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Bord Gais Energy Price Cuts : Switching Will Save More

The wholesale prices of oil and gas have been falling for several months now – and this is one of the reasons that Bord Gais Energy have announced upcoming price cuts to Gas and Electricity.

The reductions come into force on the 16th March 2015 and will apply to new and existing customers . The standard gas unit rates will fall by by 3.5% and standard electricity unit rates will be cut by 2.5% .

As you can see from our energy price comparison pages - people who switch energy suppliers can currently get better prices than Bord Gais  from other suppliers.
We have calculated that for someone using the national average amounts of gas and electricity – that the upcoming Bord Gais price cuts will still not make them the cheapest for switchers.

For example the best Bord Gais dual fuel offer for new customers would currently end up costing €2027 over 1 year. When the above reductions are applied – this figure would drop to €1973 – but there are cheaper deals available from ALL the other energy suppliers.
These price cuts are just bringing Bord Gais Energy charges closer to it’s competitors.

Bord Gais Energy had the biggest majority of gas customers in Ireland for many years but prices had to be agreed by the Energy Regulator.  To allow them to break away from price regulation – they had to reduce their number of gas customers to  below 55% of the total .  This target was met in July 2014 –  and now they can charge whatever they want. (deregulation happened just in time for the sell off to Centrica)

More here about the sale of Bord Gais Energy (if you didn’t realise the government sold it to Centrica last year.)

Electricity and Gas Prices Compared

What are the Cheapest Options For Switching Both Gas and Electricity ?
January 22nd  2015:

All price comparisons are  based on “average”  usage  of 13800 Kwh of  Gas and 5300 kwH of Electricity a year .

At the moment you will get the best prices if you switch to separate suppliers for your gas and electricity .

The lowest priced combination for the usage given above is to switch to Energia for gas  (using the online  promo code  SAVE307) and to  SSE Airtricity for your Electricity (with €35  cashback online) .
This combination will work out at  €1029 for electricity and €847 for gas  – a  total of €1876 in year one. This beats the best dual fuel offer by €50 .

Dual Fuel
The lowest price deal  for directly switching both fuels to one supplier is by switching  online to Energia  where you can use a special promotional code (“SAVE307″) to get an extra 1% discount off their rates. This would result in a total cost  of  €1926 in the first year for someone using the amounts above.

SSE Airtricity’s bundle  comes with  €35 cashback (online only) . This would work out at  €1934 in the first year.

Electric Ireland’s dual fuel bundle would  cost €1949 in year one for the same usage .

To get these lower prices with any of the suppliers you have to pay by direct debit and have online billing. 

See our Electricity Price Comparison

The main message is – if you are have never switched and are still on Electric Ireland’s or Bord Gais’ standard rates – then switching provider can save you significant amounts of money. Even staying with the same supplier and going with payment by direct  debit and electronic billing can get you a reduced price.

Figures  were calculated  to the nearest euro  Jan 22nd 2015  using published tariffs and standing charges on suppliers websites and including VAT, the PSO Levy on Electricity  and Carbon Tax on Gas.
The prices given are for new customers only .

You could obviously save even more money on your electricity bills by cutting  energy use . For  example –  switching any halogen downlighters to Gu10 LED  Low Energy Bulbs (Savings as much as 90%  compared to Halogen 50 watt!)

Insulating your home can also cut your energy bills – see our article about grants for insulation.

Euro Exchange Rate Update

Currency  Exchange Rate Update : January 23rd  2015

1 GBP = 1.335 EUR        1 EUR = 0.749 GBP

The Pound  has continued to increase  in value against the EURO  in recent months  and this week  the EUR/GBP exchange rate weakened to a new 7-year low .
Further falls are possible after UK data came in better than expectations and as the markets continue to reel from yesterday’s European Central Bank (ECB) policy announcement.

After the  announcement by the ECB that it would soon launch a massive monetary stimulus programme worth €1 trillion the Euro fell against all of its most traded peers and more falls are forecast.

Back in January 2007 Sterling was at a high of nearly €1.54: by January 2009 it was near to parity with the euro, with a pound worth just €1.02.

The Euro  is also doing badly against the US Dollar – on January 22nd the value of the euro slipped to $1.13, lower than the rate at which it was introduced on January 1st 1999

With so much  uncertainty in the currency markets at the moment , a Currency Broker can let you fix an exchange rate as much as 12 months in advance of your transfer.  For good deals on large amounts of currency exchange –  for personal money or  for businesses – see our page on how to get the Best Exchange Rates

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