Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland

Price Comparison of  Broadband and phone deals in Ireland.
Updated  June 29th  2017

The availability of  faster broadband in Ireland has increased in the past couple of years as Fibre broadband gradually spreads across the country.
Fibre can give broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps – compared to the maximum 24Mbps on copper phone lines (DSL) .   We have looked at some of the packages out there to try and help you find the Cheapest Broadband Deals in Ireland.  (Check if  you have access to  Fibre Broadband  check here -)

cheapest broadband ireland

These are the six lowest priced deals  for unlimited broadband data and unlimited phone calls to landlines .  (All speeds are “upto”  –  actual speed will depend on your phone line in most cases)  Prices Checked  June 29th 2017

1.  Pure Telecom  have a fibre bundle costing €444 in year one.  The monthly charge is €50 , reduced to €24 for the first 6 months. They use the Eircom fibre network – so the availability and connection quality etc. should be the same as Eir . Anytime landline calls included. Speeds upto 100Mbs depending on line and location.

2. Vodafone is slightly dearer and has  speeds of upto 100Mb in most urban areas , unlimited downloads ( 1 Tb fair usage cap) and free calls to Irish  landlines – It costs €50 a month (reduced to €25 for first 6 months) . This works out at a total of €450 in year one. (For an extra €30 over the 12 months you can add on free calls to Irish mobiles .) More details can be found on this Vodafone bundle at

3. Virgin Media  (only available in larger cities and towns )  have a broadband and phone bundle with upto 240Mb speeds and anytime calls to Irish landlines for €55 a month (reduced to €35 for first 4 months) . This would cost €540 in the first year. (12 month contract). They also have an option with a 30 day contract for €55 a month . Full Details and option to Sign Up Here

4.  Digiweb – have a fibre broadband bundle with speeds upto 100Mbs and  “unlimited” anytime calls to Irish landlines and mobiles as well as UK landlines and mobiles. It costs €49.95 per month which works out as €599.40 in year one. It is an 18 month contract. (There is a limit on calls – but it’s pretty big – 6,000 to Irish/UK landline numbers and 1,500 minutes to any Irish/UK mobiles per month. Anything over that will be charged for.) More Here 

6 Sky  have a broadband and phone bundle (TV subscription not required)  – with speeds of upto 100mb and anytime calls to Irish landlines and several international destinations. It costs €62.50 a month  with the first 6 months at €37.30 or €600 in year one.

5. Eir – the best fibre broadband deal from Eir is currently costing  €720 in year one.   With unlimited downloads (Fair usage cap of 1000Gb ) and free anytime calls to Irish landlines and mobiles (€70 a month reduced to €30 for the first 3 months . It also includes free calls to UK landlines  as well as Eir Sport.  You can see more details of  this bundle and compare it to others from Eir HERE

Broadband Price Comparison Summary (All listed bundles include free anytime calls to landlines)


Cost in 1st Year
Normal Monthly Charge Max
Data  Limit
Pure Telecom €444 €50 100Mb Unlimited
€450 €50 100Mb Unlimited
Virgin Media
€540 €55 240Mb Unlimited
Digiweb ++
€599.40 €49.95 100Mb Unlimited
Sky *
€600 €62.50 100Mb Unlimited
€720 €70 100Mb Unlimited

You can check current  prices in your area on the very useful site

* Sky  package also  includes free anytime calls to landlines in these countries Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA (also includes calls to mobiles in Canada and USA) . This would be a big attraction for people with friends and family living overseas.

++ Digiweb bundle includes 6000 minutes per month of calls to Irish and UK landlines PLus 1500 minutes of calls to UK/Irish mobiles.

If you are not bothered about having a landline – take a look at our page on the Best Prices for Broadband Only Deals
Most Popular Broadband

According to ComReg  – in the middle of 2016  Eir were still the biggest broadband provider with 33.7% of total fixed broadband subscriptions, Virgin Media (formerly UPC)  had 27.4% of subscriptions. Vodafone had 17.7% and Sky Ireland had 11.1% of the market share.

