Cheapest Gas Prices

Gas Prices in Ireland Compared  (For New customers)
Checked September 2016

Bord Gais Energy (who are now owned by Centrica) have 4  competitors for the supply of Natural Gas in Ireland – FlogasAirtricity , Electric Ireland and Energia .

Shown below is a gas price comparison based on  annual  usage of  165000 kwH per year . (This could be typical usage for homes using gas for both heating and hot water.) We have compared the the cheapest tariffs from each provider for new customers who are switching from their current supplier .

Figures  correct as at Sept 20th 2016   ( including VAT ,  standing charges and carbon tax) Rounded to the nearest Euro.

Company € cent per kwh Standing Chg Annual Bill for 16500kwh Savings
Electric Ireland DD Ebills ** 5.400 92 859 251
Flogas Direct Debit 4.589 91 917 193
SSE Airtricity 4.903 96 974 136
DD +ebill
5.105 92 1003 107
Bord Gais DD ebill +levelpay 5.282 93.12 1034 76
Bord Gais Std  Rate 5.742 93.12 1110 0

As you can see from the comparison above –  a  Bord Gais  customer on standard rates using  16500 kwH of gas a year would save  €251 over the first  year on their gas bill if they switched to Electric Ireland for gas. (It is a 12 month contract with a €50 penalty for leaving early.)

Note:  It is possible that gas customers who changed suppliers in the past year will be still on special lower tarrifs or fixed rates. The figures shown above are the prices charged for new customers.

**  Electric Ireland price includes €150 cashback

All gas users will also use electricity – so you might get a better overall deal if you get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier. See our page on Dual Fuel Prices Compared

See our page on Cheapest Electricity in Ireland here.

Some fuel providers have discount or promotional codes – check out Discount Alert page for any currrent codes.

If you have an older gas boiler – you could cut your bills even  more by upgrading to a new efficient condensing boiler. There are grants available to help – and you could cut your gas usage and bills by as much as 20% .

See more here about Grants for new Gas Boilers and more here about  Financing of New Boilers

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Electricity and Gas Prices Compared

What are the Cheapest Options For Switching Both Gas and Electricity in Ireland ?

Updated September 20th 2016 .

The price comparisons below are based on what would be typical usage in a medium sized house using gas for both heating and hot water. ( 16500 Kwh of  Gas and 3300 kwH of Electricity a year .)

Dual Fuel – Same Supplier :

The current best deal  in this scenario , for  switching both fuels to one supplier , is  from Electric Ireland. They have a dual  fuel bundle that works out at   €1564 in year one for the above usage .  ( €150 cashback offer is included).

SSE Airtricity . Their 10% off gas and 10% off  electricity bundle  would work out at  €1572 in the first year.  (This includes their €150 cashback offer).

The third best deal  for  switching both fuels to one supplier is from Energia .  They work out at a total cost of  €1592 in the first year  (Includes the €50 cashback offer) . You have to use an online promotion code (“CHEAP392”)  to get this deal.

Bord Gais Energy’s lowest dual fuel bundle works out at €1601 in year one.   (€100 cashback offer included)

To get these lower prices with any of the suppliers you have to pay by direct debit and have online billing.

Using Separate Suppliers :

If you want to get your gas and electricity from separate providers – the best overall switching deal is available by switching to Flogas for gas  and to  Electric Ireland for your Electricity  . This combination will work out at  €599 for electricity and €918 for gas  – a  total of €1517 in year one. (The Electric Ireland price includes €150 cashback)

See our Electricity Price Comparison Here

The main message is – if you are have never switched and are still on the standard rates from Electric Ireland or Bord Gais Energy  – then switching provider can save you significant amounts of money. Even staying with the same supplier and changing over to payment by direct  debit and electronic billing can get you a reduced price. Even if you switched supplier a couple of years ago – it could be worth switching again

Figures  were calculated  to the nearest euro  September 20th 2016  using published tariffs and standing charges on suppliers websites and including VAT, the PSO Levy on Electricity  and Carbon Tax on Gas.
The prices given are for new customers only .

When you  switch electricity suppliers you will need your  MPRN . This is an 11-digit number printied on your electricity bill. If you don’t have it, you can get it by calling ESB Networks on 1850 372 757.

If you’re switching gas suppliers they will need your GPRN . This is a 7-digit number printied on your gas bill. If you don’t have it, you can get it by calling Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 200 694.

You could obviously save even more money on your electricity bills by cutting  energy use . For  example –  switching any halogen downlighters to Gu10 LED  Low Energy Bulbs (Savings as much as 90%  compared to Halogen 50 watt!)

Insulating your home can also cut your energy bills – see our article about grants for insulation.


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