.

We have compared the prices of broadband packages to help you find the Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland.

cheapest broadband ireland

These are the current six cheapest fixed line broadband and phone bundles with unlimited broadband data and unlimited anytime phone calls to landlines . (All speeds are at least  “upto” 100Mbs  –  actual speed will depend on your phone line in most cases). Any caps on “unlimited” data are shown below.
These deals are usually only available for new customers and may not be available in all areas of the country.

Prices Checked  December 7th 2018

1.   Pure Telecom have a fibre and phone bundle costing €420 in year one.  This is a saving of €179 in one year compared to the most expensive option on our list. The normal monthly charge is €50 , but it is reduced to €35 for the first 12 months. (“Bill Save” bundle) . Pure Telecom  use the Eircom fibre network – so the availability and connection quality etc. should be the same as Eir . Anytime landline calls are included. Speeds of up to 100Mbs depending on line and location. 12 month contract.

2. Vodafone have a broadband and phone bundle priced at €450 for the first year . With broadband speeds of upto 100Mb  and unlimited downloads ( 1 Tb fair usage cap) and unlimited calls to Irish landlines . Vodafone’s bundle costs €50 a month (reduced to €25 for first 6 months). It is an 18 month contract.  More details can be found on Vodafone bundles at

3.  Sky have a broadband and phone bundle (TV subscription not required)  – with speeds of upto 100mb , unlimited downloads and free anytime calls to Irish landlines and several international destinations. It costs €62.50 a month  with the first 12 months at €40.50 (works out at €536 in year one including equipment charges).

4. Eir – currently have a phone and broadband  bundle working out at €569.75  in year one .  With unlimited downloads (Fair usage cap of 1000Gb ) and free anytime calls to Irish landlines and mobiles.
The usual price is €69.98 a month,  reduced to €44.98 for the first 12 months. This Eir bundle also includes free calls to UK landlines and mobiles .   You can see more details of  this bundle and compare it to others from Eir HERE

5.Virgin Media  (only available in larger cities and towns )  have a broadband and phone bundle with upto 240Mb speeds , anytime calls to Irish landlines and Irish mobiles, plus 400 minutes to 22 countries abroad . Priced at €59 a month (reduced to €39 for first 6 months) . This would cost €588 in the first year. (12 month contract).
Full Details and option to Sign Up Here

6. Digiweb – have a fibre broadband bundle with speeds upto 100Mbs and  “unlimited” anytime calls to Irish landlines and mobiles as well as UK landlines and mobiles. It costs €49.95 per month which works out as €599.40 in year one.  (There is a limit on calls – but it’s pretty big – 6,000 to Irish/UK landline numbers and 1,500 minutes to any Irish/UK mobiles per month. Anything over that will be charged for.) More Here


Broadband Price Comparison Summary (All listed bundles include anytime calls to landlines)


Cost in 1st Year
Normal Monthly Charge Max
Data  Limit
Pure Telecom €420 €50 100Mb “Unlimited”
€450 €50 100Mb “Unlimited”
Sky *
€536 €62.50 100Mb  Unlimited
€569.75 €69.98 100Mb “Unlimited”
Virgin Media
€588 €59 360Mb  Unlimited
Digiweb ++
€599.40 €49.95 100Mb “Unlimited”
(350Gb cap)

Note:All above bundles include anytime landline calls. There may be cheaper bundles with off peak calls – but we have limited our comparison for now to those with anytime calls.

You can check current broadband prices and availability in your area on the very useful site

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Which Banks Use Apple Pay in Ireland ?

Apple Pay is a method of paying for things using an Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple Mac. Your bank debit or credit card is linked to your device and then it can be used in stores the same way as a contactless card payment.
Apple Pay has been available in Ireland since March 2017 – but not all Irish debit cards can be used with Apple Pay.
Apple say that using Apple Pay is safer than using a plastic debit or credit card because every Apple Pay transaction requires authentication with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.

Banks that issue debit or credit cards in Ireland  that can be used with Apple Pay

  • Allied Irish Bank
  • KBC
  • N26
  • Ulster Bank

Cards issued in Ireland by the following  banks CANNOT be used with Apple Pay

  • PTSB
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Revolut
  • EBS
  • An Post


N26 is a new European branchless bank  which can only be operated online . More about N26 here.

Apple Pay spending limits :

Apple Pay will allow transactions over €30, provided the available balance or credit limit exists. You will need to authorise every transaction by Touch ID or your passcode.  There may be some shops where the contactless terminal may not allow transactions above €30.

Using Apple Pay

If you have a card that is Apple Pay “ready” – you can just you add your credit, debit, or prepaid card to your Apple Wallet on your device. Remember to add your cards to any device that you want to use with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay will work on any iPhone 6 and above in stores and in apps.
It also works on  iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or iPad mini 3 and 4 to let you use Apple Pay in apps.


apple pay ireland

Bank Charges for using Apple Pay
The charges for using your bank card through Apple Pay will be the same as if you used the card itself . So for contactless payments in stores  , there is currently no charge by any of the Irish banks using Apple Pay.
Your bank will usually charge card fees for Apple Pay purchases in non Euro currencies. –  See Non Euro Card Charges Here

If you use Apple Pay  “in App” to pay for something online – then your bank will apply their normal card usage charge (some don’t charge) .
See more here about bank charges in Ireland



Euro Sterling Exchange Rate News

Sterling Euro Exchange Rate Today : December 5th 2018 9.00am

1 GBP = 1.12613 EUR

1 EUR =  0.888 GBP

Turmoil in the UK over Brexit caused a drop in the value of Sterling in the past few months- and it hasn’t finished yet !
Yesterday – British MP’s voted in favour of giving more power to Parliament over the next Brexit steps.  Giving Parliament a bigger say on what happens should reduce the chances of a “no deal” Brexit  – which helped the value of Sterling. The pound euro exchange rate initially dropped to a low of €1.1180 during Tuesday before getting up to high of €1.1249 .

Back at the end of August , the pound fell to €1.11 . This was follwed by some Brexit optimism and  as recently as three weeks ago  the sterling euro exchange rate reached €1.1552, a level last reached back in April 2018  .

See Today’s  Exchange Rates Here

With so much  uncertainty in the currency markets at the moment –  it could get quite stressful for people or businesses planning large Euro / Sterling exchanges in the next few months.   We are in a period of high volatility which, depending on your timescales and budget, could cause problems if you are not properly prepared.

Using a Currency Exchange specialist  can remove some of the uncertainty by allowing you to fix an exchange rate as much as 12 months in advance of your transfer.  For good deals on currency exchange for large amounts –  for personal money or for businesses – see our page on how to get the Best Exchange Rates


money transfers

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