All other providers  accounted for the remaining 10.1% share of fixed broadband subscriptions.


Bin Charges 2017 – What is Changing?

Pay by weight Bin Charges were  supposed to become compulsory in Ireland back in July 1st 2016  – but they were suspended for a year after worries over bin charge price increases.  The move to a mandatory nationwide pay-by-weight scheme for bins was not very popular,  mainly because of concerns of some that it would increase charges.  After just a few days of pressure – the government gave in and agreed with the  bin companies to suspend the introduction of pay by weight charging for 12 months until July 2017 .

Update – June 2017 : The Department of  Communications, Climate Action and Environment, has now announced (June 27th 2017) that they will not be enforcing a Pay by Weight system . Instead – they will just no longer allow flat rate bin charges  to be applied.

So – this means that for most people , bin charging methods probably won’t change much.   Waste collection companies will be free to use several options or combinations of charging methods such as   standing charges, pay per-lift, pay per-kilogramme, pay by weight-bands, and weight allowance charges.   Standing charges are still going to be allowed but the bin companies will also have to incorporate a charge that relates to the amount of waste a household produces.

The new rules on no flat rate charges will apply to new or renewed bin contracts from July 1st 2017.
So some people could be paying flat rate charges for another year or so.

There is also a promise by the government of help for people with long-term medical incontinence in the form of a subsidy of €75  for . This payment will be to help towards the extra cost of disposal of incontinence products. They say the  details of  this support will be finalised later this year.

Note: If you live in a town with a population of over 500 – your bin provider is obliged to give you a brown bin for food waste and other organic waste. This was supposed to have been the case for over a year now – but it seems some waste companies have not been providing them in some areas.

Food waste is typically the heaviest waste – so by putting all your food waste in the brown compost bin you will reduce any weight related charges on your general waste.

The idea of compulsory charging by weight was to  encourage more recycling and reduce the amount of waste going into landfill.  Some people would have ended up paying less if they recycled more and put less waste in the black bins.  But it seems that others would have paid  more – mainly those who already recycled a lot or had a small amount of waste. These people would have been hit by increased fixed annual service charges.

Back in  July 2016 Minimum by weight charges were going to be set at the following rates :
11c/kg for(standard non recyclable) – usually Black Bins
6c/kg for organic/food  waste (usually a brown bin)
0c/kg for  recycling bins (Usually green)

There will now be no minimum or maximum charges  per kg.


Bin Charges Compared July 2016 (These are the rates some of the  bin companies were planning to charge before the suspension was announced )

Green recycling bins are all zero charge unless stated otherwise.

Thorntons €104 annual service charge. 35c per kg black bin and 20c per kg for brown bin

Greyhound  €169 annual service charge   35c /kg for black bin ; 23c/kg brown bin. (They charge different prices for different areas)

Panda (Fingal)  €86 Annual Charge ; Black bin €3.20 per lift plus 27c per kg ; Brown Bin €2.56 per lift plus 16c per kg

City Bin  Dublin €155.48 service chg  20c/kg Black , 20c/Kg Brown

City Bin Athlone  €180 Annual Service chg ;  26c/kg Black   16c/kg Brown
OR €120 Ann an 35c per KG  20c/kg Brown

Barna – Galway  €144 annual charge  ; Black Bin 19c per kg; Green Bin 8c per kg; Brown bin €0.10 per kg.

Barna (Mayo)  Annual Charge €204 ; Black bin (General waste) 22c /kg  ; Brown Bin (compost) 12c/kg

Ray Whelan (Carlow)  Service Charge €168   ; Black bin  23c/kg ;Brown  16c/kg

Greenstar Cork – €234 annual service charge , Black Bin 18c /kg ; Brown bin   14c/kg
Greenstar Fingal €156 ann  33c/kg black bin , 20c/kg brown
Greenstar NW  €100 ann , 35c /kg black , 20c/kg Brown ;  5c/kg recycling (green)

AES – €180- ann chg , 25c/kg black , 15c/kg brown

McGraths (Co Mayo)  €352  annual  charge – which includes 300kg of residual waste (black bin)  After that they    at charge 22 cent per KG.


