Energia Promotional Code

Energia often have online promotional codes that  allow new customers to get further discounts on  their already discounted  gas and electricity unit rates. 

The latest Energia promo code you can use for discounts on their dual fuel   is “CHEEP”  . This promo code has just been extended to July 31st  2015 –  and it will get you 20% off their electricity and 18%  off gas rates. For average usage this deal works out as the lowest priced deal in the country for dual fuel from a single supplier –   See Dual Fuel Price Comparison

Energia also have a discount code for Electricity Only customers  :  The code “cheep190 gets you a  19% discount on their standard rates.

You can only use these promo code discounts online  on the Energia Online Switching Page

We estimate that a typical urban home relying on gas for heating and hot water would use about 18000 KwH of gas a year. Electricity usage in such homes would typically be about 3500 Kwh a year.

If you switch online to Energia and  use this  promotional code –  This would result in a total cost  of  €1805 in the first year for someone using the amounts above.


See Dual Fuel Price Comparison

Electricity Prices Compared 

Gas Price Comparison

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Energia only began offering gas and electricity to residential customers in Ireland in January 2014 and they already have  about 100,000 residential customers.

The main thing to realise is – that if you are stuck on old ESB/Bord Gais standard rates you can save significant amounts by changing your supplier or even just by switching to paying by Direct Debit and getting eBills.


Electricity and Gas Prices Compared

What are the Cheapest Options For Switching Both Gas and Electricity ?
Updated July 1st  2015:

All price comparisons are  based on “average”  usage  of 13800 Kwh of  Gas and 5300 kwH of Electricity a year .

These calculations take account of all the recent price reductions and the launch of PandaPower ( a new electricity supplier)

Dual Fuel – Same Supplier :

The  current best dual fuel deal from a single supplier is from  Energia  where you can use a special online promotional code (“CHEEP“) to get an extra 20%  discount off their electricity rate and 17% off their gas unit rates for a full year . This would result in a total cost  of  €1855 in the first year for someone using the amounts above. (Code expires end of July).

Bord Gais Energy  come  in second place with their €100 cashback offer their dual fuel bundle works out at €1859 in year one.

The next best priced deal  for  switching both fuels to one supplier is  from Electric Ireland.  The semi-state company’s dual fuel bundle would  cost €1931 in year one for the above usage.

SSE Airtricity’s bundle  would work out at  €1932 in the first year if you take into account the €35 cashback offer for online switchers.

To get these lower prices with any of the suppliers you have to pay by direct debit and have online billing.

Using Separate Suppliers :

If you want to get your gas and electricity from separate providers – the best overall deal is available by switching to Flogas for gas  and to Bord Gais Energy  for your Electricity  (With their €100 cashback offer).
This combination will work out at  €996 for electricity and €816 for gas  – a  total of €1812 in year one. (Bord Gais Energy are now owned by Centrica , the owners of British Gas).

See our Electricity Price Comparison Here

The main message is – if you are have never switched and are still on old standard rates from Electric Ireland or Bord Gais Energy  – then switching provider can save you significant amounts of money. Even staying with the same supplier and going with payment by direct  debit and electronic billing can get you a reduced price.

Figures  were calculated  to the nearest euro  July 1st  2015  using published tariffs and standing charges on suppliers websites and including VAT, the PSO Levy on Electricity  and Carbon Tax on Gas.
The prices given are for new customers only .

You could obviously save even more money on your electricity bills by cutting  energy use . For  example –  switching any halogen downlighters to Gu10 LED  Low Energy Bulbs (Savings as much as 90%  compared to Halogen 50 watt!)

Insulating your home can also cut your energy bills – see our article about grants for insulation.


Money Problems for Visitors to Greece

The ongoing financial problems in Greece have resulted in the introduction of Banking controls and  currently all  banks in Greece are closed until at least 6th July.

The Greek government is limiting withdrawals using cards issued by banks in Greece to €60 per day per account. At the moment , it is possible to withdrawcash  up to your usual limit using a card issued outside Greece (as long as the ATM has cash).

(As with any Eurozone country – the ATM charges will be the same as if you were withdrawing cash here in Ireland.)

When travelling abroad –  you should always try to take more than one means of payment with you (cash, debit card, credit card). In Greece the  system for paying with debit and credit cards for retail transactions continues to function as normal – but some businesses may prefer payments in cash.

There is  the possibility that some Greek banking services – including credit card processing and servicing of ATMs –  could potentially become limited at short notice.

Travellers to Greece should take sufficient Euros in cash to cover spending for the duration of your stay and any possible emergencies or delays.

Note: There are currently no restrictions on taking unspent Euros out of Greece at the end of your stay.

How did it get to this?

Greece’s financial assistance programme is due to expire on June 30th.

After very tense negotiations last week between the Greek government and the IMF/ECB  –  it looked likely that a deal to extend that programme would be agreed.

On Friday the Greek PM  announced that there will now be a referendum on July 5th on the terms of that programme extension, and that he will be recommending that the Greek people vote “no”.

On Saturday, the Eurozone finance ministers confirmed that – as a result of this unexpected move – negotiations were at an end and the assistance programme would expire.

On Sunday , the European Central Bank said that without a programme they could not extend the Emergency Liquidity Assistance – so on Sunday night  the Greek government announced that banks would not open today and capital controls would be introduced.