Will it Work ?

A national  survey in 2010 comparing household waste found that on average – homes with a pay-by-weight bin charges put 800kg a year in their bins  compared to 1294kg in pay-per-lift areas. This is a decrease of  38%.
The same survey also found that the average recycling rate for pay-by-weight households was 32% compared to just 20 or 21% for other charging methods.  ref


Bank of Ireland Cashback Mortgage

Bank of Ireland  are still running their offer to refund 2% of  mortgages for all new mortgage customers  – including Buy to Let and switchers.  This 2% cashback offer applies to all new BOI mortgage customers until the end of November 2017

So – on a €200,000 mortgage – BOI  would refund cashback of  €4000. There is no upper limit to the cashback amount. If the customer eventually moves their mortgage away from BOI they do not have to pay back the €4000.
(When the offer was originally launched in 2015 – there was a clause that required repayment of the cashback if the customer moved the mortgage within 5 years)

Find Out More and get a quote at Bank of Ireland

Bank Of Ireland also have another cashback offer called Cashback Plus.  It is still 2% cashback – but after staying with BOI for 5 years customers get a further 1% cashback – so a grand total of 3% cashback is possible. This is only available to BOI current account holders . It is not available on Buy to Let properties. This new offer is also due to end in November 2017.

Bank of Ireland’s variable rates are not the lowest in the country  but their fixed mortgage rates are currently amongst the best available – as you can see on our list of the Best Irish Mortgage Rates .

For someone looking to borrow up to 80% of the value of  a house  – BOI are offering the best fixed rate of 3% at the moment (over 3 years) .

The cashback up front could come in handy for decorating or furnishing a new house. If used in conjunction with the 5% cashback from the government’s Help to Buy Scheme – it could result in as much as 7.5% cashback. (Example: On a €300,000 property with a €255,000 mortgage  that would work out at €7650 cashback from BOI and €15,000 from the Help to Buy – a total of €22650)

Note:  the cashback does not have to be paid back to BOI when or if  you move your mortgage away from BOI.

You can apply for a BOI Mortgage Online Here


Energia Promotional Code

There are often some Energia promotional codes available online that allow new customers to get extra discounts on their  gas and electricity rates.

The latest Energia promotional code (June  2017)  for Electricity is  “CHEAPESTELEC“. If you enter that promo code on the Energia Website you will get a 33%  discount off their standard electricity rate for 12 months  – PLUS €30 cashback. This works out as the lowest price over one year for average usage –  a saving in year one of €207 compared to staying on Electric Ireland’s standard rates.

energia promo codes

For Dual fuel – using the promo code CHEAPEST will get you €50 cashback as well as 27% off their electricty rates and 26% off gas.
We estimate that a medium sized urban household with  gas for both heating and hot water might use about 11000 KwH of gas a year. Electricity usage in such a home would typically be about  4200 Kwh a year.

If this type of household has never switched – and are still paying energy bills by cheque or cash ,their annual fuel bill would be  a grand total of €1702 a year.

Going direct to Energia and using the Promo Code CHEAPEST would end up costing  €1384 in year one. Saving €318 . This is the cheapest dual fuel deal for average usage at the time of writing.

Switching both fuels to Energia  via the site -would result in a total cost of  €1434 in the first year – slighty more .  A saving of €269 in year one.

The next best dual fuel bundle deal would be if this household switched both fuels online to  SSE Airtricity   the cost would work out at €1403 in year one.

See  our Dual Fuel Price Comparison for some more figures.

Figures checked June 27th  2017

Electricity Prices Compared 

Gas Price Comparison

More Discount Codes Here

Energia only began offering gas and electricity to residential customers in Ireland in January 2014 and they already supply electricity to about 65,000 customers and gas to around 35,000 .

The main thing to realise is – that if you are stuck on old ESB/Bord Gais standard rates you can save significant amounts by changing your supplier or even just by switching to paying by Direct Debit and getting eBills.